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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Middle-Of-The-Night Thought Of The Week

Here's the deal. Even the most conservative person knows that there is a need for some people to stay off of the street.

Now, here is some reality. Cameron in the U.K. is proposing removing housing benefits for under 25 folks. That's it. U-25s get no crib. Apparently mum and pop are supposed to take care of everything.

My older sister is a nursing director. She was also kicked out at 15 for painting her toenails. She took 3 welfare checks while working her way into school. She also worked in a lawyer's office, dealt with shitty boyfriends, and even ran a jackhammer. Anywho, she doesn't live in a cardboard box, so she's doing dandy now.

Thing is, most under-25s who take a cheque have no designs on taking them for life. And anyone with supportive enough folks to let them kick around til 25 has privilege the levels that only folks like Cammy know.

This cat literally believes that families a)want to and b) can support their kids until 25.


Tell the single mums, disabled folks, queers, trans folks, labourers, and atheists that their mums and dads should take them back in.


WHY is there no fucking outrage over this utter stupidity just prior to an olympiad? Or in general? Are societies becoming so uncaring...wait...

Cameron is going to spill 300, 000 people onto the streets just before the Olympics

Any sane nation would try to house the people.

And I'M the medicated one.


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