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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Visual Aid Of The Day

In Israel, a land of awesome foods and textiles, this is Chumus

It's cheap, delicious, and even has a Twitter account.

On the West coast of Vancouver Island, chumus means sweet, like candy. However, the word has generally lost it's original meaning. Amongst young-to-middleaged locals, chumus refers to this:

weed Pictures, Images and Photos

It's semi-legal, super-smelly, and is even featured on a license plate. (If someone can get a picture of the blue Plymouth with the CHUMUS plate, he or she will be rewarded)

More often than not, inhalation of item #2 will result in the consumption of vast quantities of item #1

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Process And Pronouns

As most of you may know, November is Prostate Awareness Month; however, some of you may not know it is also Transgender Awareness Month, and as such, I'm going to give you a quick lesson on pronouns and transgender faux-pas:

The correct pronouns for a female who was assigned male at birth/ male-to-female trans human: she, her, hers, herself.*

The correct  pronouns and their declined forms for a male assigned female at birth/ female-to-male trans human are: he, him, his, himself.

These are to be spoken and written as such, no quotation marks please (i.e.: "she") ; no dehumanizing pronouns like it sil vous plait. Most of all, if you use the term he/she to describe a trans person or deliberately assign the pronouns of the person's birth gender, you will come across as stupid at the very least, with the most likely interpretation being that you're an asshole. If you're in doubt, quietly inquire.

Most transitioning folks will understand if a person makes the odd pronoun mistake, particularly if you've known him or her for a long time and this is a new deal, but some will be pissed. Personally, I think in degrees of malice- if none is intended, I take no offense; if pronoun fuckups are repetitious and done to belittle me or emasculate me in public, I'm probably going to leave and/or avoid any further darts matches.

 Also, never call a trans person a tranny- the term is along the same lines as faggot. In many circles, it implies that the person is a prostitute, which is probably not the implication you're trying to make. Furthermore, if you think you "see" a transgender person when you're out in public, don't run up and talk to him or her like the person is a circus freak. Gender expression is varied, even amongst folks who were born in their desired gender, so you may be making a mistake, and in real life Jenny may get a little pissed if you tell her you think she used to have a penis. We don't live on the set of Maury Povich. If you would be uncomfortable with a stranger asking about your nethers, it's safe to assume that the person you are approaching would be as well.

  Finally, if someone you know is trans, don't announce it out in public. Transgender people are frequently raped, maimed, murdered, and arrested without cause. (There is an old study that stated that 89% of young trans people had been assaulted or threatened with violence. I think that estimate may be low.) Even if none of the harsher things occurs, you're publicly shaming someone and making the person feel threatened, and that makes you an idiot. Also, most people don't want to know if their hairy-assed plumber used to be a pretty girl named Anita. If you're curious about something related to someone's transition, address it privately.

  So how do you treat a trans person? Like a human first and foremost- like your neighbour or friend or kid. The person is still the same even though the exterior may have had a few upgrades.

  When we begin or continue to treat all people in a manner consistent with the way we wish to be treated, we further the growth of our species and pass along a little decency along the way. Whether we are fat, thin; young or old; male, female, or anything in between, we are all cells that make up the glorious human condition. And our actions are what determine how close we really are.

*There are acceptable neutral pronouns like zie, hir, etc. used amongst some groups of LGBT people to describe trans-identified people, but a lot of folks who are stealth won't dig them. Plus, they aren't adopted by all people; I am not a fan because they remind me too much of female pronouns, and I identify as a binary male.

Bullshit Pledge Of the Day

  The 2012 American election dickswinging parade is in full session. It's the time where governors fail to govern because they're too busy campaigning for another office and good bills become stifled by hot-button issues like abortion and gays existing. 

  And on the subject of the big gay threat that consists of roughly 3% of the population, the State of Minnesota will have a vote determining not whether or not gays should marry, but whether the state Constitution should be amended to ban it from occuring in the future.

  One of the groups that wants to ensure that Church and State intertwine is the inappropriately-named Minnesota For Marriage, who wants to affirm their right to wedded whatever while making sure your sister can't marry her college sweetheart. FMF has even taken to giving out prizes to those who are unfortunate enough to sign their useless hate pledge.

Just so you know it's a MONTHLY drawing, the fact is mentioned 3 times, with the fact that a month runs from the first day to the last clarified for those who may not have deduction skills.

Here's the deal- if your idea is so revolutionary; so awesome, you shouldn't have to give out prizes. Besides,  it's not like someone is required by law to vote in a specific fashion by signing one of these things. The only result of putting pen to this paper is that you're going to have to move to Saskatchewan to get rid of the crazy religious bozos. Once they've got your name, you'll be called upon to sign every Christianist wackadoodle pledge these yoyos come up with. They'll enjoy annoying you and you'll deserve it.

Just like those phony sweepstakes put on by timeshare companies, the offering of a prize is a scam to get your name on a mailing list. And in this case, you are signing your name to a pledge that attacks freedom.

This applies to not only this document, but everything else in life: If you don't take time to read the fine print, you might just wind up buying something you don't want.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evil Is

Many judges find their names smeared on the internet, where accusations of corruption are permitted to fly with fairly little consequence. One such guy is William Adams, an Aransas Cty, Texas Judge, who has been accused of giving custody to abusive fathers, colluding with attorneys (one of whom is an admitted child abuser), threatening those who speak ill of him, and a ton of other things. This dude doesn't seem like the greatest cat, but sometimes members of the law profession are unnecessarily targeted. However, if seeing is indeed believing, Judge Adams is a genuine, festering, piece of judicial shit.

William Adams, like a lot of guys, has a wife and kids. Actually, it should be had because his wife left him after a couple of decades of severe psychological abuse and hopefully the had will also apply to his kids, because he's even more evil to them. See, not only does this foul stain on humanity make his living calling abused children liars, he likes to beat down on little girls. What you will view here is real. It is a recording of Judge Adams beating his cerebral palsy afflicted daughter for several minutes. His excuse is that she downloaded a video game, but it becomes apparent that he garners some type of sociopathic joy from inflicting suffering upon his family.

Warning: If you have an iota of empathy, you will cry

I know what it feels like to be this child. My stepdad was a brutal bastard and my mother's enabling was such that she denies everything a decade after his death. I know what it's like to utter "dear God, please stop" and get some more whacks for using the Lord's name in vain. When you're getting beaten like this, you're afraid that you're going to die. You can't just lie there and take it because whether or not you struggle, you're still gonna get strapped til the perp gets his fill.

William Adams is not just a bully, he's a sadist who should be locked up for a very long time with some very mean men. The man who abused his own and enabled the abuses of others deserves nothing more than to have his freedom removed, to be the rabbit among the wolves of the worst penal institution in Texas. A man who abuses that title deserves to lose all dignity.

Between you and me, I'd like to personally bootfuck the bastard, and I'm shocked that all of the decent men of Richardson, Texas haven't lined up to deliver this walking necrosis some real justice.

Vlog: Hey Bully!

The website I'm referring to, not that the bully needs free publicity.