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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Lindsay

 For those of you not on MARS, Lindsay Lohan is still in prison, and I personally hope she stays for at least a couple months. I know of people convicted of nearly identical things who have spent YEARS in very tough penitentiaries, but she's in California, so she's doing 90 days. And that is the sentence she has been handed and she will hopefully learn her lesson and return to her more familiar surroundings grateful for her life.

  But her fans don't share the same opinion as I do. Even though she'll probably spend only a few more days in the slam, they're protesting like she's mid-80's Mandela. The folks who run Beach Bum Tanning Salon feel that the sentence handed down to a twice-convicted celebrity is far too harsh given her status. so they staged a protest in New York accompanied by numerous fans. Yes, I'm serious.

  These people really need to get lives. To begin with she was convicted in an entirely different state and their pleas won't affect anything except the traffic.People, she's not Mumia Abu-Jamal and sentenced to die. She'll be fine. She's not wrongly convicted nor a political prisoner, she's lucky with the slap on the wrist she received.
  If you are serious about speaking against ACTUAL injustices, why not start with guys who've been on death row for crimes they probably didn't commit or women being stoned for dressing too provocatively. You could stand up against people being butchered in Darfur or chant for the release of Gilad Shalit.

  It is obvious that you have voices that you are comfortable using, so why waste them to help a fledgling tanning salon promote their product? Well-meaning kids are being used for commercial gain when they could do so much more. Kids, find a cause that your words can be used for and affect REAL change. Imagine the amazing things that could be done if people cared as much about starving children as they do about their favourite actress. Instead of spending time sending postcards to someone who likely won't get them, write your congressman about education cuts. Or take those hours otherwise spent chanting in Manhattan and work in a soup kitchen.

But alas, fame is a drug and those large and small will line up to support someone in the spotlight because it makes them feel a little prettier or closer to the star. Our self-worth used to be tied into defending the helpless and now it is related to idolizing those who do not care.

Do the right thing.


  1. Go ahead & let her out, she'll finish herself off in no time. Maybe take a few other innocents out in the process.Drunk driving is FUCKED up & if her "fans" don't see it that way tough shit. Maybe if it's their kid she kills in a head on crash, they may view things a tad differently.What the dumbass people fail to see is if LL does not make changes, she won't be around long anyway. shes what 20 something & looks older than me.

  2. You're one to talk about sucking up to celebs Roofer!

  3. Alas, people miss the point because of a NAME.

    The points : #1- kids' fandom was USED as an advertising ploy by a company. They gave a commercial interest free advertising.

    #2- Lindsay Lohan is not Nelson Mandela

    #3- If kids spent as much time reading about innocents as they do idolizing, the world would indeed be a better place.

    #4- The plight of innocents, like children in Darfur for example, is infinitely more important than whether or not a convicted felon garners an early release.

    If saying any of these things makes me evil, feel free to stone me to death.

  4. i guess your mate shane has been giving you tips on how to increase the hits on your blog

  5. Well I guess we ALL know where the sour grapes are coming from..still a great blog. Grow the fuck up Anonymous

  6. Wow how many more shitty blogs are going to use the name of Lindsay Lohan for hits this summer? Now we've got a frickin Jewish roofer redneck man from Canada trying to cash in and I highly doubt you get paid a penny for this boring ass waste of space! Ms Lohan will be out by Sunday or Monday and considering you and the majority of other bloggers (at least they are actually reporting news) haven't a clue as to what is going on in this girl's life, you really have no right to judge her or anyone who feels the need to protest her incarceration. Let's see, a tanning salon, well hmmmm I guess maybe they were doing a bit of attention whoring to get the salon's name out there? At least they were doing their attention whoring for something kind. Lindsay didn't go to jail for her DUI(s) Roofer. She went for a probation violation. Many people get less of a sentence than she did for DUI. Many people get lucky with cops who help them out and don't get a DUI at all. I've known many. People make mistakes and you SIR are NOT God.

    I pity anyone who reads this shit. You must have a sympathy following. Oh wait all bloggers follow eachother yes? Fucking nerds with no lives.

    Free Lindsay? Yes Please!

  7. Oh and Ps: To Razormuses, keep smoking that crack honey cause you look to be about 60 years old with some majorly dyed old lady hair! LOL that you would think you look younger than Lindsay or anyone for that matter! I am a stylist babydoll I can spot mature (geriatric) dyed hair a mile away! Whew you guys are sad sad sad!

  8. wow Carson Jacobs needs to get laid or something...bitter much??

  9. Apparently in Alabama Jewish roofer is an insult. Bahahaha!

  10. @ Carson Jacobs,glad YOU don't judge anyone.."a frickin Jewish roofer redneck man from Canada".The point has 0 to do with my age,hair,roofers redneck status etc...The point is not even about LL.The point IS about how Hollyweird allows their own to put other peoples lives (as well as their own) in danger.BTW darling I could tell you are a stylist without you having to say one sez "babydoll" any more except you people :)) If you are trying to offend me or hurt my feelings, I seriously doubt YOU have the cajones to be the "guy" to pull it off.You are just another catty bitch, looking for someone to show his prissy ass to. Not interested in the rants of someone with the IQ of a hairdresser. {{{hugs}}}} you pussy bitch.

  11. Let's strike the heart of the matter here- if this person feels that all bloggers are wasting their time, than just what is it to read those blogs? If you don't like a particular blog, or the person who writes a particular blog, don't read it and keep to your own world free of old people, dyed hair, Jews and Canadians. You're only making yourself look silly by responding to something you disagree with with insults instead of well reasoned argument.

  12. As an Alabama person, I'd like to say that not all of us are idiots.
    And I'd also like to say that I agree with you on the LL situation. Girl needs help.

  13. Shifty shell you hit it

  14. hey roofer i am from las vegas and i hate you. i think your blog sucks. Lindsay is a young girl that does NOT need jail time or rehab. Really though, concentrate on something more important, this here just puts YOU in the catagory of using Lindsay Lohan to get more popular, you knew it would get hits so you USED HER just like some of the other people in her life. You're just some fat jew canadian that no one cares about, face it now. Get a life, oh and a job I heard you are unemployed and sit around on your fat ass all day. Can you get a fist up there yet?

  15. oh and by the way YOU REALLY need to get laid, go find yourself a big ol fatty

  16. free lindsay! and razor whoever you are, you're UGLY AS HELL

  17. I must agree with Leeona Lindsay is young she will not learn from jail. From what I have read and that is a lot, she will not benefit from rehab either. And yes roofer there are more important things to blog about I am not going to sit here and call you stupid because that isn't my game but I will call you foolish and retarded. Like Leeona said, get a job.

  18. Leeona, I know who the hell you are. And please kindly formulate an argument without making anti-semitic or perverted comments. My 14 year old sister reads this blog.

  19. Some commentators need a dose of reality:

    1. Lindsay was driving a car while drunk. (drunk driving-duh)

    2. She was SPEEDING down PCH. (reckless driving, speeding again DUH)

    3. She was driving SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR! (carjacking, also known as stealing and very against the law)

    4. She was found with cocaine in her pants (possession of an illegal substance)

    5. She claimed "Those aren't my pants" (later was proven to be lying about this.. and really how often do YOU wear someone else's clothes without washing the clothes first?)

    6. She tested positive for cocaine. So not only was she carrying cocaine.. she'd already used some.

    7. there were OTHER PEOPLE in the stolen car she was driving (kidnapping)

    8. The high-speed ride down PCH was IN PURSUIT of an innocent person. Lindsay chased down another person and scared her half to death.

    So in summary.. Lindsay stole a car that already had innocent people in it, sped down PCH in a manner that ignored all traffic laws, chasing down an innocent person, while she had cocaine both in her pocket and in her bloodstream.

    If Lindsay wants to screw her own health, then fine. But Lindsay put others in danger. She put those others in very great danger.

    The Honorable Judge Revel read all these facts out at Lindsay's sentencing, making it very clear why Lindsay did deserve a jail sentence.

    (Did you actually listen to the good Judge or were you too busy crying in your warm milk over your precious idol?)

    Lindsay is no innocent. Even in her old Marie Clair interview from 2008 (!) it's pointed out that there's the threat of jail if she violated her probation.

    Well she violated it.. many times. And that after being granted an extension because Miss Lohan couldn't be bothered by her alcohol education classes.

    She has done this to herself. This may be a shock to Dina Lohan and to all of Lindsay's worshippers, but Lindsay is not a child. She's 24, she's an adult, and she needs to start acting like one.

    Find a new Golden Calf.


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