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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stuck In The Past: Patrick Rogers And His 176-Year-Old Memories

 TW: Discussions of racism and references to genocide

 General George Armstrong Custer was known for serving in the U.S. civil war, but known most famously for leading an army that massacred thousands of First Nations people before being finally killed himself. Opinions of his feats and heroism vary, with some believing him a genocidal imperialist who waged unnecessary war and others holding him as an icon who selflessly blazed America's trail in tough times. Many Native Americans believe he was a cruel liar, a man who killed en masse despite promising the Chiefs to never attack their people. In any event, the man died 136 years ago and you're probably thinking that Custer's name is just another in the annals of American history. But you'd be wrong.

  This week, an email that was sent to five of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was released. The following communication was sent by New Mexico Republican National Committee leader Patrick Rogers. In it, he insults the white staffers (Quisling is synonymous to a race traitor, French surrender monkey is self-explanatory), and states that Republican hopeful Col. Allen Weh "would not have disrespected Col. Custer in this manner".

  So, what's Rogers referring to and why is it such a big deal? It seems that Gov. Martinez's annual meeting with tribal leaders really rubbed Rogers the wrong way. Despite a state law requiring such a summit, Rogers believes that Governors are dissing Custer by meeting with Native people on an equal basis. I repeat, Pat Rogers, RNC leader and big time corporate lobbyist and attorney with clients like Verizon, Motorola, and General Motors, believes it's an affront to the memory of a genocidal racist to meet with an ethnic minority, a true sign that "the state is going to Hell".

  What the HELL is wrong with these people? Not only is there a war on uteri, the poor, the elderly, and students, now it's considered offensive to white Republicans to even SPEAK to Indigenous people. If it wasn't apparent before, the RNC leader has outed himself as a racist of the most awful kind- one nostalgic for the worst elements of the past and afraid of true equality and a decent future for all Americans. I expect statements like this to come from Bryan Fischer, but not a guy with such real political influence and Supreme Court litigation experience. To desire so much as dialogue with the representatives of over 200, 000 voters makes you anti-white and anti-American. And to be such things makes you deserving of scorn and worse.

  When you vote Republican, these are the kind of ideals you're endorsing. Decide well.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes The Gay Media Really Pisses Me Off

To say Maryland State delegate Don Dwyer loathes LGBT people is an understatement. Last year, he was one of the forces against Maryland gay marriage hearings, opening his testimony with a prayer asking God to stop the gay threat. In his later testimony, he quotes hate group MassResistance's claim that gays are trying to introduce BDSM to your children. The lady to your right is well-known right wing activist Maggie Gallagher.

This week, this very unlikeable man was involved in a boating accident. With blood alcohol level two-and-a-half times Maryland's legal limit, he crashed into another boat, seriously injuring not only himself and his buddy, but 4 kids, aged 12, 10, 7, and 5. Charges against the delegate are expected to be filed pending the usual investigation that follows maritime accidents. Cases of this magnitude generally warrant felony charges, which would end the career of one of Maryland's least popular politicians.

Given the nature of Dwyer's beliefs, this horrific incident has been covered by most of the Big Gay Blogs, but instead of being a simple news bite, the authors and commenters seem to be really enjoying the latest great scandal involving a Republican lawmaker. Some made comments about the supposed sexual orientation of Dwyer, others are calling it karma, still others are proclaiming it an example of Don Dwyer's inferior intellect. However, not one of the  folks thus far has expressed serious concern over the innocent victims of Del. Dwyer's horrible behaviour.

This is why the mainstream gay media pisses me off more often than it really should. What the HELL is wrong with these people?

Sure, someone whose opinions may be repulsive was injured, but so were 4 children in the vessel he hit. And you're basking in schadenfreude because of the ensuing scandal involving a man who you disagree with. Those kids are innocent. They probably don't know Don Dwyer nor give a shit about his views. Over 10, 000 people in the U.S. alone die as a result of drunk drivers. Thousands more lose limbs, are paralysed, or suffer irreversible head trauma.

Don Dwyer hurting people by being a drunken fool is not funny. Tell those kids that it's karma. Tell them that you don't care about their terror and injuries because you don't like the guy. Go ahead, Joe Jervis and all the others, laugh in the faces of those children the way you howl about the impending charges against Del. Dwyer because that's exactly what you're doing from the safety of your desks.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Your Daily Dumbass And A Song

  Jon Kirby is a serious criminal. He's done time for burglary, stealing cars, and even killing someone in Texas. The middle-aged miscreant figured he'd have an easy time walking into a nice Sherman Oaks home in the middle of the night and making off with some rich dude's goods.

  The problem - he went into the house of tough guy actor LL Cool J, who wasn't feeling the idea of some asshole scaring the hell out of his wife and kids. So he exercised his right to defend his family from what could be any manner of criminal.

  Before you NRA dudes get all excited, he didn't need a firearm. The guy used his paternal instincts and beat the shit out of the guy, breaking his ribs and face. He subdued the 3-time loser until the cops got there. 56 year old Jonathan Kirby is now looking at a minimum of 38 years in the tank.

  Remember folks- no matter how badass you think you are, there's always someone tougher than you. And that person is probably a parent.

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You Can't Make This Shit Up

  When not trying to legislate their way into you or your partner's uterus, one of the prime focuses of the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan platform is cuts, cuts, CUTS! to social programs and other government spending (save for oil, corn, and wheat subsidies) so that the fabulously wealthy can enjoy lower taxes and hoard more of their money. Supposedly, millionaires and billionaires are job creators, and when you look at the undocumented migrant housekeepers, agriculture workers, and factory farm butchers, their claim may be true; however, Romney pledges to get rid of those pesky brown people too, but that's a topic for a future blog.

   Well, one of Mittens' favourite targets for cuts is the arts. See, them creepy hippie types are not exactly of a Republican bent, Sesame Street is encouraging kids to overthrow the government, and gay dancers are trying to recruit your children. So the government must not lend financial assistance to expanding creativity or allowing children to go to museums cheaply lest they learn that the Earth is more than 6, 000 years old.

  Among Romney's named targets are the National Endowment For The Arts, The National Endowment For The Humanities, and PBS. Also on the hit list are Amtrak and Medicaid, but we know those things already. So what exactly is the big surprise here?

  PBS, because of its not-for-profit nature, airs about three times more political convention coverage than the big networks. You see, the big guys realize higher revenues with soda ads that interrupt re-runs of crappy shows like Friends, so they want to make the summer bank that knowledge will never provide. Being a public service, run by private as well as taxpayer contributions, PBS has no incentive to sell brain rot, so they opt for intellectual expansion, offering the shows that you and I grew up with, like Sesame Street, a show partially responsible for the fact that I could read and comprehend the content prior to my third birthday.

  Now, let's go back to the political content that PBS airs. For some the convention speeches are boring, but for others the coverage is an important part of examining the political process. During this high time of election fervour, PBS boasts massive convention coverage- a full 3 hours during prime time every night of the week. You won't see this anywhere else. Even MSNBC airs Lockup reruns and op-ed infotainment during the 8-11 EST slot that PBS fills with unfiltered politics, interviews, and analysis. PBS is one of the best things that the government subsidizes, and while Romney himself even admits that he loves it, it's gotta go.

  So which channel would you be required to tune in to in order to catch Ann Romney's all-important GOP convention speech?