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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mouse Meet Tomcat

  There's this broad who lives in Alabama, and she's a pathological liar. She lies about her age, marital status, and even used other folks' photos as her own. Now this girl turned 38 yesterday, but still models herself after one of the wenches from Mean Girls. Between her and her little lap dog, they've tormented people, including teenagers, on the internet for at least 2 years. I've even written about her before, but she seems kind of unstoppable in her wretchedness. Until now.

(Jump break for those who don't want to read the rest of this crappy story. click if you do)

  This poor excuse for a woman hacked into my net buddy's Twitter account and shut it down, but not after she blocked those who tried to separate said friend from this crazy beast. In fact, it wasn't until he got a new account that he'd started chitchatting with me again. Now, this gent is distressed because she posted that he'd hit her on her public Twitter timeline. As a man who abhors such heinous deeds, he's pretty aghast. The thing is though, the "lady" did one worse than that - she told me that he was inappropriate with her very young child.

  Me, being sick of her manipulations and lies, told the friend. The broad vehemently denied saying this, although she made the evil series of statements to at least 3 people I know. So I checked my old messages and took a photograph or ten to prove that I am not lying, nor are the other ladies and the fellow dragged into this sordid mess.

  Now, it's one thing to lie about your age, that's bad. Adultery, that too is bad, and definitely worse. Accusing a decent guy of hitting you- well, that's libelous. However, the most foul and licentious, most awful lie you could ever tell about someone, is that they are a child creep.

  And this woman did this to my friend, and then denied it. And here's proof that it's exactly what she did:

For reference M-d is a 9 year old kid, and Shane is the victim in question.

As you can clearly see, this is a stream of Direct Messages from my Twitter account. See- that's moi in the background. The little hand in the bottom right corner indicates that I've just taken the screen capture. You can see my Feedjit blog dashboard and all of the political stuff I was reading at 3:30 this afternoon.

  So, to this bully, just so you know- I know who you are, where you live, and what you're like. I know that you insulted my weight when you were the size of a lumber trailer. I know you went after my buddy out of revenge and used diet pills to drop the weight. I know that you have a husband that you cheat on and I know that you don't work for a doctor. I know that you lie and cheat and push people around because it makes you feel better about yourself to hurt other people. But most of all, I know that you'll stop at nothing to control others, even if it means ruining their lives by telling the most despicable tale known to man.

  I'm not afraid of you. You can't hurt me. You're a filthy, loathsome being who desperately needs psychological help. What will you DO??? Lie some more?? Create another identity?? Call my house??  So fucking what. I'll be here, ready to tell you to go fuck yourself and to leave my friends alone. .

  Bring the noise.


  1. Mika, is amy jeanette, alabama ur so cool and evil petting zoo one and the same?

  2. No, Jeannie: Amy is a person that was a bullying victim.

    Alabama and Evil are the same person though.

  3. no one bullied Amyjeanette...I helped her thru a bad time in her life and she can't handle me having any friends...she is a very jealous, very dangerous little girl...You miss Mika have been had...She went after my best friend who has to hide from her ex online..My best childhood friend who has 3 brain tumors and tried to protect me from the intrusive and manipulative drunken drugged out brain of Amyjeanette...There is so much I could say about this girl...but I pity her...I even helped her mom get her into a detox here...I have been here for her more than anyone...and I did it selflessly..She has jealousy issues and attempts to sabotage every friendship I have...Thing can't sabotage a lifelong friendship and I read every dig and lie she came at stacy (@chloezie) with...How ya gonna tell my best friend I'm 44?..42?..38?...On adderall?..LOL!...I took phentermine to lose my pregnancy weight and I would do it again...that was 10 yrs ago and it was never much to lose..As most know...I battle anorexia...and ALL my pics are of me...every fucking one...I have never hidden...You DO NOT know where I live Mika and I will never call you...I am not the psycho stalker...I'm the one who had to block a certain amyjeanette from my phone and so did Stacy and the other Stacey...The bully got to you...and I just made the mistake of caring abt her and letting her in...when you go through an ordeal such as the one I went thru with Powers...sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on...It was a hurtful time and a long strange journey...My little girl's name need not be on the net...I came to you as a friend because I was concerned and I knew you cared...I couldn't very well go to my family because they were in total disapproval..I made a mistake and failed my daughter for the first and last time in her life...I am done with you...I have never been a bully...Hey...If I am then so are you...This was done in poor taste...and I have not lied about a single thing...My ex is my family...There is no cheating...we are not married...and yes Mika I do have a real job...I am a med transcriptionist...not that that is your business....This is pretty much the bunkest thing I've ever read...and guess what I DO NOT CARE...You bought into some bullshit..thats all I know...I am a good person...I just trusted some bad people...Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

  4. Dude, I never said ANYTHING about Adderall. Actually, the name of the drug didn't come to my mind because it's not highly used in the PNW. You volunteered that. Wonder why.

    You accused someone of beating you and being inappropriate with your child.

    Also, I never accused you of falsifying photos or them not being you, although it's clear that not all are of the same person.

    You also volunteered a whole pile of stuff that i never said

    Guilty conscience, much?

  5. BTW, YOU posted your kid's name. Not me.

  6. THIS is EXACTLY why I don't get on twitter much anymore. I miss my friends there,but this constant on going banter is not only high school bull shit,it's depressing to read in a public time line.Shane & I were friends, twitter ruined it. To be friends with anyone else,you have to risk being dragged in to an onslaught of personal attacks from any given one at any given time. I have a life & to be dragged into this stuff every few months or so is ridiculous.I KNOW A LOT about the time Shane spent with Alabama. she texted me & called almost everyday. TWO things come directly to mind. 1.She NEVER told me he hit her & 2. She NEVER said he was inappropriate with her kid. I even sent $50.00 to help them out (which she did pay back). I heard a LOT about the freaky stuff that went on, but hey, they are 2 grown ups. If something THAT heinous had occurred..I'm SURE she would have called me. I just got a message from her in FB. Thats why im here now. Yeah, Shane pissed me off when he told me I was evil because I think Alabama & I were into it at the time..and he had just found her. I get furious every time this shyt happens. NO one is gonna tell me who I can be friends with.Im blocking Alabama as soon as I send this,Shane does NOT deserve to be slandered on a public page. GROW UP & handle things in private. Peace Mika. & Shane, for all the crappy shyt you said to me, I still won't stand by & listen to things I know are NOT true.

  7. ow twitter!! Aw Kacey!!! U could be a nice material 4 some epic movie about @twitter.

    Kc, Kc ..get a good shrink

  8. The only thing I can figure out is KC is full of self loathing.Thats why she turns her venom on anyone that doesn't see things her way..and yeah Mika, I noticed the pics MONTHS ago, but never called her out on it. What purpose would it serve? yes Jodi was a fraud too, but she was a lot of fun. KC can't decipher real life from the "Mean girls" movie. shes not mean nor is she a girl. She is bully and wayyyyy past being a "girl".

  9. Cine, I got very close to 'Jodi' I enjoyed 'Jodi too BUT when all is said and done, I don't remember her as fun. It's is a very old and never thought about memory (until shit likw kc happens again) The memory is always tainted. I don't like to be had, lied to, deceived. Let lynn and kc come on here and be themselves, be honest, post real pics and then I'll follow them. That won't happen. They have some serious issues to resolve which will take years. I sincerely wish then peace but I don't want to know 'Jodi' and 'alabama'.
    Cine, you have had a very bad experience on here. I hope you can put it behind you and come on back. I haven't been here much myself, life does tend to get in the way of fun somethimes. Alot of people love you on here. xoxoxo Mika, thanks for this platform to voice our opinions.

  10. Once again...all of my pictures are of me....There are tons on my facebook....Let's not be ridiculous..and ummm to compare me with psycho Lynn is just sickeningly bunk...I don't have anything to prove to anyone and have never lied..about ANYTHING on twit or off...I am confused as to why anyone would blame me or point a finger at me as the one who caused controversy/drama...It has always been Amyjeanette...ALWAYS...and I already know that soon and very soon you will all realize this...Its the same old shit..just a different day with her...I should know...I let her get way too close to close that she began knocking off any other friends I had...I have a massive amount of proof and not just from her texts to me...Stacy is my childhood best friend..and she is extremely ill at this point in her life..I don't suppose Amy realized she attempted..yet failed to cause a rift b/t us over her jealousy of me going out with another real friend for some birthday fun.This is where she lost it...This is where ALL THIS stems from...Mika you put personal messages from me on this blog...I never meant for anyone but you to see those..They were not for public viewing...His name & my little's should not have been exploited by this blog...In doing him a seems to me you just stirred up a controversy instead...Like I one knows what went on here with S & me for that month uutside of m my very close child's father and a girl I thought I could trust but should have known better...She is mentally ill and though I feel compassion for her..there is a malicious anger that dwells within her that can not be denied...I did not have to explain any of this..but seeing people view me and judge me in such a hideous and totally false light truly bothers me...I am not a bully..I am not a girl...silly and immature in my humor? Absolutely...Human?..Absolutely...A weirdo..internet fraud?..Hell no! and I would think...SOME of you would know this...You guys were on my facebook! Are the pics of me and my family that go years back and pics from 4 days ago just some random girl?! Hello? I'm done with twit because of shit like this...This is bullying...Stacy and I both deleted our accounts & blocked AJH from our phones because she clearly is not well and lives in the same state as we do...It was/is disturbing...I won't blast her personal life..Even tho she chose to twist words and use her voice making just stupid and completely false claims abt me and who I am as a person...I offered this girl my home to help her get a bit of mental peace...I listened and helped her mother find her a detox facility...Nothing has helped...because what she wants is an escape from herself and as we all know...the drugs don't work (especially if you are abusing them and self medicating with alcohol)...I have again learned my lesson the hard way...but I feel completely free and happy that these ties are now broken...Peace to you all...I am a very forgiving person..I may never communicate with any of you again..and that's ok...Internet is not the same as real life...and I DO have one of do most of you...but I am 100% positive that soon and very guys will realize you misjudged me...If you take issue with a person..or have questions about them...go to the person and address them...Don't go off word of mouth...THAT is like some 4th grade playground bullshit...for real....I seriously thought way better of you guys (ladies..girls..whatever)...I've said what was on my heart...soooo yeah..

    OH..And also..I happen to like that pic of me & Puddin-cat...I had aloe all over my face & was in my pjs hangin with my little & my sister after being at the pool & getting a massive sunburn...I posted that pic on my fb & how does that make me embarrassed of who I am?...:) That was 6 yrs ago!...Ppl do change up their looks....siiigh Real

  11. A few points before I get back to work:

    #1: This *really* has very little to do with Amy- whatever petit scrap you too have going on really had no impact on my decision to finally bust your fraudulent ass.

    #2: Your only defense for calling a decent man a child predator is that "those were supposed to be private conversations!". You also maintain that only SP and you know what went on, which implies that you are maintaining your stance on a dangerous series of lies that you told to many, many people. In fact, after this was published, I received dozens of messages from people who had reported that you had made child abuse claims against Mr. P.

    #3: I don't give a rat's ass about you trying to be someone else, really, except for the fact that the photographs you have stolen are under artistic copyright. I'm aware that you cut your hair and starved yourself to appear at a glance similar to the individual whose image you plundered, but facial recognition software doesn't lie. Additionally, everyone who has had a Caesarean Section, as you claim, has a very specific anatomical quirk caused by the severance of abdominal muscles. The person you have 'borrowed' from has never had such a section. She also has a different arm length, cheekbones, eyes, nose, and ears. I'd also venture to say that she has likely never given birth.
    personally, I think that the real you is a nice-looking lady. Why not just show her off, being loud and proud about who you are?

    #4: There actually shouldn't be much of a difference between someone's internet persona and their actual life. For you, the net is not real life, but for the rest of us, we're pretty balls-to-the-wall about it. What you see is what you get. It is only a rare individual who is uses technology to cultivate a new life, and you are part of that statistical minority. After publishing the piece, I was contacted by several people who have fallen prey to the identity frauds you have committed over a far longer period of time than simply your time on Twitter and Facebook. You've been at this a long time, and are now peeved that you have been caught in the act by a group of real-life humans who are smarter than you.

    #5: Changing your MyLife profile to reflect the age in which you claim doesn't alter actual records as kept by the governments in the nation and state in which you reside. You can make as many fake profiles as you want, but voting records and other data do not lie.

    A fake someone else is far less interesting than a real you. Why not just hop on the Friday show and say hi? You'll be surprised as to how accepting and forgiving we can all be when you be yourself and love yourself for who you are.

    I was aware that there were falsehoods, but let many slide. It was only when you publicly and privately attacked a man in the most reprehensible way imaginable that I found myself repulsed. It is not only an insult to SP to accuse him, but an affront to the actual victims of childhood sexual predation, to artificially claim that a simple man is a vile monster. What kind of person invents a tale about the nearly unimaginable and then applies it to another parent?

    The only thing I can state is that i wish no malice, just that you actively pursue serious psychological intervention and issue a public apology to a humble man for spreading the most foul lie that exists today.

    Be well, Kacey. I hope you find what it is you are looking for in life and leave the good people of the world alone.

  12. Hi I have no clue who anybody is besides Roofer On Fire who i follow on twitter. I'm new to twitter but this whole thing is really disturbing. To the lady in question: if this man really was innapropriate with your kid. What the hell are you doing wasting time talking to people on the Internet for. Go to the cops and get his ass thrown in jail. The fact that you'd rather private message about it shows that at the very least your more concerned with attention seeking then the safety of your child. But most likely your lying to stir up shit and should be ashamed. I am a victim of child abuse and I find it ridiculous and repulsive that you'd even do this.

  13. You have issues....and I never said anyone abused my child...not going to argue with you...Indeed I do have a slight c-section scar...This would be the job of the photographer and editor of pictures to remove...I thought you were smarter than that...All pro shots are edited and enhanced...not just mine...Once are very wrong about me....and I think its hilarious...I had many of my lifelong friends on my twit account...Many are on my facebook...They all know what I look like...what I I live...I have nothing to hide...hence I have professional shots and everyday hanging out doin nothing pics and mobile uploads all mixed together....I don't live on the internet like you...I tweeted from my phone mostly because its a boredom reliever....:l

    Keep telling yourself all that abt me being some sort of online predator....I, plus many others think its hysterical....:D I don't have a mylife profile! hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! That is amazing tho! I do get emails from them!!

    done....and if I ever come back to twitter...don't worry...I won't follow you...kc

  14. Anonymous poster who is not me...(kc):

    The man is an alcoholic...He was drunk and/or detoxing...At times he had vulgar language and behaviors (NON-SEXUAL) that made my daughter uncomfortable...He used foul language (f*ck was used constantly)...stumbled about...and caused attention to be drawn to us wherever we went....My child is not used to this behavior..Nor was she used to a man doing these sorts of things holding her hand as if everything was completely normal...He spoke down to me many times in front of her and YES it made her uncomfortable...Do any of you understand this?...She doesn't live her life that way..I do not live mine that way...NORMALLY! S was not around my little very much that month...Her father stepped in as much as I needed and also my family much as they disapproved...they love me and Mad...and protecting her from seeing a person in this condition was top priority...He was not at all ok...and as a mother..I did not and do not feel explaining alcoholism to a 10yr old as innocent as mine is appropriate...maybe another child..but not this one...Do not judge me...Uncomfortable does not imply abuse or sex!...Not where she is concerned anyway...As for me...I made a promise to help someone and I kept it...even after all the bad...and for me...there was a whole lot of bad...Alcoholics are not nice...detoxing from alcohol makes them angry...The whole situation was literally insane...I sent him home sober....I dealt with the aftermath alone....DO NOT JUDGE ME...YOU HAVE NO IDEA....

    & yeah that's all...keep throwing me under a bus...I'm in a good place...This is horribly hypocritical and judgemental....kc

  15. Actually, it is you. I have a program that gives me real-time extended data on the IP, OS, location, and other goodies related to everyone who views my website. i pay for the service.

    Just because you were commenting via a mobile provider doesn't mean I don't know who is who, not that I couldn't tell by the very specific manner in which you write.

    BTW, you told a minimum of 5 different people that SP was perverse with your child. The cap proves it, not because of the 'uncomfy' statement, but b/c you accused him of forcing you to look like a child and then going after M******.

    You truly are a special kind of stupid. i have work to do.

  16. Liars will always lie.

    If an AA/NA class could be conjured for the pathological liars of the world, could they be fixed?

    To Kacey and whomever else: For 6 years now I've been battling depression. I see a psychiatrist, therapist and am currently on TWO (finally dwindled them down) medications for it. Lexapro, klonopin.

    My mother did NOT call you. I called you to ask if you knew where the best place for me to go for my medical detox would be. During that conversation I asked if you minded me handing the phone to my mother so you could reassure her the place we were looking into was legit. Other than that- it's best you don't make things out to be what they aren't. I battle alcoholism, yes. But guess what? I have no shame about it. It's only been around the last 2 years steady on. Do you battle anorexia? Maybe. The only difference between the two is that there isn't one. Both are diseases that do not need to be taken lightly. Have I gone through ANOTHER medical detox to try and get off my benzo and alcohol? Hell yes. Did you PRETEND to be there for me? You sure did. Otherwise I spent most of the time reading pages upon pages of you complaining about Shane and making fun of Hoffman.

    Does my honesty make me crazy? According to KC it does. According to KC I'm to blame for ALL of her fraudulent behavior. Her "friend" Stacy, bless her, did indeed help me unravel the knots and put the truths together. Did I bully her into telling me? No. It simply started with me asking her KC's real age. When I told her KC told me she was turning 32, she laughed hysterically and said she was really turning 38. She flew into her fake internet persona and even admitted to a few of KC's pictures really being of Stacy. That being said, KC: you BUTCHERED Stacy to me when you found out she was telling me the truth. Told me she was unwell, crazy, can't even remember her OWN age, and that she sometimes tells people she's 28. Stacy told ME she is 38.

    That the pictures of you in a thong with your hands binded by black ribbon and you in a thong were of HER you asked her to take years ago because YOU wanted to send it to some guy online. I have pages upon pages of you harassing me the day after I pleaded with you to tell me your real age. I even asked you to "please, stop" but all that did was make you angry so you continued to blow up my phone. Did I call your phone after I was informed you were claiming I made your friend Stacy have 4 seizures? Hell yes. Did you answer? Nope, because you're a coward. So then you blocked me. I didn't say one mean word to Stacy.

    Stacy told me herself the information she was learning from me and I from her about you was "scary". I can admit to my imperfections. You have indeed uploaded your real face recently in a couple of mobile shots. Otherwise, you found that model chick somewhere and stuck with using her pictures. Stacy even told me THAT. Point being: quit blaming me for gathering up the guts to approach you. I knew I'd have to face the wrath of KC, and here I am. Not surprised. Also, Stacy said Sigmund is NOT gay and she never knew you impersonated yourself to be gay/bisexual on here. You sure can come up with some far fetched stuff to get your way. I've admitted who I am....but who are YOU? A wolf in sheep's clothing. Call me nuts, crazy, what have you. At least I'm honest.

    People are afraid of you for this very reason: you bully your own imperfections out on other people. I feel sorry for Dj_Stacey thinking you're her real friend as well. And your birthday party night you say you went out with REAL FRIENDS (one "friend"plus your HUSBAND Sigmund) the "friend" being a woman named Amy, the girl you constantly talk shit about and are babysitting her "shrek" child. I'm sure she'd love to know how much of a "real friend" she really is to you.

    -Amy Jeanette-

  17. This isn't going to stop, is it? I'm thinking that EVEYONE commenting here is living their life the best they can. We all have different ways of handling our lives, friendships, we all have different thinking processes. We are all commenting from our own life experiences and facts we believe to be true. As humans we are all flawed, have issues to work on,and face our fears. I believe we are here on earth to learn, to grow, to LOVE. Love is all that matters when all is said and done. When we know better, we do better.
    Right now there's alot of accusing, anger, bullying. I for one am not partaking in this anymore. I'm sorry I ever did. I'm only human and my emotions got the best of me. I'm done here. I'm moving on. I always wish you ALL love and happiness. I now know better and so I'm now going to do better. Peace

  18. SHIT!!! I cannot believe she is trying to still trying to say that model is her. WOW!! anyone with half a brain can see this is not her. She even stole candid pics of this chick at a pool. Just admit it!!! To others it's so obvious and just makes you look...well as you So often say...'bunk'. (ps get a new word).

  19. hi ⋆kc if u see this miss you on twitter you were socool, don't know what's happening. who are mouse and tomcat? send comment daveywaikiki on utube where's the sexy video from the car? have a good summer-

  20. Did you delete the "Who's that girl?" blog and if so why? Did you decide the pics were KC after all or do you still believe they are fake?

  21. I did, and I did it because of blog flow and the fact that there were simply too many posts about something 99% of the people who read this blog don't give a shit about.

    I still have them and can offer proof that many are indeed fakes. (ie: nobody photoshops eye spacing.) They're 3 different people, actually. One is Kacey, one's a friend of hers, and one is some poor soul she ripped off and has been for a very long time.

  22. Omg really mika is this all u have? This is OLD shit. Lol thats all I can do! This is ur attempt at burning KC? Btw KC did NOTHING to Amy someone who was mad at Amy bc she went after their baby daddy after she was told to stop! Get ur fucking facts straight!!!! Go ask @makemegiggle2 go ask who did this ITS NOT US!!!!!!! Lay the fuck off!

  23. It is AMAZING, how this person sounds EXTREMELY similar to a born2cthruyou, who is ALSO CANTdenyTRUTH! This person also works for a "Dr." Someone who literally lives to destroy lives, many lives! This person has so many peopled fooled! She loves to stir the pot, who goes looking for drama and searches for her next unsuspecting victim. She is a pathological liar who has an uncanny way of getting people to believe "her" and then they turn on the true innocent party! This turning into another stalking f and bullying fest.
    Strange as it may be, she also has something to do with an article in "" and a similar makemegiggle account.

    Everyone should be aware.


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