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Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis ?

Sometimes an old one is a good one... with all of the self-righteous pseudoreligiousity out there and it's inevitable and current downfall , we have to wonder sometimes what it is to have freedom of speech and freedom of faith . What gives any person a right to dictate THEIR faith as the absolute ? And what also gives atheists the right to dictate their lack of an external power to be the absolute?
Well , kids , nothing , but you - the voter ... what do YOU stand behind? Do you stand behind freedom of religion or from it and where does your political opinion rank with it?
I've heard from atheists lumped in with leftists who are quite conservative and the reverse - christians lumped in with rednecks and Black baptists allied with those that would hate them save for their faith .
so , kids , this is open forum time - where does your religion versus state divide lie ...and why? No judgment here - it's an open forum .
Hooray for us with the freedom to discuss...


Old Import Blog #1

Oh - the outrage ! Women are breastfeeding their children ! In public ! The horror !
Why are people upset about this? It's way more natural than feeding a kid a bottle of cows milk . At least they're sticking with their own species . I mean if the lady was shooting it at random passer-by (hey , protesters can be weird) , THAT would be offensive .
Some dweeb on CNN was comparing breastfeeding to dropping a shit in public - give me a break! Statements like that make me want to organize a group of people to send him poo via FedEx . I know - we'll put MRE heaters in it in such a way that when he tries to open it , the package will heat itself - flaming dog poo but long-distance . Maybe then , the dork will understand the difference between lactation and defecation . (before I get hate mail disclaimer : I am not actually advocating the sending of bodily waste via the mail system despite how funny the idea might be . It is illegal. )
Seriously , though , trying to find the boob (yes , that's a pun , fucking get over it) on Youtube , I discovered a littany of "men" who were posting VBlogs related to being outraged by breastfeeding . What are they - jealous? I mean , I personally , don't find breasts offensive in general , I'm more annoyed when people take unsolicited (a.k.a 'razzi) shots of me topless in the summer and then posting them online , but that's because they are being invasive , not because I'm embarrassed and I'm sure all the women "caught" on camera breastfeeding feel the same way . Now I realize that Canadians and Europeans might have a different perspective on this , but there is a whole heap of difference between toplessness in general and pornography or exhibitionism . And don't give me the "it's harmful to children" argument - every kid has seen a nipple - I mean my male cats even have them . I was breastfed as a kid and I don't feel violated in any way . As a matter of fact , I feel loved for the fact I was exposed to the added immunity that it brings and grateful for not having to suck the proverbial teat of a cancerous bovard . In my humble opinion , the only reason why people get upset over breatsfeeding is because it is a situation in which men have zero control - and that really pisses off old Conservative types who try to extend the modesty argument to the most basic of human behaviour . And on the other end of the equation , you have the men who use women's bodies to sell cars , hamburgers , and booze - those guys don't want breastfeeding considered normal because it takes the sexuality out of breasts and , thusly , they cannot make bank off of exploiting them . And anything that affects such a man's income pisses him off .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Put Your Brain Where Your Hashtag Is

Exactly 3 years ago , Hamas sympathizers entered Israel and kidnapped a 19 year-old army conscript and murdered 2 of his buddies . They are holding him until Israel releases all female terrorists plus 1300 Hamas , Fatah , Islamic Jihad and Hizbollah fuckwads and well , nobody really gives a shit . Israel even offered up 1000 less harmful idiots up on the condition of his release (they have done this numerous times in numerous ways ) , but because it didn't include Hamas' 450 (the number keeps increasing too) chosen assholes , they are likely going to let this kid die , and Obama doesn't give a flying fuck because he is too busy trying to come to a grand "peaceful" resolution to things that actually concern him , like the "horrible" situation of those "oppressed" Palis .... he's bargaining with proven terrorists , sympathizing with trash , and nobody cares because he's Barack . And this kid and a whole lot more kids are gonna fucking die for it . These are the same exact douchebags that the Iranian government is hiring to beat on women and children because most Persian men wouldn't lay a finger on a woman . That's right , boys and girls , Fuckhood Imintojihad has to import shitheads and he gets them from "Palestine" and Lebanon - the same motherfucking places all you uninformed hippie bozos ally yourselves with . Horrible things are happening to innocent cats in Iran and you whiny ignorant sissies are allying yourselves with the suppliers of aggressive oppresion . Think about that for a wee fucking second...
I am specifically boycotting Toronto's Gay Pride weekend because of the fact that terrorist sympathizer attorney and his "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" are running the million-lefty show and I really don't feel like getting frogstomped by an army of vodka-soaked idiots who would love nothing more than to see every decent Jew wiped off the planet because El-Farouk Khaki uses a word like "Apartheid" as a weapon equivalent to yelling "Zionist!" in Mecca .
It's the Israelis who have been trying to keep the peace , but you can't bargain with terrorists who've been at it for 1200 years. By the way , QAIA , Israel has been a safe haven for queer kids to escape these Sharia-law countries and still is .

As a little sidenote , Obama just sent an Ambassador to go over and kiss SYRIA'S ass . You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???!!! I am "this close" to believing that the Republicans tanked the election on purpose , but I don't think they are really that smart ...or ARE they...?

Before you trash me , put down your bong and read up on it. I'm particularly pissed off today and not the most eloquent but every iota of this is not just my truth , but is documented FACT. If it still offends you , use the voice you were working to deprive others of by your previous inactions - you have freedom here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things That Make You Go Ewwwwwwwww - Again!

This is Conservative canadian political dipshit Doug Elniski , and while he won't ring a bell to 99% of the population , he really should .
Now , he has some opinions that are furthe rout into right field than a Canseco roid-bomber , but so do most of the uber-Christian politicos in alberta .

He has microblogged such dandy tweets as these Twitter gems "I'm surrounded by bumping and grinding lesbians wiatt 20 then send help " ;" now we get faced with gang bangers in the back room of a pasta joint? What happened to the car? Dude, where the hell is my car?" ;" Oops busted for walking while the speaker is talking" ; "if he calls me Han Solo does that make him chewbaca?" ;“trucker drag queen says hes a gear jammer likely” ; “i am certian that one is real those however i doubt” ; "bikini car wash 82 129 Ave. girls look cold." and hundreds more delights - several while he was IN the actual LEGISLATURE!!

OK , I get that the dude thinks he's a comedian , but he tweets up like he's Sandler sending weird messages to followers and other politicians alike while he's supposed to be debating , you know , taxes and human rights and all of the normal things MLA's are supposed to .
But , okay , why not let that slip? why not have a funnyman ?? The thing is , the dude blogs , too , and most of what he says is less than funny - some is just plain SICK!

He took down his blog on Monday and was made to apologize and explain that he's not sexist , which he clearly IS , but his blog sentiments lead me to think he's a fucking pervert!
Here's a couple dandies from a speech he claims to give to 13-15 year old girls ...
"Ladies, always smile when you walk into a room, there is nothing a man wants less than a woman scowling because he thinks he is going to get shit for something and has no idea what."
"Men are attracted to smiles, so smile, don't give me that 'treated equal' stuff. If you want Equal, it comes in little packages at Starbucks."

Everything i have written here is VERBATIM - every sexist , racist , homophobic and perverted word in all of it's grammatically incorrect glory . I understand freedom of speech , I really do , but I understand also that our politicians should be punished for being obviously incapable of higher reason .

Now , if YOU had a teenage daughter , would YOU be comfortable with a 6'7" dude in his 50's saying this to your little girls and then broadcasting it to the masses?

Truth Is Funnier Than Fiction - Again!

This is a real promotional product for you folks out there who just cannot manage to market your business to those NASCAR fans - yes MEAT Business Cards!!
That's right beef barons - you too can have your corporate logo emblazoned on USDA Prime beef jerky with a 150 Watt CO2 laser.
Now this strikes me as one of those things that isn't going to take off for a few reasons .
Firstly - we don't remember everything we read , let alone eat . If this were the case we would be reciting the shitty jokes printed on Fruit Roll-Ups to our annoyed coworkers . I mean I've heard of "eating one's words" , but this is kind of ridiculous.
Secondly - The only people who would save the food/advertisement long enough to get around to dialing the number would be vegetarians , and they'd likely be so grossed out as to avoid your company entirely . That said , Jerky is SOOOOO irresistibly glorious that I've seen avowed vegans go apeshit for the animal kind and the most ravenous carnivores annihilate the vegetarian kind . It won't survive long enough for you to log the number into your Blackberry .
Thirdly - If it does survive the transfer to your purse/pocket/glovebox , the inevitable lint will make it as revolting as aging roadkill , which leads us into ...
Finally - Carrying around tasty salty animal flesh makes you disturbingly attractive to Coyotes , stray cats , scary redneck NASCAR dudes , and escaped prisoners - not to mention , roofers! It would be like Spanish Fly from hell -SOMETHING is gonna fuck you one way or the other!

For those of you who are skeptical , I leave you with this - Have a great day!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Ad Slays Me!

I am immature at times and this ad makes me HOWL so much I almost wish it was longer.
I mean , I know the concept is kind of disturbing , but...

#1 - If I was doing an ad like that , I'd split my sides . I'd be in the nut ward before a decent take was filmed. Same goes for Tampax , Lube , or most certainly , Massengill . There is quite simply NO AMOUNT of money I could be paid to keep a straight face.

#2 - If there was something not-so-kosher about MY sacred bagel , I wouldn't be grinning like a Potzevateh who just lost her rimjob virginity . In fact , I'd probably be pretty upset about the whole situation and advance token to the nearest OB-Gyn for a wee checkup . I certainly wouldn't be fuckin dancing - I'd probably be a total cunt.

#3 - Call me judgmental but if I was at a lady's Dacha and saw 27 varieties of stuff for the vijay , I might be a WEE bit put off by the whole thing . It would probably be a mood killer more monstrous than 20 nekkid Ron Jeremys . Sorry , beauties , it's the truth - it makes you seem insecure or diseased . I'm not sure which is worse , but I really don't want to find out and nobody else does either.

on that happy note ...

Have a great Day!

What A Box of Pandoras

Nicolas Sarkozy is a controversial dude by his own admission - the multi ethnic son of aristocrats has never had what we consider a day job but considers himself a champion of job creation , he's praised Islam in some speeches and railed against it in others , he promotes large incentives for religious organizations , but limits the expression of those religions . He's accused of being both a hardline right-winger and a socialist lefty by opponents . He's a wee bit of a strange cat , but the French voted him in and so be it .
Now , Nicolas Sarkozy has opened a new can of worms by calling for the bans on wearing Niqabs and Burqas under the guise that they are oppressive . It takes some balls , but what is the real solution? It's not like these ladies are doing anything wrong themselves , but his argument is that the existence of the garments facilitates sexist pricks in subjugating women . There are cries that Burqas are "cultural" as opposed to Islamic and extremists who figure religious Muslims are all bastards who should be deported from Western nations .
Now , I am not a pro-Mohammed cat whatsoever . I believe it is absolutely revolting that people pray to a decadent paedophile who married little girls (his favoured wife was 6 and had been promised to him from birth. He discusses in the books how he got excited by her playing with her dolls in detail numerous times.) , raped women in front of their husbands and fathers and butchered foreigners and countrymen alike in some of the most horrifying ways imaginable. I have even blogged at length about the barbarian sickos who founded the religion and why they invented it in the first place. That being said , while we may disagree with facets of a faith , adults have the INALIENABLE RIGHT to believe (or not believe) whatever they wish provided they are law-abiding folks. And that's the thing - these people are adults who are free to worship or not in their own interpretation , but not just that , wouldn't forcing a person to uncover him or herself in public after they have been covered in a specific fashion for the bulk of their lives be akin to assaulting their decency? I mean , I get not wanting to see 6 year-old kids in Burqas because there's obviously a consent issue there and it personally offends MY sensibilities , particularly in public education systems - France does have state-mandated secular education , which I absolutely agree with since you can always send your kid to a religious school should you so choose - but when it comes to regulating the everyday appearance of adults , i think we should leave people be .
If we take Sarkozy's lead and ban Burqas and Niqabs , we should also ban traditional people of numerous faiths from wearing turbans or wigs , force people to shave , make Hutterites wear bright colours , cut the payess off of Jews , schedule Christians to work on Sundays , force Buddhists to eat meat and burn the tattoos off of Aboriginals .

Did I cover everybody?!

Scumbag vs The Heroes

The boys and girls who work for the Metro Toronto Police Service do not exactly have the easiest jobs in the world . These hard-working cats serve a permanent population of over 5.5 million souls and you can add a couple million more on a busy weekend . While Toronto has a fairly peaceful reputation compared to cities like Vancouver and New York , crimes do indeed occur quite frequently , by virtue of a massive population and noticeable gang presence . Last night , those folks were busy - there were huge downtown crowds with extra-rowdy post-bar crowds , celebrities , gang members , criminals , and their victims . Now , apparently SOMEONE "assaulted" gossip wanker Litterbox Lavandiera and so he called up the MTPS for attention (I'm thinkin 51 division but I could be wrong) , but the Cops told him that they were busy going after the real kind of criminals and they didn't have time to deal with his bullshit - that's what happens when you cry wolf enough times . So , because these real-life heroes weren't biting , he turned to Twitter and LIED .
He claimed to be assaulted by from the Black Eyed Peas (a LIE) and that he was seriously injured (another LIE) and essentially begged for assistance . I'm not going to get into the he said-she said part of this because it misses the point.
Perez had his concerned readers hijack the Toronto 911 system for over an hour last night because he wasn't getting enough attention paid to him while real people were getting robbed , raped , and all that other scary shit that goes on in big places. At any given moment people are dying of heart attacks and accidents , kids and old folks are abused , people are in peril and the Emergency Services system is there to try and protect innocents from harm and save endangered lives . It does NOT exist to be part of an attention whore's narcissistic fucking stunt .

For putting lives in danger to satisfy your own ego and then going "I'm not REALLY Perez , I'm Mario " , you are the fucking WORST . I hope you are arrested for abusing the emergency Services System and if anyone was harmed because they couldn't get through to the Police or Ambulance they sue you . I AM anti-violence and I'm really PISSED at your selfish ASSAULT of taxpayers and crime victims. I am literally so angry right now I hope you get a shotgun and blow your fucking head off - actually , I take that back - I don't believe you need the publicity.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just For Fun .... Or Is It...?

Watch this and think . Or laugh . Or both. A related blog might follow but i have candles to light.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

WTBlueFUCK of the Weak

Donte Stallworth murdered a man and got away with it . Yet another pampered , underachieving egomaniac , he took a good man's life , but he expects you to feel pity for his "hardship" . There are all these athlete ass-kisser sites saying he took "full responsibility" for his actions which is complete and utter BULLSHIT. If he was truly responsible he would NEVER have gotten near a car! I mean , if you've seen the footage , as I have , he's not just a wee touch over - he's DRUNK ! When he figured he was gonna get a minimum of 4-to-15 , he pled NOT GUILTY and waited for some sissyass "prosecutor" to offer him the barrister's blowjob ! How is this responsible in any way??!!

I hear all this talk about dollars and what-have-you , but you gotta know where the family is from - that's Cuba , folks , where injustice is bought by the few upper-crust cats ALL the time - the payout was simply a lowball offer to avoid a major civil lawsuit. In fact , let's get to know the victim . His name is Mario Reyes .
Mario was born in Cuba shortly prior to the shitstorm caused by Guevara and Castro and managed to get out despite the lockdown and , like most Cuban refugees , managed to get to Florida . He was intelligent enough for a higher education , but eked out the typical immigrant existence of hard work and medicocre pay with the dream of sending his kid to college . He was a pretty everyday sort of dude who loved his family , Baseball , and the country that he gave over 40 years of his hard work to and was only a few years off of a well-earned retirement should he have wanted . He was walking across the street at 7 in the morning when Donte Stallworth ended his life in full view of his coworkers .
All the money in the world won't give a teenager back her daddy . Mario Reyes will never get to see his little girl graduate , he won't give her away at her wedding , he'll never meet his grandkids . He was murdered by a selfish sociopath who was not properly punished for his crime and feels little , if no , compassion for he or his suffering family .
"I will bear full burden for this for the rest of MY life" - Donte Stallworth - June 16 , 2009

Dante Stallworth killed a man with a loaded 6000-pound gun and then pissed on his grave .

Oh , and mama Stallworth , you should be fucking slapped for not teaching this man an iota of grace and bailing his ass out of the bucket . He's supposed to be 28 years old - let him off your tit already !!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If This Looks Like A Rug , You've Got Problems

The fellow to my left is the official animal of British Columbia , and he is not a Polar Bear . He is a fine example Ursus americanus kermodei , or a White Kermode Bear and he is severely endangered with less than 400 of his kind on the planet . The White Kermode , or Spirit Bear is a variant of the rare Black Kermode or Great Bear , and calls a small section of British Columbia's coastline it's home . About 1 in 10 Black Kermodes has a White cub . It is illegal to kill the white cubs but not the (still endangered) black bears that give birth to them . The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and the Canadian Government has taken some strides to save the forest itself , but trophy hunting for this unique animal not only continues , but is actively ENCOURAGED with kill quotas . The majority of outfitters have sold their hunting permits to environmental organizations and switched to eco-tourism with enormous profits , so this is not a financial issue whatsoever . 78% of BC residents believe that trophy hunting of Kermodes and Grizzlies should be stopped , but the countdown to extinction is on because , well , trophy hunting is "tourism" and permits are a way for the Conservative government to please the worst elements of American and German upper-crust society .

Now , I am not against the hunting of sustainable populations by rural and indigenous people for food and clothing . what I am against is an outfitter bringing up a bunch of rich Yankee assholes to shoot at point-blank range bear that have been baited just so microdicks can have a photo Op . Pro-"sport" groups claim that they are weeding out the weak , which is complete and utter BULLSHIT ; in fact , if they shoot a bear that isn't big enough to compensate for their teeny weenies or they accidentally kill a mother bear , they leave it to rot in the woods and pursue another "target" until they find one large enough for their egos .
Last time I checked , a "sport" involved two reasonably equal and consenting participants . These shitheads mount bearskins like they wrestled the beast to the death . If bears were chasing rednecks around in helicopters and on ATV's with 30-06es armed , THAT would be a sport - I'd PAY to watch that!

This manner of death without dignity is an insult to the beautiful animals and a statement of just how cruel "humans" can be . I am ashamed to share similar DNA to any being that could callously and greedily exploit another species to extinction.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sometimes We Have to Stick Our Noses Into Other's Business

Sometimes a comment left on another's blog inspires or becomes part of a new post . And this is one of those occasions .

The hostilities surrounding the Iranian election have diverted attention from the true enemies of humanity , and those evil factions are delighted .
Let's take a minute to get to know one of the despots .

The man sticking out like a sore thumb to your left is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and he is a scumbag of the worst kind . while South Korea is one of the freest and most prosperous nations on the planet , the North under Kim is one of the poorest and is considered to be the least democratic nation in the world . However , due to moneys earned by his slaves , kim has tested and plans to secure more nuclear weapons . Russia has been rumoured to supply Kim with technology contrary to International proliferations conventions and common sense . If this is true , why would they do it ? Well , you see , Kim Jong-Il's REAL name is Yuri Irsenovich Kim and his papa was a Soviet military commander before he took over Korea's North and launched it into hell . Kim Il-Sung was a pal of Brezhnev and theorectically distanced himself from Russia when they theoretically rejected totalitarian rule and prized son Kim Jong-Il has essentially isolated North Korea from the modern world since Daddy Despot died some years back . Kim Il-Sung was a sick fucker , but his kid is even worse , continuing the 60-plus year tradition of terrorizing his own people and expanding on it by threatening to attack modern nations as his dying legacy . But , should he not get around to it , he has 2 sons (via mistresses , no less) who are more than willing to step up to the plate , his youngest , just 25 , is said to be a carbon-copy of Papa with an even hotter head and that's just plain terrifying . Left unchecked , Kim Jong-Un could become one of the worst dictators the modern world has ever seen - those of you waiting for Papa Kim to die in the hopes of freedom for the Koreans are in La-La Land . It is our DUTY as a Global community to put an end to this filthy family's hold on terror . I'm generally against international interference in other nations's policies , but Kim Jong-Il's ACTIONS have excluded himself from the freedom to govern his people in a fashion anywhere near consistent with humanity .
While we were focussed on the Husseins and the relatively peaceful communist states , a greater evil expanded . And we will pay for our complacency sooner rather than later unless this filthy family is removed from power .
The original article and comment can be found HERE

Iran has fraudulently claimed to be a democratic nation . They have hijacked the popular vote and people are pissed off , and have every right to peacefully protest . The Iranian government has countered with sanctions against the media and it's populace .
Let's tell you a wee bit about Iran . Iran is an Islamic Republic meaning , in essence that it has an elected President , but it actually influenced by someone else . The Supreme Leader of Iran is always an Islamic cleric , in this case former President Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , a close pal of the previous Ayatollah and one of the main cogs during the Islamic Revolution . A new Ayatollah is voted in by a panel of 86 radical clerics and serves for life . The peculiar part is that the Iranian Constitution requires a new Supreme Leader to be a marja - yes , the "Ayatollah" is not even a real Ayatollah . While he claims to be separate from the political spectrum , his rulings have certainly shaped life in present-day Iran . Those Iranian ladies protesting without hijabs are either foreign or risking their freedom . Since Mohammed married his favourite bride when she was 6 , Iranian girls are required to be covered from that age . Noticing the westernization of his country's women , he has taken command of the regular police force and stepped up arrests of women and girls in violation of his antiquated modesty standards . Criticizing him is considered a his crime . However , with the exception of prohibitions of overt homosexuality (not to be confused with transsexuality - the state pays for gender-reassignment procedures.) and uncovered ladies , this Ayatollah seems to be a positive influence . When Fuckhood Imintojihad praises attacks on others , he points out that peaceful Muslims should never wish anyone to die and has repeatedly called Mahmood on his bullshit and even issued a Fatwa against the production of nuclear warfare for ANY purpose . He recognizes the Holocaust as a historical reality and is a visible opponent of the west giving financial aid to despots and dictators . He is a conservative hardliner by name but openly supports stem-cell research and other scientific innovations . In other words , he is a diverse dude .
I am never in favour of non-democratic leadership of nations , but we should turn our focus back to the REAL despots and let Iran govern itself . Mahmood will NEVER be allowed to attack a foreign nation under the watch of the west , let alone under the watch of the real boss .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

There Was This Douchebaguette Named Candace...

I have made fun of Jane Velez-Mitchell's over-the-top reporting and personality , but I'm with her 100% here .
What the blue FUCK possesses a mother to help a sick fuck child rapist escape lawful custody ??
And pop and pedophile uncle , someone should hunt you bastards down as well. Who the fuck facilitates a pervert's escape so he can hang around his defenseless daughter??

This story would be unbelievable if it wasn't true. I mean , this dude was convicted of raping 10 and 11 year-old kids . Apparently , Candace Watson met sick fuck at a halfway house that her equally sick brother was living at . Now , shouldn't that be your first clue that this dude might not be dating material ? But , hey , mama was lonely (cry me a river!) and she couldn't do any better in her distorted little mind . I'm sick of these women using loneliness as an excuse to do whatever they please with their innocent children . We hear all of the time about these cunts letting men away with doing anything to their babies because they have some idea in their heads that they are to bow to the will of any man, and trust me , I do get it . But because somebody else victimized you DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT to hand your kids over to the Devil incarnate. Oh , and the dad's laissez-faire smug attitude makes me want to choke the life out of him with my bare hands - he absolutely doesn't care that a convicted super-pedophile has his daughter . If that was my kid , I'd hunt fuckface down myself and fire a 30-06 up his ass!

If anything bad happens to that beautiful baby , Candace Watson should ride the lighting with Bob Potter . At the very fucking LEAST , the whole sick twisted family should have ZERO contact with children , or even better , civilization as we know it .

The ACLU Strikes Again

Everybody has heard of the American Civil Liberties Union and the causes they fight for and against . They market themselves as being for all kinds of personal freedoms and I support some things they support and some things they do just baffle me , but vive la difference ! They have their rights to have opinions and protest what they perceive as wrongs , just as you and I do . Where the ACLU and I tend to disagree boils down to giving rights to people whose actions should exclude them from the same freedoms as the decent . While I'm against people being brutalized , i don't believe prisoners should be entitled to the same degree of freedoms as those of us who don't flout the law.
I've been long wondering when the ACLU will cross the line with their political correctness , and I must say , that time is now .
In Barre , Vermont , a convicted scumbag named Chris Hagen was ordered to vacate his apartment because it is behind a playground and Barre has a Child Safety law preventing convicted sex offenders from living near places where children might be . The man's landlord even refused to make up a lengthy lease because Hagen had such a record and the landlord knew about the ordinance and even WARNED the guy about it , and of course , Hagen ignored the law. But , those fine folks at the ACLU seem to think the guy's rights are being violated because he's not allowed to live within 1000 feet of a playground . WHAT THE FUCK?! And now they are suing the STATE and it's going to be taxpayers who have to dole out money to deal with this ridiculous lawsuit . I mean , I know that the ACLU is anti-government , but this goes way out into left field .
Seriously , Chris Hagen deprived himself of the right to live where he chooses by committing crimes that society views as repulsive . I mean , come on - do you want shitheads living near your kid's playground or school ? What about protecting the law-abiding from the incorrigible? What about our rights?

I hereby sentence all sex offenders to live next-door to employees and supporters of the ACLU . Why not Chris Hagen , since the attention you have drawn to him means that he will likely never be able to live anywhere else.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Perez - Fuck YOU!!

Okay , Mario aka Perez aka Litterbox Lavandiera makes his easy buck trashing stars , their kids , and even their pets . He leads a reprehensible cabal of trash pseudo-journalists and hijacks decent causes for the sole purpose of raising his "relevance" in our society that rewards greed and callousness more than hard work and humanity . We all know , Mario is attempting to supplant Harvey Levin and take the crown as King of the Douchebags .
He may well have accomplished that feat .

Today , Litterbox felt it was his duty to publish UNCENSORED photographs of Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black getting lucky . Mario calls the original person who leaked the photos "cold" and then broadcasts them in his public forum . I'm not a porn peddler or scumbag , so I'm not going to post them , but let's just say , they were as explicit and personal as any can get .
Perez blames the star for for the release of intimate photos , and I'm thinking it's because he is insanely JEALOUS that someone is getting some (from a hottie to boot) and he isn't . Now , you and I have been in relationships , and , hey , photos and even videos can very well be part of the equation . How would YOU react if someone sold your most intimate moments to the highest bidder with the lowest morals? And what if someone posted them on a website readily available to children? I'm sure that any of us would be mortified , and we should be . I feel very bad for D . Lance Black . I can state with all that I know that he never wanted these images out of the private spectrum and that he is horrified that they were exposed to a youthful audience . He is a gifted artist with a private life of his choosing and he did NOTHING WRONG .

Scarez , you are the WORST . You have disseminated what could be seen as pornography to CHILDREN . You have stated rather publicly via your notes to advertisers that a fair bit of your demographic is underage and I rank you right down there with the rest of the perverts we own arms to protect our kids from . I have previously defended your right to free speech , but I am removing that endorsement . You are a vile , foul representation of the human experience and I will shed ZERO tears if someone removes you from it . At the very fucking LEAST , you should be arrested for disseminating sexual images to children and suffer the appropriate penalty . You are a foul sack of shit (all apologies to bodily fuctions) and I pray for the day that your actions meet the reaction of the courts . I would tell you to go FUCK YOURSELF , but it's apparent that that's all you can get . Even the most desperate prison sickos wouldn't touch you with their worst enemy's dick .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get Your Head Around This

Glenn Beck hosts some pretty controversial cats . Generally far right-wing , he and his pals spout some ridiculous fallacies much in the way of an old propaganda machine . He is anti-abortion , anti-woman and racist . He is an alarmist who preaches that the end is near if we don't adopt super Conservatism and has a very open racist hatred of Barack Obama and other black politicians yet points his finger at others he deems as bigoted . Like most of those in the employ of Fox News , he spouts pseudoChristian-centred divisive rhetoric and then condemns those who commit crimes in the name of their Gods . For all intents and purposes , he is a highly educated moron .
But one of his more recent views is out of the ballpark , even for him . I couldn't get all of his peculiar interviews , but I have a lovely snippet where he and one of his buddies calls racism a left-wing idea . According to him , Hitler was a lefty and therefore anyone who is not of the hard right view is akin to a Nazi . I titled this blog as such because it is really hard to get your head around . He goes so far as to blame Obama's "socialistic" policies for the recent Holocaust museum shooting . According to Beck , white supremacists are all a bunch of Commies , which must come as news to the peckerwoods since they spend their leisure time insulting and assaulting not only ethnic minorities , but also socialists and union members - I mean their hero murdered millions of people under the guise that they were all secretive commies . Glenn Beck has sunk to a hypocritical new low and packaged it as patriotism . In this latest ball of shit , he has managed to alienate his target peckerwood audience by comparing them with liberals . Only a true idiot would lump their market in with whom they despise . Bravo , Glenn !

Educated folks have spoken against this guy for years to no avail , in fact , it just fuels his bellyfire more . It turned out that all we had to do was wait for him to shoot himself in the foot .
Sorry , Glenn , we aren't laughing with you , we are laughing AT you . HAHAHAHAHA!

Just For Fun

Remember these things . They were like lime Alka-Seltzer - And they're back!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is a lot of hatred going around , and everyone seems to love to pass the virus . A man was murdered today by a long-time white supremacist in DC and people are justifiably horrified and there are thousands of bloggers and news agencies reporting on the horror of hatred .
But what about people trained from birth to hate ? Are they really so damaged that they are immune from blame ? And do they really believe the terrible things they are taught ?
Yesterday in the Israeli-Palestinian town of Tuqu , this woman flipped her vehicle with her infant inside in a Arab area outside of a Jewish settlement . Some teenage Arab boys witnessed the crash and rushed toward the vehicle . Contrary to what they were taught , they broke the windows and rescued mother and child and summoned an Israeli Ambulance with zero delay and they were rushed to a local hospital . Was this a case of mistaken identity , did they think they were rescuing one of their own ? No , they recognized the plates and chose to put what they were taught on the back burner , contrary to preconceived notions of what we think Muslims would do . When scrutinized by the Pali media , Ahmad Sulaiman simply stated “Our human feelings were much bigger at that moment than the feelings of enmity and hatred which Israeli settlers provoke”
I think we could all learn something from these kids .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hate By Any Other Name #2

This is Rabbi Manis Friedman and he is about as famous as a Lubavitcher can get . He is a spiritual leader to the rich and famous as well as everyday folks and has a reputation for being rather inclusive . I mean , after all , he was born into post-war communist Czechoslovakia , moved to the USA , was ordained in Canada , and spends loads of time in Israel - like his old buddy Bob Dylan , he's been everywhere , man . He is cited by "celebrity" Rabbis like Shmuley Boteach frequently and 11 of his kids are Rabbis or Rebbetzin . He seems like a cool , highly spiritual cat , and being an educated man took everyone by surprise when he was cited for extremism in a widely-read publication . Here is the direct quote :

"I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)." Moment Magazine May/June 2009

Of course , hardline leftists went nuts attacking Chabadniks left and right . Trust me , the yo-yo's over at Haaretz are having a field day with this and publishing hateful quotations about Chabadniks by lefties as if they are truth . Haaretz encourages hatred of Orthodox Jews , but this isn't about that .

What this is about is a man's lies of the worst kind . He professes love for his fellow man , but quite openly hates those whose religion he disagrees with . He falsely claimed that this was the view of Chabad , which is just baseless . He advocated the genocide of innocents while claiming it to be the "Jewish way" . I know oodles of Jews - Reform , Conservative , Orthodox , and Charedim , including several Lubavitchers - and Rabbi Friedman is the only one i have ever heard spout the kind of rhetoric generally associated with extremists of another kind . In fact , this particular quote is so offensive that I could be arrested for printing it without citing it as coming from another . This is not the Jewish view , it is the view of one liar , a man who has come out of the closet as a bigot and should be treated as such .

Hundreds of thousands of people previously thought his words to be wise , and now we must make him eat them .

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Little Perspective

Sometimes we are so caught up in the media cult that we forget what is truly important ....

People have been so polarized with respect to American soldiers serving in Iraq that they have forgotten about the real reason for the international military presence in the Middle East - saving innocents from terrorist attacks by militants and restoring dignity to lives shattered by oppression .
There are thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan today attempting to protect the 95% of the populace who want peace and equality from the 5% who want nothing resembling the positive human experience . Alexandre Peloquin enlisted in the Canadian forces at just 18 because he had the dream of making a positive mark on the world with the strength and intelligence he was given . He volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan , helping to remove hundreds of explosive devices and doing his part to protect the innocent from harm . He did not complain , in fact he phoned his mother to thank her for permitting him to enlist and to serve . Despite coming from a province where the military is publicly derided , he saw an opportunity to help those weaker than himself and served with loyalty to his fellow man . At 9:20 this morning , it cost him his life . Alexandre Peloquin was only 20 years old , young enough to be the son of the average reader of this blog . He was a boy who lived and died as more of a man than a thousand of the so-called men who sit in offices and whine about the state of the world .

Thank you , young Sir , for your bravery and loyalty . Thank you for living and dying with your convictions and saving the lives of so many people you did not know but obviously loved . You are with God now , but those of us on Earth will never forget you . Merci Beaucoup Pélo .

Put Your Money Where TMZ Isn't

Now , most of you may have heard me mention it , but there was a little TV show filmed in the microscopic town I went to high school in called Kung Fu - The Legend Continues , and David Carradine was the big star . We felt honoured by the presence of a man of his stature in our tiny community of 700 and were the most ardent fans you can imagine. He passed away under mysterious and creepy circumstances lately , and nobody is yet certain as to how or why , but , of course the lowest of the low are reporting their interpretations of David Carradine's life and death .

Apparently , some Thai shitrag posted photos that may well be staged of his body in a less-than-wholesome fashion and lowlives Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton have not only "reported" on it , but seem overjoyed with the opportunity to trash the reputation of someone they did not know .
First , TMZ reported a conversation Carradine had years ago about being suicidal in the past , something he let be known to the public more as a statement of his current spirtuality , something to offer hope . But , of course Weaselboy twisted it into something insidious despite the fact that they were told by Carradine's closest that he was anything but hopeless.
And then came the "photos" .
Yesterday , TMZ reported to have obtained a high-resolution photograph (from where , they did not mention) of his body hanging in a closet and gleefully claimed that it was an auto-erotica scenario while simultaneously claiming that he was bound in a defenseless fashion . They also make various other outrageous conclusions based on what they claim to have seen that I'm just not going to dignify .
Of course , Litterbox got wind of such things and stretched it to an insulting low that is even shocking for the most hardened Perez Hilton dot com reader . This is what he posted a couple of hours ago:

Caught In A Fishnet! Carradine Photo Reveals More On Late Actor's Sexual Festishes

Upon first glance, media outlets have reported that the image shows a lifeless Carradine hanging from the clothes bar in the closet with his hands and genitals bound - in what appears to be an "auto-erotica scenario."

There are also fishnets covering his body, a piece of red lingerie lying on the bed and what appears to be Carradine wearing a wig.

Major kink!

Now , kids , the only "source" Mario claims to report from is TMZ . Mario seems to get his jollies off of the mere suggestion of a peculiar circumstance and has apparently drawn some sort of bizarre conclusion that he is so much more proper than a highly spiritual father of 7 . Like Harvey Levin , he confusingly claims an auto-erotic situation while claiming that David Carradine was defenselessly bound . Is he fucking illiterate?!

Now , yesterday , Mario decried the publication as "awful" , but hours before made this callous remark:

"While there's nothing wrong with a little bondage in bed, the actor was found with a rope tied around his neck and another around his genitals, and that's playing with the wrong kind of fire. He also had his hands tied behind his back."

Seriously , what the hell is wrong with these two "men"?! Are they so devoid of self-awareness and empathy that they cannot leave well enough be without adding snide anecdotes ? That would be a resounding YES!!
I honestly hope people boycott Time warner and all of it's subsidiaries until they drop TMZ and Harvey Levin! HERE IS A LIST OF THEIR ASSETS This is where Scarez gets the vast majority of the "headlines" that he obfuscates for his benefit . Oh , and if you are even thinking of adding the Blogads network to your site , DON'T ! Mario is making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their ads alone . Put your money where their mouths aren't - that's the only thing these creeps seem to understand.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things that make you go EWWWWW!!

Now everyone knows who this irritation is - it's ShamWow Vince !!
Open the video and wait for the 5000 double-entendres here . He was recently arrested while wearing some sort of ladies nightshirt / faux fur coat combination . Very classy .
He was apparently arrested for trying to "slap his troubles away"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank You , Sir

This is retired Canadian hero Robin Brentnall . Sgt . Brentnall risked his life for 22 years with our forces and recently authored a book on his adventures and experiences , both positive and negative , pulling zero punches while still maintaining a positive outlook . He was injured on the job and suffered a stroke and numerous hardships because of it . He was recently granted a Canada Pension recognizing that he is indeed disabled , but because of a bizarre clawback rule is designated to receive $1700 per month in pensions instead of the $2700 he is entitled to . So , instead of whining and sulking quietly , he very publicly mailed his medals to Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean to protest the government's mistreatment of disabled vets . Sgt. Brentnall made his life's mission to defend those who cannot speak up for themselves and he continues today . For your multi-level service to the world , Sir , I am honoured to have the opportunity to thank you.



Friday, June 5, 2009

Scumbag of The Weak

Cheyenne Cherry .
Nice Looking Girl.
Pretty Name.


This spoiled little bitch decided she would play a little game with a former friend . Her and her new (and so underage she couldn't be ID'd) BFF broke into a girl's apartment and started messing the place up when this hemmorhoid decided to put the young lady's cat in the oven and crank it . Then the two little witches continued trashing the joint until , miss Cheyenne decided that hearing the small animal struggle for life was annoying . That's right , they left the place with the explicit knowledge that they were causing an excruciating death to an innocent being . The little lady cat was literally incinerated - they had to autopsy it to figure out what the heck she was .

When she was finally arrested (by an ASPCA cop and not the NYPD) , she actually laughed about the life she took . Well , it seems that Animal Cruelty felonies come with fairly light sentences , however , since the cat's body caught fire she's on the hook for felony arson , and she's not going to find sympathy anywhere . All in all , her little game is good for 5 felony charges and the time she gets will be time she cannot spend taking the lives of innocents - remember , kids , people who torture animals have the concience level of serial killers - ZERO. \

Now , what about Ms. cherry's parents ? What kind of people are they ? Could they have seen this coming ? Well , certainly , mum or pop MUST be embarrassed or something , right ?!

The little twat was bailed out by her mother , so you tell me .

As a sidenote , the accomplice future shithead has not been charged.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The end of An Era

Koko Taylor passed away yesterday at the age of 80 . She was one of those old-school geniuses who grew up on a farm in the South and sang about life and love and the power of the humble black woman . She rode shotgun with her old man on trucking runs , playing clubs along the way and played the scuzziest Chicago clubs for over a decade . She didn't even record a full-length album until she was 40 . She truly lived the Blues life . Janis Joplin worshiped her and so did generations of mamas across all genres - every feminist musicianowes something to Koko . She worked like a dog making music and entertaining and inspiring people until the day she died - her last album was put out less than 2 years ago and was playing live less than a month ago .
We have memories to go on and pass to the next generation , and we best be doing so.

I'd like to think heaven just got a hell of a lot more soulful with Koko Taylor howlin away up there .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

White Terrorism

This man was a dad and grandfather . He was a doctor who provided fertility treatments for folks , went to church , and had a pretty normal day-to-day life . He also provided abortions , often late-term ones for mentally handicapped people and extremely young girls who didn't know they were pregnant , because he believed in the right to options for those who had doors closed on them , and continued to do so despite being terrorized and shot by so-called right-to-lifers . He was demonized in the media as well , with such luminaries as Bill O'Reilly warning George to stop . He was featured on no fewer than 2 dozen episodes of O'Reilly's program where Bill even threatened "Tiller the Baby Killer's " life .
And , then someone decided to take his life after stalking him for years . Talk about premeditation .

Now , of course , abortion is a hot-button topic , but that's not really what this is about . This is about a psuedo-religious mob mentality that murders people for doing their jobs and living their lives . These people have also been known to kill nurses , students , women who have had the procedures , and anyone who steps in their way . These very same people have bombed synagogues , picketed funerals of those they see as "hellbound" , attacked muslims , gays , and anyone they see as unfit for life .

They distrust their own God so much that they insist on carrying out their own brand of justice , in case the Big Guy doesn't get around to doing it as quickly as they would like , and you and I could be next . Take a kid into a clinic for an STD test and they could see you as an evil force that must be stopped . These delusional individuals and groups use the guise of religion to justify what is truly terroism at it's most grotesque , yet are the same folks quick to call the old Arab guy down the road into CSIS or the FBI because he fits the xenophobic stereotype of what a villain is supposed to be . These people will not stop unless we invoke the most severe anti-terroism laws that we have on the books - it absolutely sucks because nobody wants to deprive someone of freedoms they were born with but is a neccessary precaution against homegrown freakshows like American Timothy McVeigh and Canadian James Kopp .
White terrorism is out in the open - you can run and hide and pray to the Almighty Bill O'Reilly but regular folks will pull you out of your closets before you ruin the free world .

Here's some of O'Reilly's inflammatory rhetoric if you absolutely must

Vegemite Vlog

Just because

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attn Vancouver - Find This Man!!!

This guy's name is Richard David Barker and he is seriously mentally ill . The Edmonton psychiatric facility made the braincramp of the year by allowing him on a field trip , despite the fact he has been committed for less than a year and his offences were violent . the geniuses overseeing him left the keys inside a hospital van , and , guess what ? - he stole it and he is running .

This man is one of the rare violent type schizophrenics , and the voices in his head like to carjack and randomly assault people . In a span of less than 10 hours last year he committed 2 carjackings and attempted 9 more - in one instance he drove a vehicle away with a kid inside and also beat up a 75 year-old man in another incident . When this dude is not medicated he will randomly attack people .
He was last seen in Calgary but is most likely in Vancouver . He's only 5'8" and quite thin and sticks out in a crowd . If you see him , call the cops

Monday, June 1, 2009

Foot-In-Mouth Disease

A buddy of mine said to me the other night .." It's better for me to keep my mouth shut and have you think I'm a fool , than open my mouth and prove it." Sage advice for Spenny .

Oh , and I thought good Christians were SUPPOSED to volunteer.

Bill 44 - Legalization of child Abuse

In a momentous backslide into the 1950's , Alberta has sent to final reading (for International cats , this means it's going to pass) a Bill under the guise of parental rights . And very few people even know about it . Alberta refuses to add sexual orientation into their Human Rights Code despite being ordered by the Supreme Court of Canada to do so OVER 10 YEARS AGO , so , they have packaged it essentially with a "notwithstanding" clause which will essentially give all parents the right to pull kids from PUBLIC schools if something offends their (presumably) christian faith . Yes , if in your interpretation learning about other cultures is wrong , you can exclude your kid from learning - other hot topics - sex , religion , and sexual orientation . The Conservative politicians of alberta are spreading filth about a "secret homosexual agenda" (their words , not mine) in order to scare redneck parents into letting hatred slide . Yes , folks , if you are offended because a teacher wants to teach evolution , birth control , gender equality , religious equality , you can use your paranoia and hatred to remove your kids from education . This could open a giant Pandora's box from hell where parents can pull their kids from classes taught by teachers who have a different religion or lifestyle . In extreme cases , ultra-Conservatives could be permitted to pull their kids from classes taught by women or racially-different folks . And kids whose parents cannot afford to send them to religious schools will have their right to an educational experience removed completely , potentially setting them up for a lifetime of failure.
Who suffers for this , ultimately , will be the children who are already growing up in an increasingly bigoted and illiterate province . I am all for parents rights as long as they do not damage children . Teaching your children to hate others is an extreme form of psychological abuse , and now it's going to be legislated .

Hate By Any Other Name

Now , when people see images like this , the automatic generalization is that it's a shot of peckerwoods from backwoods Arkansas unleashing their hatred in a large U.S. city - we have been bombarded by images of lost , hateful kids from the southern states and would be justified in thinking that these wayward weirdos are American .
But , what if I told you that these Volk were the Aryan Guard and this is Calgary , Canada ?

For the first few years of high school , I lived a sideroad over from the original "Canadian League of Rights" HQ , just outside of the tiny town of Flesherton , Ontario. (the office is now based out of High River , AB) Ernst zundel and Ron Gostick lived there and published and circulated hundreds of versions of hate to the local kids , the majority of whom were of German and Dutch heritage . These kids , who were often victims themselves , wore Neo-Nazi and Viking symbols proudly to school with their red laces and suspenders and pretty much ran the place . Black farmers routinely had their livestock killed in gruesome ways and nobody cared . That is , until 1991 when a German teacher named Janis Keil was hired and started teaching the kids that all of the bullshit they were taught was just plain wrong . I moved in late '92 to another area , however , I picked up the toronto Star in later '94 and they had a rather prominent article on hatred and the teacher was front and centre , having honours bestowed upon her for changing the views of a half-generation of kids and putting the boots to Zundel and his ilk .

The idiots needed to move and find new people to help spread the hate , so they moved to Alberta , where they could find lots of Jews and immigrants to pick on and plenty of disenfranchised poorly-educated kids to do the dirty work for them . And they still do . The skins are a visual reminder of what a large majority of Canadians secretly believe - that different is evil , that the European is the superior race , that christianity should have dominion over even the Aboriginals , who were clearly here prior to them . And that hatred stretches coast to coast . As recently as last week , I have heard co-workers use terms like "nigger" , "chink" , "kike" , wetback" , "wagon burner " , "faggot" , and more . I've been directly addressed as "jew bitch" , "dyke" , "faggette" , "kike" , "nigger" (that's a puzzling but repeated one) , and others since I started working for this outfit , but I'm not going to let bullies push me out of a job I have worked hard for and neither should anyone else . My mother lived next to a Jewish cemetery in Kitchener , Ontario for years , and this place is still continually vandalized , likely by the same type of people who brick beat me when I briefly lived in that shithole . Only 1 in 10 hate crimes are reported because people are afraid , and there are more hate-related vandalisms , assaults , rapes , and murders than ever before . Not only is anti-semitism permitted , but actually ENCOURAGED by politicians , teachers , and entire Universities - even the news media has jumped on the bandwagon . Yes , folks , the nation promoted as being all-inclusive and liberal to outsiders may well be the most racist nation in the western world .

Before we insult Americans for their bigotries , we should look in our own backyard .

Oh , and that photo isn't from Droege's 90's , that was taken in March.