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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Night

 It should come as little shock to you that I'm the type of cat that really relishes Halloween. Whether it's my morbid fascination with the bizarre or my terrible fashion sense or crass humour, you all can sense that I'd have an affinity for the night of the dead. But my love for this fiendish evening stretches back to childhood, and for reasons that might seem kind of odd. It has very little to do with Dracula or costumes or candy, but something far deeper.

  You see, Halloween was the great equalizer.

  All the poor kids knew by second grade that Santa Claus was really someone's parents, usually because the affluent people who were bastards to your parents' beastly children scored the new Schwinn and you got socks. (Or your dad passed out drunk on the floor beside the tree that was still in the box.) All of the other events seemed either patently unfair or absolutely absurd, but not Halloween.

You could make your own costume and it could be rad. It was the singular party that all the kids who had to stand in the hall during (state-sanctioned) Christian prayer were still invited to. Halloween was the equal-opportunity destroyer of teeth- in fact, the poor kids usually garnered more loot out of determination combined with a little pity from the old grandmotherly types who could tell whose outfits were home-made or not. Other times, they could tell by the fact that you smelled like rotten eggs that you weren't so popular and release the sugary jackpot.    In my case, the fact that I looked far younger than I was always endeared me to the human candy dispensers that allowed me to exact a chocolate-covered revenge on all those enormous, well-fed farm boys who pitched me in the dumpsters on a daily basis. Everyone knows that 4'6" is far cuter than 6'2'.

Halloween was the party that all the kids were invited to- rich or poor; adorable or awkward; Anglican, Muslim, or that strange Animist faith that your best friend was born into. You could point out to your mates that pastel-coloured rabbits don't lay eggs and that reindeer don't fly and still be permitted to be a little goblin.

I love Halloween and you fuckwits on CNN debating whether or not it should be held on a Sunday will not spoil my fun. I look forward to a festive evening of spoiling kids and laughing at all the grown-ups who try to weasel treats out of me. A night where my housemate's natural resemblance to the Cryptkeeper will be put to good use. I'll revel in the memories of the one day of the year where every kid has the equal opportunity to scare the crap out of me and where the world feels safer when everyone is dressed to kill.

Kids of all ages, be safe tonight and don't drink and drive unless you want to meet the real Grim Reaper.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's That Smell?

  On Thursday, online gossip rag Gawker posted a semi-salacious story from an anonymous man about a drunken near-hookup with Christine O'Donnell. Most of the tale reads like a Penthouse letter, but gone horribly wrong. It begins at a Halloween party and then ends when the 25 year old wanna-be lothario loses his wood upon seeing (GASP!) the then 39 year old politico's pubic hair.

  Groups like NOW are aghast, calling the Gawker story sexual harassment, The New York Times and Amanda Hess have also chimed in. All-in-all the credible media outlets view the post as seedy, sexist, and plumb unnecessary. And as much as I dislike Christine O'Donnell's politics, I'm going to agree and more. I think that the guy is full of camel dung.

  To begin with, I've seen photos of this guy, and he's no prize. His story that the fairly attractive frequent candidate for office sought him out and was aggressive in her pursuit seem a tad far-fetched. Moreover, I've beaten around a few bushes in my time, and a little fur is not going to deter me from going for the promised land. He also goes on to say that after he rejected her for being au naturel, she still wanted to date him. But the most absurd part of this yo-yos claim is that he had never before heard the term cougar. Come on dude, you live in a city as large as Philadelphia and your tender ears have never once born witness to a term that goes back decades? That detail alone would set the bullshit bell off even if the yarn didn't sound like something a 14 year old boy wrote.

  Gawker has posted that they are sticking with the story- not because the guy is credible, but because Christine O'Donnell is a bigot and deserves it. They also acknowledge the fact that they hoped their blog would go viral by mentioning the seedy details of a drunken holier-than-thou candidate out on the hunt. Gawker admittedly published the story for "clicks and money and attention" but justifies it because they think that it's another chink in the moral morass' armour. And Gawker is all kinds of wrong for doing this.

  Gawker has no idea whether or not Anonymous' story has any factual merit. They published it solely to gain financially from shaming another human being. However they are the ones who, in conjunction with this douchey boy-man, come across as creepy. While I'll never look to websites like Gawker for unbiased journalism, there are lines that one shouldn't cross. It's less about the non-sex that was claimed to have occurred than the fact that this article was designed to vilify someone.

  In the story, Christine O'Donnell is made to look like a drunken hyper-sexual cock tease, something that the young male readership hates. Women are expected to say no, but after a certain point they're not allowed to. She's demonized for promoting chastity but moreso for leading someone on. Anonymous' account reads like something fabricated for a very specific, predominately male audience, and that's what it likely is.

  There are an infinite number of credible arguments against the Christine O'Donnell platform- sound, fundamental, verifiable reasons why this woman should not go to Washington. One could write an entire dissertation about the incompetence of Christine O'Donnell without referencing allegorical filth from anonymous sources, but that would require effort. Gawker has engaged in an unneeded and undignified debasement of another human being for fun and profit at the expense of their own integrity.

  Smooth move, Exlax.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

  In just another day in the life of a 30-year taxi cab veteran, Sonny Trenholm ventured off to work at around 4 this morning. The 67 year old New Brunswicker decided to take a different route than usual to treat himself to some sweets and cigarettes.

   But as he was moseying along, he discovered that there had been a horrific car accident. The disoriented driver was screaming for help outside of the vehicle, and for good reason. The female passenger was trapped inside and fire was enveloping the Ford SUV. The fearless old gent decided that a stranger would die without help.

  Mr. Trenholm told the woman to try to kick out the window as he ran to his vehicle to grab an iron. He then pulled woman, whose clothes had become ignited, to safety. Mr. Trenholm pulled her jacket off and carried her down the street, trying to offer comfort. And like a scene from a Hollywood film, the vehicle exploded less than a minute later.

  So many people nowadays are too afraid to intervene when someone is in peril. Some fear lawsuits or personal injury, others are apathetic, but in this instance none of those factors were in play and a life was saved. Sonny Trenholm doesn't consider himself a hero, and it's this humility that offers an explanation as to why he was the one person who didn't drive on by.

  In a world full of pain, worry, and tragedy, it is heartwarming to know that one moment can change someone's world. You don't have to pull someone out of a burning vehicle to be a hero, but you must be heroic to do what Sonny Trenholm did this morning.  Live the example.

Photos from the CBC

Another Blast From The Past

See more images here..

And by "fitting-in", they were referring to dentures.

A Few Words About Omar Khadr

  This week Canadian-born child soldier Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to terrorism and war crimes charges after being held for the better part of a decade in the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Under the plea deal, Omar will likely only serve a year more in prison, but Stephen Harper refuses to  acknowledge the deal because it means that Mr. Khadr would be returned home to Toronto.

 I dare ask Stephen Harper where this natural-born citizen should go. This is a boy who was forced into war, into fighting for his life.
People seem lost as to the definition of "firefight". What was going on when this kid killed the American soldier was a mutual exchange of fire that lasted over 4 hours. If Khadr hadn't launched the grenade he would have been killed. If Chris Speer had killed Khadr, he wouldn't have been charged with terrorism; he would have been adorned with a medal. If you volunteer for the Army, like Mr. Speer did, sometimes people do die.  Death is the universal tragedy of war and if you cannot comprehend that, don't marry or become a soldier.

  Omar Khadr was shot twice and subjected to 8 years of constant torture. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled numerous times that Mr. Khadr's liberties were violated in appalling ways. Omar was a child who was continuously threatened with rape, assaulted, and humiliated by men who were later convicted of abusing other detainees. This boy was and still is a victim of a most cruel system, one that involves the U.S. flagrantly refusing to abide by the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

  There are rules that one must abide by when dealing with prisoners, and separate ones when the detained are children. Omar Khadr shouldn't be incarcerated as a war criminal, but the perverse interrogators certainly should. Amazingly, Omar Khadr does not display the hatred or bitterness of other captives or those who singled him out for abuse. If Omar Khadr can forgive, we should stop punishing him for the sins of his father.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blast From The Past

  When I was a kid I delivered news papers for spending money and the $17 I earned every week made me feel like one of the cool kids. I could afford to play baseball and buy a sweet Rawlings mitt. I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but I wouldn't be a kid without candy.

  Glorious, delicious, sweet delights from the fine folks at Topps and Nabisco. I wasn't a big chocolate kid, I wanted sugar and gum and sugary gum. But in the 80's there was one fruity taffy chew I liked more than the most.

  Bonkers are the greatest fruit chew ever made and one of the most awesome candies of all time. One I would ruin my crowns with if it was made today.

  Please Nabisco, bring back the best junk for the three of us old farts who remember it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just For Fun : Law Of The Land

  If you venture outside of your batcave, chances are that you'll be required by nature to use a public restroom.

And more often than not you'll encounter a stall that looks like this.

  But what to do, besides scream in horror?

  Well, you could move to Singapore, where public restroom infractions like not flushing are criminal offences. Failure to flush can result in a conviction punishable by caning and an enormous fine. And the police routinely check restrooms for offenders.

 Shitty. Or not.

Reality Chick

  Charlie Sheen was taken to the hospital last night after cops found the naked actor drunk and high ranting and raving in his hotel. He apparently flew into a rage after he thought a hooker stole his cell phone and wallet, causing over $7000 in damage to a suite. Even better, his ex-wife and daughters were in the next room.

  The police took him to the psych ward instead of arresting the man, who admitted being on a bender. But check this out - his reps claim that his antics were the result of a prescription medication overdose.

  I know there are a few rare instances where Cocaine can be prescribed, but they are close laboratory and/or surgical settings, and Charlie was boozing it up with a prostitute. This is a guy who is coming off of a mandatory rehab stint for terrorizing his wife. He's also been convicted of assaulting another girlfriend and been in and out of rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan. Plus, he was engaging in his assholery in close proximity to 2 of his kids.

  But why the free passes? Mel Gibson and Tom Sizemore were publicly crucified for their behaviours, but everyone just dismisses this as Charlie being Charlie. His circle of sycophants offering up ridiculous defenses simply reinforces his sense of invincibility, never offering him any incentive to change. All of these hangers-on are going to assure the early (and messy) death of a man who is gifted with as much talent as arrogance.

  Charlie Sheen is a very sick man. He has serious mental health problems that he copes with by abusing alcohol, drugs, and everyone around him. He attracts delusional women who believe that they can repair a very damaged man who considers himself above reproach. Blessed with natural proficiency, lovely children, and adulation; Charlie Sheen has every reason in the world to attempt to become a better member of the species. As it remains, Charlie will never hit bottom because he has too many artificial allies, people who hope that his flair will somehow rub off on him.

  Charlie Sheen is a self-involved, abusive dickhead because people permit him to be. He's used his bad boy image to justify becoming a terrible human being. I've seen too many go down this road and it always leads to a casket. Addiction may be a disease, but it doesn't absolve you of responsibility, and it doesn't completely alter your fundamental character.

  If a rose is a rose, an asshole is still an asshole.

Why Vote?

  As a former resident of Canada's largest city, I'll openly state that Toronto is one of the most diverse and open-minded cities on Earth. But last night, the unthinkable happened- notoriously racist and homophobic far-right candidate Rob Ford won the mayoral election. For the next 4 years, the human incarnation of Peter Griffin will run a city of millions. And about half of registered voters won't be able to complain because they didn't get off of their asses to cast a ballot.

 Toronto is a city with policies unlike most of Canada's cities; policies that mandate one must be a citizen in order to cast a ballot. A city of immigrants, 39% of the population was deemed ineligible to vote even before the race began. And then only 53% of registered voters cast a ballot, a remarkable low. And now young people will have to live with the consequences of election of a man so corrupt he was even sued during the mayoral race.

  Parts of Ford's platform include removing the historic downtown streetcar lines and privatizing garbage collection, things he knew would appeal to his suburban base. He knew that after statements about those with AIDS (AIDS is very preventable; if you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn't get AIDS probably, that's bottom line.How are women getting it? Maybe they are sleeping with bisexual men.") and Asian people (Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out ... that's why they're successful in life. ... I'm telling you, Oriental people, they're slowly taking over, because there's no excuses for them.) that he would not win the downtown vote, thusly he appealed to the ultra-religious and those who are wealthy enough that they don't use public transit.

  So Ford attacked the homeless, bitched about cyclists, and insulted immigrants because he knows that poor people don't vote. He appealed to the right fringe with his beer drinking, girl-chasing, hockey loudmouth image that turned out to be a true representation of who he is. He's the kind of guy who engages in illegal fundraising and has no grasp of mathematics. He's quick to point the finger at the horrendous lifestyle of his opponent George Smitherman (Who is legally married to a man and has a child. For shame.) but claims mistaken identity anytime his drunken hillbilly antics gets him arrested (3 times- DUI, threatening his spouse with death, marijuana possession) or kicked out of a hockey game (where he told a female spectator to go to Iran and get raped and shot). He's been investigated by ethics commissions more than any other Toronto politician, and you elected him because you didn't get out and rock the vote.

  Everyone, everywhere should use the unusual and disturbing election of Rob Ford as yet another reason to exercise their right to voice at every opportunity.

  This is one of the many compilations of Ford's ineptitude. Use your Googler.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Your Monday Tea

  On May 31, 2009 Dr. George Tiller was gunned down in church by Scott Roeder. I recall writing about it, thinking that the media played a part in the murder of the OBGYN. I opined that folks like Bill O'Reilly distrusted their Higher Power so much that they sent armies to go after those who offended their so-called religious sensibilities. To the dismay of some, I referred to it as white terrorism, and stated that the God Army was making a dangerous resurgence.

  Since then, a whole lot of frightening politicking has taken place, and the rights of decent taxpayers are being batted around like a racquetball. Right now there are people like Ken Buck and Sharron Angle who want to enact Life At Conception laws. Under such regulations, not only will abortions be prohibited, but also the morning after pill. IUDs and other forms of contraception will follow in their footsteps. Next will come policing of the behaviours of the baby machines- women could be incarcerated for exposing fetuses to drug use, second-hand smoke, or not balancing their diet. Women who have repeat miscarriages will be scrutinized to make sure they didn't do anything to cause abortion. And none of this has anything to do with science, or even the Bible- it's about control, plain and simple.

  Tied into the far-right morality is a disdain for female independence, and for power belonging to any minority whatsoever. You have people like Glenn Beck telling white men to never be second-fiddle to a chick (his word, not mine) , even if she's Sarah Palin. In the opinions of the scared white man, women are best left at home, and if they're allowed out they best demean their own gender like Christine O'Donnell does so eloquently on a daily basis. Women are to be thought of as intellectually inferior and the easiest method of control is to ensure that she produces as many children for the Reich as her body will permit. It's easy to make decisions for someone when they are too busy chasing around 12 youngsters to pay attention to the outside world. And this is a two-for-one deal as well, because women will be too busy popping out babies to join the military or become politicians.

  Naturally with women out of the way, there is still more work to be done. If you're Rand Paul, it's time to get rid of the Civil Rights Act because telling a Senator who accepts funding from StormFront (like Dr. Paul did) that he's not permitted to discriminate is a violation of his principles. While you're at it, make sure to get rid of the minimum wage so that corporations that pay no taxes can make even more money off of ethnic minorities. Pave the way for work permits for Mexicans to work at the megacorp for $2 an hour, but take care to ensure there is no amnesty and no real way for those foreign nationals to become citizens. Push for love of Constitution, but also to change the 14th Amendment so none of those brown peoples' babies will be considered American. When all else fails, encourage racial profiling so severe that no non-white person will want to live in the former Land Of The Free.

  Tied into racial profiling is religious discrimination. Candidates now are expected to proudly proclaim adherence to Christian ideology. Fox News has dedicated itself to exposing secret plots of Muslims, Atheists, Sikhs, and anyone who merely questions creationism. Nikki Haley had to pledge Christianity over Sikhism because the other Republicans are too stupid to research the family-oriented faith. Congressman Ellison is vilified for his Muslim beliefs instead of being scrutinized for fiscal or military policies. Teanuts are adamant that Biblical Creationism must be taught in schools instead of or alongside evolution in public schools, because they're supposed to be equal in scientific standing. This is akin to teaching that blacks (for example) are both equal and inferior and asking students to decide because some people believe either opinion to be the truth.

  What all of this boils down to is hate and the expectation of ignorance. It's been tried before, just read Mein Kampf. Blaming societal ills on others doesn't make all of those problems suddenly vanish. What the Christian Right desires for America is not a return to the ideals of the founding fathers, but quite the opposite of what they imagined. The old guys were religious rebels, some even Atheists. To many who actually read the bible, ideas like fire-breathing serpents inhabiting cities (Numbers 21:6) or stoning non-virgins to death (Deut. 22:20 , Lev. 21:9) were absurd. Freedom to believe or not was ingrained in the Bill Of Rights before anything else was added. Therein lies the basis for protection against theocratic rule.  American fundies turned Uganda into a Christian theocracy and now they are debating whether or not to put gays to death.

  The Tea Party is not only asking you to ignore the Constitution, but also common sense. You cannot make a government smaller while hiring a religious police force. You cannot increase tax revenues while giving incentives to those who outsource. You cannot create freedom by attacking the liberty of others. The Tea Party is counting on you to ignore their racist, sexist, and fiscally-irresponsible policies in the name of patriotism. This movement is not new nor novel; the shirts are just a different colour.

  Now get out and vote.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh.... Canada....

I know that tea and Jaffa Cakes are really rad, but why does Canada still bow to this clan of racist, sexist, inbred zombies?



  The RIAA has sued people for piracy- and won huge sums bankrupting college kids. But while the amount of the judgments is excessive, it makes a point.

It is illegal to steal art, and serial uploaders are giving away something not theirs, in effect handing out stolen property to anyone who requests it.

  It doesn't matter whether it is music or a print- if you use someone else's work without attribution, you are a thief. This is why I contact as many artists as possible and/or link to their websites when I blog about creative content. (All one needs to do is ask. I've never been refused.) ITunes lets you try before you buy and most artists release videos on Youtube or their personal blogs. These talents hope that you'll really dig them and buy their work.

 While it is indeed true that some bands have made their names through music-sharing (Limp Bizkit and Metallica are among them) , it is their choice what they want to give away, not yours. It may not matter to you or even an artist who sells 5 million records whether or not a few songs are ripped off, but when it comes to those just starting out, those dollars can be the difference between paying their mortgage or not.

  So if you see or hear something that brings you joy, plunk down the 10 bucks and help those who created it feed their families. While the RIAA may seem douchey for enforcing copyright laws, it is within their right to do so. And if you insist on pirating creative content, don't whine to me when your hard drive is fried from worms and viruses. It is your decision whether $100 worth of someone else's property is worth having to replace a $2000 computer.

  When someone spells it out in plain English, the choice should be clear. If you pillage, you will pay in one way or another.

  Don't steal.

Image credit :  Aphrodite

Friday, October 22, 2010

Don't Miss This Link

  NPR journalist Juan Williams was fired for making derogatory comments about the Muslim "look" this week. He has subsequently been hired by Fox News, which is a huge fan of anti-brown profiling.

  The creator of this site is as confused as I am about what exactly constitutes a Muslim appearance. As is my mother, who was married to one for 9 years without anybody bothering to suspect a thing.

Thusly, this anonymous smart-ass decided to find photos of Muslims wearing all sorts of things to prove that there is no specific Muslim appearance. After all, it's a religion, not a race.

  Check out Muslims Wearing Things, to which I submit the #43 worn by Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Nazem Kadri.

Moron Of The Moment

  Actor and serial squatter Randy Quaid and his unusual wife Evi were arrested Wednesday in Vancouver's posh west side after fleeing indictment in California.
  The couple were pinched by the Vancouver Police Department before being handed over to the Canadian Border Services Agency. Randy and Evi will be kept in custody until they are eventually deported. It all sounds pretty cut and dry, except for one little thing...

  Last night, mullet-coifed bozo Duane Chapman told sent a message to the Quaids via the George Lopez Show that if they don't turn themselves over to U.S. authorities, they're in trouble. Yes, Dog and his clan of societal rejects are coming to get him! Get ready Canada to bow to the authoritaw of the almighty missing member of the Village People!

  There are just a few problems here, Dog. To begin with, Canada is a sovereign nation and you can't just march in. You are a multiply-convicted felon and aren't allowed in our country; if you were to try to push the issue, it would be you sitting in the slammer. Are you really so stupid that you think you can come into a foreign country and break someone out of a prison because of a bond? Did all that tanning fry your intracranial contents?

  I seriously hope this imbecile tries to pull off his foreign invasion jailbreak stunt and gets shot in the ass several times.

The Truth Is Out There, And It's Funnier Than Fiction

  I confess- I have never seen Avatar. The sheer length of the film and the fact that it's a Jame Cameron vehicle have basically scared me away from seeing it at a theatre. Those who know me know that I have video narcolepsy- I fall into a very wonderful and deep sleep during cinematic epics lasting longer than 2 hours. I have fallen asleep during every episode of the Lord of the Rings and during the first of the new Star Wars films in the presence of 100 coworkers.

  But right now I cannot sleep, so I'm going to bring you something that might just be your dream come true.

  Boys- have you ever wanted to boink an alien? I'm not talking about your Colombian housekeeper, but one from another planet? Well, now you can with the Alien Fleshlight. If you don't believe me watch this very convincing advert from the world's largest producer of silicone orifices and act NOW before this too vanishes into thin air.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SPARKing Up A Conversation


 When my sister's second son was born, she commented to me that she was so thankful that she'd had only sons, for she wouldn't need to buy breast implants for a high school graduation gift. While there was some laughter at the time, the statement left an impression on me that I cannot deny. It made me think and question exactly what we are doing to this generation of girls.

  Girls today are bombarded with sex. The magazines that once suggested ways to improve one's complexion are now telling teens how to be better at sending sexually-charged text messages. While our generation was taught to shoot for a PhD, our children are praying not to get an STD.  The line between little princess and porn queen has become so blurred that the most common procedure for girls 12-14 is laser hair removal. Angels like this 10 year old are modelling sexy bikinis alongside adults and stripper pole kits are being sold as toys. Earlier this week I profiled a girl who had been put on a near-starvation diet since the age of two and readers were shocked, but the sad thing is that this is becoming quite common. Girls are learning mathematics by counting calories.

  A lot of people are making comments memorializing Bob Guccione without taking a second to think about the fact that, intentionally or not, he was responsible for the largest dissemination of child pornography in the history of humankind. Mr. Guccione capitalized on curiosity to be sure, but also on an increasing appetite for images of women being degraded. The facial cumshot is not an image of sex so much as it is one of ownership, of dominion of the muscle-bound stud over his helpless prey. 70% of the content on the World Wide Web is of a sexual nature, and child sexual abuse images are becoming popular as a new form of "extreme" pornography because Two Girls, One Cup is just not enough anymore.

  But it's not just girls who are affected by this perverse culture. Through the media, boys are also ingrained with a hypermasculinity; one that states that if he is thoughtful and treats women with respect, he's a "fag" or pussy-whipped. Boys are not only being taught to desire increasingly younger girls, but also to hate them and themselves. Young men are becoming part of the consumer culture in ways never before thought of. From growth supplements to equipment solely designed to clean genitals, boys are also taught to believe that muscles are more useful than merit. It's FAR cooler to be a pimp or Guido than an English professor, don't you watch television?

  Conferences like the SPARK Summit are indeed important, but it's just not enough that we recognize the exploitation of girls. We must also acknowledge the part of this sexualized culture that affects boys as well. Boys are being sent the message that they must victimize others to get ahead, to treat girls as objects and orifices, not equals. Girls and boys need to stop being continuously peppered with unrealistic physical images and expectations.

  The self-esteem of girls is important. They need to be educated on their true beauty and wholistic attributes. But it cannot be one-sided; telling girls to say no means nothing if boys are told that they're pussies if they don't take it anyway. Instruct kids to love themselves and others regardless of which body they were born into.

Be well.

Speedy Geek : The Gay Pride Flag

  This flag (seen at the Church St. community Centre in Toronto in this instance) has been well recognized around the world as a symbol of LGBT pride and adopted by peaceloving folks as well as a sign of equality and solidarity. The design has been unchanged for around 30 years and is always flown right stripe up, as in the colours of a natural rainbow.

But it didn't always look this way.  When Gilbert Baker, a friend of Harvey Milk, designed it in 1978 it looked like this.

Each of the colours did then and have specific meanings, from top-to-bottom as follows:

Hot pink : sex
Red : life
Orange: healing
Yellow: Sunlight
Green: Nature
Turquoise: Magic and the arts
Indigo Blue: Serenity
Violet : spirit

  After Harvey Milk and George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White (who himself died on this day 25 years ago), demand for the flag increased. According to Mr. Baker, they ran out of pink dye, so the pink stripe disappeared. The next year the turquoise was omitted to make the flag symmetrical.

   The design was inspired by the Flag of the Races and it's designer is alive and living in San Fransisco where he is an artist. He has been commissioned to design flags since, creating the World's largest 6 and 8 stripe Pride flags. The one he designed for the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots held the Guinness Record for largest flag of any kind. (As of 10/10/2010, a Lebanese flag holds the honour)

  So in 5 minutes you've discovered a little bit about the flag flown in many variations in many places and know why everyone wore purple for yesterday's Spirit Day.

 Never be afraid to let your own flag fly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hockey Horror Picture Show

 Last night, Vancouver Canucks goon Rick Rypien got himself into some serious trouble by scrapping with the notoriously vocal Minnesota fans. While he's going to earn a well-deserved suspension for losing his composure, my memory went back 31 years.

  Back in the day, there was no glass behind the benches and players were yelled at and had things thrown at them. One of the most infamous incidents of all time involves the fans of the New York Rangers, who remain an intense bunch to this day.
With no glass between the MSG crazies and the Boston Bruins, post-game pandemonium hit an apex on one fateful day in 1979.

  Enjoy the madness, especially when legendary Mike Milbury takes off a guy's shoe and starts beating him with it.

Sign Of The Times

  There has been a lot of talk about marriage as of late, but one company wants you to think of divorce.

  Wedlock Divorce Insurance pays a beneficiary should a marriage of more than 3 years end in divorce. At a pricey $16 per month per $1250 in coverage, the North Carolina-based company figures that it should still be an easy sell. While the company's owner claims that he's not promoting divorce, the website is riddled with grim statistics about divorce and poverty.

  John Logan developed the idea after a divorce because it seemed like a very good idea and nobody had thought about it. He's engaged now and has purchased policies for himself and future wife should their union end unhappily. That sounds incredibly romantic, doesn't it?

  While I realize that 38% of marriages in Canada and 50% in the U.S. end in divorce, I think that this seems to be a little bizarre and pessimistic. If you're going into a union anticipating its end, maybe you shouldn't be getting married in the first place.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only In America

..can a guy like Kevin Antoine Dodson score instant fame.

  If you don't know who the cat is, he's famous for an over-the-top interview he gave after fending off a would-be rapist of his sister.

  Because people somehow find this incident funny, there have been remixes and viral videos of this guy- not because of his heroic deed, but because folks want to make fun of him. All-in-all Antoine Dodson videos have garnered around 100 MILLION views on Youtube.

  Now, Mr. Dodson has decided that he's going to enjoy some of the spoils instead of being pissed off and use them to pay off his student loans. He also hopes to raise money to move his loved ones out of the projects and raise money for diabetes research, since the disease afflicts several of his relatives. And now you can look like him. I shit you not. Look at this very real commercial and try not to laugh.

  It's pretty easy to make fun of Antoine Dodson, but I'm not going to. He's a really good guy who is using his 15 minutes to do good things, to make a better life for his family. He's not parading around like an asshole, he's just found an unusual way to obtain a piece of the American dream. Now somebody put this kid on Mad TV because he's funny as fuck.

Hearing IS Believing

  Christine O'Donnell's platform is deeply rooted in her interpretation of the Constitution and its amendments.
 Like many of her peers, she opposes the inferred privacy rights held in the Third Amendment, because of their tie to Row V. Wade . Again, like Rand Paul and others, she wants to amend the 14th amendment because she thinks it will stop brown people from procreating. She's also a huge fan of the Second Amendment, figuring that it gives Americans universal freedom to own AK-47s and fight off this 'illegal' government.

But Christine seems lost over the first of all of the constitutional amendments, the one that begins the entire Bill Of Rights. Inherent in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of worship and the statement that there shall never be any official state religion. While some more educated Tea Partiers use the "yes, but.." argument, Ms. O'Donnell seems to be unaware that the separation of church and state even exists.

  Watch as Chris Coons tries to explain to her over and over the existence of said clause and listen to her utter confusion.

  Chris Coons tries several times to explain that the phrase "government shall make no establishment of religion" is in the first amendment, but to no avail. His opponent is clearly lost here. She really has no idea that there is no official state religion, and that the amendment was used as the basis for the Establishment Clause. She's very clear on which elements of the Constitution she wants to violate, but doesn't seem to comprehend all of the other pesky words written by the old dead guys.

  Naturally her apologists are scrambling to come up with a defense for her utter lack of knowledge. Chris Coons is not the brightest guy either, but Christine O'Donnell is utterly clueless.

  The Constitution was drawn up because the U.S. was established by religious rebels- Quakers, Atheists, Deists, Agnostics, Baptists and others persecuted for their faith or lack thereof. There is a reason why the Bill of Rights begins with a statement against the nation becoming theocratic. The second is tied into the first, establishing the right to militias to protect the people from being controlled by other nations and oppressive regimes. Quite simply, if there were no bigoted idiots to run from, there would be no first nor second amendments.

  Politicians come from various backgrounds and fly the flags of their choosing, but there is nothing worse for your party than to have a candidate as uninformed as this one. The sheer ignorance of politicos like Sharron Angle and Jim DeMint speak volumes. I'm left to wonder whether or not Tea Partiers really want to improve education seeing as they seem to be lacking the knowledge to pass fourth grade history.

  Freedom from religious discrimination and interference is a fundamental founding principle that became the basis for the freedoms that Americans enjoy today and should never be taken lightly. It's not just Christine O'Donnell's ridiculous ideas about AIDS, religion, and the military that are dangerous, but the fact that she is absolutely stupid. I'm starting to become convinced that this bevy of dingbats have been planted by the Reich to prove their theories about the intellectual inferiority of women. There really seems to be no other logical reason as to why the tide of women on the right has turned itself into a toilet.

Think well.

The Song In My Head - And Art For Your Eyes

  Rarely do I feature pure covers of songs, nor do I show fan videos. This is the exception and you'll soon see why.
 I did a list of top cover songs a few years ago (I'll try to find it) and this came in at #2 of all time. It's just that good. Not too bad for a couple of guys from Shawnee, Oklahoma. What's more- this song was their first track ever published. It came out on the Goth Electro Tribute to Depeche Mode album (which I own 2 copies of. thank you ebay) released in 2005.

  DM released the original to critical praise and low sales in 1986, and it has been covered by at least 15 bands, including Rammstein, In Strict Confidence, and She Wants Revenge. It is melodic and edgy, dark and romantic. Shiny Toy Guns captured the essence of the original and offers up a twist for a new generation. The result is an aural delight that is difficult to turn off.
  Add this incredible tribute video by Tanner Gloystein (who is 18, by the way) and you have pure magic.


THIS Is Child Abuse

  This is English mum Aly Gilardoni and her eight year old daughter Coraleigh. It's pretty easy to tell that mum is about 15 kilos overweight, but basically a healthy lady- at least on the outside.

  Miss Gilardoni is very insecure with herself and her image, and has taken to ensuring that her only daughter never suffers from overweight. This is because she's trying to turn her child anorexic, a state of illness that little Coraleigh has been trained for since age two. The disturbed mother broke up with her baby-daddy six years ago, and vowed that her daughter would never have to worry about unpopularity if she didn't inherit the family fatness curse.

  Little Coraleigh now spends her time petrified of gaining an ounce, fixated on her image to her mother and others. Her mother, sworn by God to protect her, is proud of her child's correct "training". Mum muses "With an eating disorder you can get through it with therapy. But when you're fat, you're fat for life" and "Coraleigh getting an eating disorder like anorexia would be preferable to fat"  while telling interviewers about her fat-laden treats and self-hatred.

  As for the wee girl, she consumes a 700-calorie non-fat diet and monitors herself daily. Consuming less than half the nutrition for a child her age, she will suffer a future of psychological and health problems if someone doesn't intervene. She's already inherited her mother's insecurities and will likely suffer greater immune problems and hormonal issues as she grows. She's been given a higher risk of osteoporosis and heart disease in mid-age and she's only in third grade. Without intervention, this angel will probably become disabled or die from a severe nutrient deficiency or heart failure. If starving your child to death doesn't constitute abuse, I'm not certain what does.

  As much as I am in favour of parent's rights, welfare agencies exist for a reason. If overfeeding your child is wrong, so is this combination of deprivation and psychological abuse. This so-called mother should not be anywhere near any child until she seeks assistance to deal with the overwhelming mental issues that she possesses. It is both physically and mentally damaging to put children on low-calorie diets. 80% of girls are terrified of being fat and having weirdo parents reinforce the fear is harmful.

  If Coraleigh were a boy fed this inadequately, mum would be arrested for neglect. We need to stop and think about how we are raising our daughters. Children need not worry about their mothers' idiosyncratic preoccupations, they need to be kids. And no matter how the media treats them, little girls are children too.

Be well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

 Meet Barb and Chad Soper, a normal Michigan family. They're very average parents who aren't sure why people are making a fuss over them.

  Well, it's their three kids that are making numerology types go silly. Their eldest daughter Chloe was born on August 8, 2008; son Cameron September 9, 2009; and daughter Cearra arrived October 10, 2010.

That's right- 8/8/8/; 9/9/9, and 10/10/10. While it's neat, there's no chance of an 11/11/11 baby, as the Sopers are quite happy with their unique family.

What's more, they'll never have an excuse to forget a birthday.

What's Your Take on FCKH8 ?

  A new campaign has come out in response to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and its state counterparts. The Fuck Hate campaign is designed to raise money to take legal action to overturn homophobic state and federal measures like California's Proposition 8. Like any good protest it is accompanied by swag and Youtube videos like this one that I'd like you to check out.

  I admit that as a gay person, I have ambivalent feelings about this advert. Not the idea of equality, but the commercial.

 The video makes many very valid points and uses real-life families to convey the message that we should all be entitled to the same acknowledgment of our families. It's all-too real that in most parts of the United States, decent families are denied the same rights, protection and tax breaks of their neighbours.
  One of my most popular posts was related to the idea of putting folks in our shoes, and the comparisons are extremely valid.  I can also state that gay marriage has the same dynamics as hetero marriage and one shouldn't marry just to make a point about one's political stance. And living in a nation that allows gays to marry, I can also state that our world hasn't come to an end. Nobody really complains about it one way or the other. Families are just that.

  But there's a part of me that doesn't like the FCKH8 campaign as well. To begin with, we have the Republican and Christian commentary. Gay and straight people come from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and political affiliations. They don't fit into tightly constructed stereotypes. There are gay Republican farmboys and straight urban fashion designers. The greatest recent victory against Don't Ask, Don't Tell was made by a gay Republican group. Human beings are exceptionally diverse and singling out certain groups is divisive.

  My second con here is the language.  While I am aware that hate is far more offensive to my sensibilities than coarse words, I still don't see how it serves us to project ourselves as a bunch of foul-mouthed jerks. I don't cuss around children, nor do I think we should promote children to have potty mouths for any reason. Making a video where little kids are swearing enforces what the bigots think about our parenting skills. It's gaudy and obnoxious and does cast gays in a bad light. Our predecessors proved that one doesn't need to be offensive in order to produce lasting change. You cannot fight hate with hate.

  I still don't know exactly how I feel about the FCKH8 campaign, but I'm going to open the floor known as the comment box to you. Does this ad campaign go overboard or is it just what the doctor ordered?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just For Fun

As the snowy season is imminent for a lot of us, don't forget to get your tires rotated. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dude, Where's My Car?

  Recently the globe heard about Terry Jones because he's the hillbilly preacher who wanted to burn Qu'rans on 9/11. Rick Sanchez talked to him about his plot in July, but nobody paid attention to the Sanchez Show. I'd heard about him from his Fu Man Phelps (come on, look at him for a second.) type anti-gay protests that also targeted Jews. And as September 11th approached, the world lay in wait to fear the Islamic aftermath of the match lit by some attention-seeking Gainesville peckerwood and his flock. And nothing happened.

  Through the threats and worry and Bill O'Reilly being a douchebag, nothing happened. No burning, no terrorist bombing, no apocalypse. Terry Jones didn't burn the $20 book and went back to his cave to preach his xenophobia and doom and we went back to ignoring him. Terry Jones was happy to get his 15 minutes and we were elated to see him vanish into the cultural compost pile. But Terry is getting some press tonight from me, and I'm going to tell you why.

  Ben Benson Hyundai in New Jersey is giving this idiot stick a new car. They're delivering a 2011 Hyundai Accent to his hillybilly hotel. Neither Terry Jones nor his flock paid for this vehicle. They're giving it to him because he didn't burn a $20 book held holy by 17% of the world's population. And as much as I value the spirit of freedom to give, I think this is plumb ridiculous.

  You and I don't burn Qu'rans and we're still rumbling our 1982 Hyundai Pony(ies) down the road. Your neighbour isn't threatening to incinerate literature for fun and profit. There are 400 million folks in North America and over 6 billion on the planet not burning Qu'rans right now, and most of them either don't own cars or are driving something ugly and rusty. No free cars for us.

  Maybe there is some secret division of the Cash for Clunkers program that we don't know about called Cars for Qu'rans. If that's the case, I should at least be able to score a 94 Eldorado for the Qu'ran gathering dust in my basement. Well it makes sense, doesn't it?

  What it boils down to folks is that we now live in a society that rewards bad behaviour. From the athlete considered cool for hooking up with every good-time girl in every city to Snooki getting paid to eat pickles on the Crapper, wastes of skin are being paid more than you and I to behave like rejects. And that is profoundly saddening.

  I don't know what will inspire us to fundamentally change as people; whether there is truly a way to change our spectator greed. I have no idea what changes we will have to make to cease recognizing achievements that do not exist. I long for the day when those with the greatest minds or the highest ethics will realize glory amongst humans, where talent and effort and humanity would reign. But until that magical day of joy, decent folks like you and I will look at those who endorse stupidity and ask...

...dude, where's my car?


I think there's something wrong with this ad

Personalized daddy and little girl White Cotton Spandex Thong

Personalized daddy and little girl White Cotton Spandex Thong

  • Is father daughter time your favorite? This White/Pink Cotton Spandex Thong graphic is a great present for your father on Father's Day. Our Bella two-color thongs make a great pairing when worn with our contrast camisoles
Prices starting at $11.99

What CAN You Do Today?

  Today is World Food Day, a day that commemorates the establishment of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization but more importantly inspires many people to look closely at the issue of hunger.

 My now-deceased grandmother didn't need a day to think of the poor. Growing up during the Great Depression, she was acutely aware of the fact that many people become sick and do die because of a lack of access to enough food. As she aged, she became a person one could count on if he or she was hungry. The door was always open, a sandwich and tea followed by a hot bath could be had for the price of a conversation. Everyone from myself and my poor cousins to the town drunk and more enjoyed a moment of safety at the kitchen table that welcomed anyone who came in peace.

  My grandmother and her giving spirit are things that I hold very dear. I aspire with each moment to become more selfless and less judgmental. One of the ways that you and I can do this is by respecting that the hungry are often that way through little or no fault of their own. Natural disasters, poor economies, and endless poverty cycles mean that one in 6 of us are without enough to eat at any given time. When I was that hungry child I had my grandmother, and every time I smell ginger I still think of her and her commitment to the less fortunate.

  We should all have something that reminds us to consider those who are suffering- it could be a memory, a person we see on the street, or stories like the one I've told you this morning. And it could also be World Food Day. But whatever it is that inspires you to consider the well-being of others, it is a gift that you need to recognize.

  What you can do today is simple. Be grateful for your blessings and use that gratitude to help someone up from the brink. We may not be able to help every starving child, but we can help one or two. This World Food Day, consider sponsoring a child in an impoverished land or making a donation to the World Food Programme. Look through your cupboards and take some of the excess to your local food bank. You could commit to volunteering at a soup kitchen or simply living a less wasteful life.

  Let today inspire you to consider what you eat and what others are unable to because of their circumstances. While the news agencies aren't covering the disasters in Haiti and Pakistan, their victims are still hurting, still homeless, and still hungry. People talk about the economic rebound and forget that not everyone has witnessed the benefit of a recovering economy. I sincerely believe that every life has meaning and that we should not enable a far-too-early end. What you can do today and every day is love your neighbour and the planet that you both occupy.

To buy a fruit tree for a child in Haiti click here. Only $5 really CAN make a difference.

Photo: The Sun. Every one of those children was homeless in 2009.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yo Twitter!


   I'm taking time out of researching this weekend's nerdy articles because I've been getting messages from all over the planet about a Trending Topic that needs to be dropped.

 #StopThatThatsGay has been on the Twit all night and on your worldwide trend list, and YOU have the power to pull it down. As a private enterprise, you can dictate what content it is that you want to promote. I've witnessed this in action as a pro-Israel topic was pulled a few months ago, because apparently a sovereign nation defending itself really offends you. So please don't say that you have no power over what trends because you and I and all of my readership know that you do. If you didn't, you couldn't have paid TT's like the names of movies or consumer goods.

  If David Duke and his yoyos started a topic that said to kill all Jews or N*ggers (sorry, people) it wouldn't be promoted for longer than 2 seconds. Everyone hatefully abusing the hashtag would be threatened with suspension and the idiot who started it would have their account pulled.

  Gay is not a synonym for stupid, but if you use it as such, it signifies your utter mindlessness. I don't give a flying dog turd if someone famous starts the topic, you are a brain-dead follower if you support it. Also Twitter, if someone high-profile starts these topics, show that you have a spine and treat them like anybody else.

  Stop that, it's HATE.

The Song In My Head

  Everyone has wanted to be with someone so much that it's painful and some of us make the mistake of hooking up with our crush. We can convince ourselves that it's worth it- that the momentary attraction is mutual and that we can shut down our emotions afterward. But the reality is that usually the other person leaves a mark on one's heart. Sometimes we're too afraid to admit it and sometimes the other person just wanted a good time with zero strings attached.

  So while I am not currently feeling the emptiness of being one-night stood, I have been and can relate to each and every one of you who has been told Thanks, That Was Fun.

Acoustic version recorded by Ed Robertson on his webcam. To test out the full-version of an awesome song of an incredible album, go here. To buy their tunage go here.

Quick Thought

 This is the home of Mukesh Ambani, one of the wealthiest self-made men in the world.

  As you can see, it towers in the Mumbai skyline. It spans 27 stories, is complete with several helipads, a six-story parking garage, and a 50-seat cinema. Mr. Mukesh's new home is a grandiose display of opulence in a developing nation, a massive 173 metres of overcompensation. It's easily the largest residence in the world with square footage that makes the Palace of Versailles look like a mere mortal.

 And it's absolutely hideous.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Song In My Head

  The current politicking has injected this 1991 techno track by La Tour in my head on several occasions.
Written as a response to abstinence-only education during the AIDS crisis, its message could be considered quite useful today. I've quoted it in articles on this website and others because I think it deserves airplay today.

  There's also an egg in this song where a word has been changed from the original. Listen and see if you can discover what it is.

  So take off those dancing pants for People Are Still Having Sex.

Liar, Liar

I'm just going to say it-  Barack Obama is lying to you when he says that he will work to have the ridiculous Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy repealed. While the discriminatory policy may indeed be overturned during Mr. Obama's presidency, it will not be because of his administration. He's stringing all of us along. Yes, the President is a great guy and a groundbreaker, but he's also lying to his voting base.

  Earlier this week, the Log Cabin Republicans scored a major victory when a justice determined DADAT unconstitutional. Fans of liberty all over the western world rejoiced at this amazing victory. But the Justice Department is preparing to appeal DADT because the President claims he "cannot ignore the laws that are out there". That's an out-and-out lie.

  The past 4 presidents have enforced the rule of the court when laws they felt were unconstitutional were tossed out. Even the current president has refused to acknowledge policies that conflict with his agenda. For example, the administration suspended enforcement of the Widow's Penalty to give Congress time to fix a broken law. In fact, part of the Obama Administration's official policy is to oppose laws they do not agree with.  So why do they insist on continuing to fight the repeal of DADT?

  There is an undeniably terrifying shift in the Republican Party- one that involves theocracy, one hell-bent on destroying personal freedom in the name of an omnipotent being. This philosophical shift has claimed victory over the moral policies of decent men like John McCain, making them completely alter their positions. Mr. McCain has gone from a staunch opponent of DADT to one of its most vocal defenders because he is afraid of being left in the dust by the Tea Party. Wingnuts like Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman, and Christine O'Donnell have risen to the upper echelons in the era that can only be called the Second Coming of Gary Bauer. The monumental amounts of influence that resulted from removing restrictions on campaign donations have enabled so-called special interests to dictate morality.

  This 'new' moral code states that women are inferior and the Gay is some evil force trying to corrupt your children. And like any good bandwagon, everyone wants a high-priced seat on the We Hate Everyone party bus. Front-row seats are available for you and me, so long as we believe everything contained in that mystery beverage they're passing out to paying customers. And a lot of people are drinking up.

  It is this group that Mr. Obama is afraid of. He's so petrified of losing his presidency come 2012 that he'll continue to awkwardly sneak around the issues that the GOP is basing their agenda on. He's hoping that because the majority of people are heterosexual that nobody will notice. He's hoping that issuing talking points like he did today on Twitter will make those sissy homos shut up. But we're going nowhere.

  It absolutely stinks that the president has decided to permit his spine to disintegrate. The man who ran on the idea of sticking up for the little guy has continually proven that he is too afraid of losing his seat to enforce decisions that affect minorities. It's truly sad that the only group truly winning the war on DADT is a Republican one. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is an invasive, discriminatory attack on liberty and enforcing it is financially disastrous. It removes quality members of the military from their jobs during a time of war and peacekeeping. It is absolutely unconstitutional to remove someone from their home or workplace because of something as innate as sexual orientation and the one man who can do something about it is too scared to.

  Barack Obama is quietly proving that if you keep changing your mind, people will stop believing in you.

The Heels Of Justice

A Florida man is $650 000 richer after settling a lawsuit for $650 000 because of injuries sustained when he got to close to a stripper.

Michael Ireland sued after an exotic entertainer named Suki (yeah, sure) accidentally stuck one of her heels into his eye. The suit alleged that the heel punctured his socket and broke his orbital bone and nose. That must have been one serious boot, man.

The Cheetah Club of West Palm Beach decided it would be easier to settle than to go to court where judges have a reputation of handing out ludicrous awards. I call this bringing a new meaning to 'taking it in the eye'.


  I have been a vocal critic of Perez Hilton for the past few years for his merciless shaming of celebrities and their children. In 2007, I coined the name The Queen of Homophobic Mania to parody the meglo Queen of All Media moniker. He has made his fame and millions by being cruel to others and staging horrendous publicity stunts. Between the name-calling and hijacking of Toronto's 911 system among other things, Perez Hilton has become a man that is very easy to hate.

  This week, Mr. Queen popped on the Ellen Show to discuss his shameful ways. In the interview, he stated that he will be making a concentrated effort to stop humiliating others. He says he understands the skepticism but wants to change because his image in the gay community is that of a pariah. Watch and listen:

  I really want to believe that Perez is going to try to stop being outwardly idiotic, but I'm thinking it may not be for selfless reasons. I think that he has realized that his image is so awful that he no longer fits in. The world has decided to step up against a big, insecure bully and Perez has realized that the menace they're all talking about is him. Perez Hilton has come to the realization that his star is fading and the only way to hold on is fame is to stop his menacing, particularly of children.

  While I do not believe Perez has had an authentic, feeling epiphany; it is good to see that he is acknowledging his character flaws in public. If he witnesses enough positive reinforcement, maybe he'll actually work to change what is so horribly hurting in his soul. Even if it's just that he's been called out by the celebrities he admires that inspire him to look inside, it is a good thing. All the little things do matter and even if all he does is chill out on the public hatred, it's worth it.

  It's not up to me to decide for you whether or not Perez Hilton is a changed man but I will say that sometimes a bully just needs to see the ramifications in order to cease. Even after the heinous actions stop, there is much work to be made to change the internal insecurities that make the bully behave in such awful ways. The process of becoming a decent human being is slow and methodical and sometimes very painful, and I sincerely wish for him to persevere. The world will be watching because the child that grew up to become Perez Hilton is an example of our generation's extreme internet villain.
   I hope for Perez' sake that at some point the introspection has a positive effect on the scared little boy that became the Queen of Homophobic Mania.

  Be well.

  A personal post with links to a bounty of helpful websites and phonelines can be found here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Song In My Head

  This big plate of awesome takes you back to 1991. Anthrax and Public Enemy had been fans of each other's music for a number of years and decided to collab on a cover of PE's '87 hit.
  What resulted was so beyond awesome that they wound up touring together, spawning the new age of rap metal.

  It never sucks to be an original. Never be afraid to Bring Tha Noise.

Get Your Geek On : URL Shorteners

   We are in an instant age for sure and can share all kinds of information on the fly. The need to convey information via a link makes for lightning-fast sharing. We've seen them on all social networks and in Blackberry messages. The micro-URL is the focus of questions from many tweeps, and here are a few.

 "What are those short-form links? Are they generated randomly? Where do they come from?"

  The shortened URL has been around for at least a decade. They were designed to fit links into tiny places, such as e-mails and webpages where 150-character links couldn't previously go. was one of the first large-scale services and has been around for a very long time, helping people make enormous links easy.

  Secondly, most are not generated randomly. Startup shorteners almost always use a predictable sequence : joe.yo/1t ; joe.yo/1u , etc. They cycle through letters and numbers with only rare exceptions to the rule.

  You may notice that many of the URL shorteners have unfamiliar domains. For those not in the know, the domain consists of the letters after the dot, an example would be .ca for Canada. Each nation has its own top-level domain and it is a good idea to know this in case you take particular objection to a country's practices.

  My most obvious personal objection is to the,  or any other .ly service. Why? Because it is the top-level domain for Libya. Libya is a country known for promoting terrorism and enforces Sharia law, including in internet practice. Any .ly website that offends orthodox Muslim sensibilities, including any discussion of sex, can and will be shut down. Every time you purchase or use .ly domains, you are supporting a terrorist regime. Sorry, the truth sometimes sucks.

  Well that blows, so how about the other ones? I'll make you a quick list of the most popular for you to scroll and decide for yourself who you dig.

.gl (ie : - Greenland (democracy, commonwealth of Denmark)
.me (ie : - Montenegro (democracy)
.co (ie: - Colombia (democracy)
.gd (ie: - Grenada (democracy, commonwealth of UK)
.it (ie: - Italy
.ms (ie: - Montserrat (British overseas territory)
.lt ( - Lithuania (democracy)
.vc ( - St. Vincent and the Grenadines (democracy, commonwealth of UK)
.us ( - USA
.in ( - India
.eu ( - European Union
.be ( - Belgium
.md ( - Moldova
.ma ( - Morocco (constitutional monarchy)
.ca (ie: - Canada
.im ( - Isle of Man
.nu (ie: - Niue (constitutional monarchy under UK)
.tl (ie: - East Timor (democracy after fighting for independence from ...)
.id (various) - Indonesia

Hope you found this somewhat interesting. Surf wisely :)

Hey Bully! - The Art Is War Edition

  It's been a long time coming.

 I've watched you troll the internet attacking random people and then threaten them when they call you on your bullshit. You've launched attacks on me, my friends, and even business associates and I'm telling you that it stops today. I'm also going to tell you the truth.

  Nobody likes a bully, and that includes you. The only reason why anybody associates with you is because they're afraid of the 37 year old queen of the mean girls.
They know that because you are lacking something in your life, you launch seemingly endless trains of filth and will even use sex to manipulate their friends. They've had a front row seat for the shitshow you've delivered to myself and other unfortunate folks. They know exactly what kind of person you are, what kind of example you present to the world. And while they may be scared of you, I'm not.

  So go on and tell your scandalous tales about how a roofer collected Employment Insurance in the middle of a deep recession. Tell all of your petrified little minions how I'm overweight and harmful to your sheltered eyes. Spew all of the rage that you have in your fractured soul. Go ahead and call the FBI on me for whatever imaginary slight I've made against your lack of character. I know what is real and so does everyone else.

  I could call your wealthy parents and tell them that you describe their sex life, your husband about how you use graphic images of yourself to interact with old men, or the school you work at how you typify the type of person they are trying to eradicate. I could do all of these things, but I'm not going to because I have no interest in your pitiful existence. You are only one of many artificial humans in a plastic world, and I am not afraid of you.

 I can lose the fat, but you can't lose the ugly that lurks in your soul.

  To my gentle readers: feel free to use the comment section to tell us your stories of overcoming bullies. If you have someone who is dumping their self-hatred on you and you've been afraid, maybe getting it out will help you and others deal with the social scavenger affecting many lives.