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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mike Check

The sports blogsophere lit up today with the news that former NFL offensive lineman Kwame Harris is gay. They know this because the 6'7", 300 pound ex-49er was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence and assault causing great bodily injury after beating his ex-boyfriend so severely that he required several surgeries and a metal plate in his face. But in jockland, it seems that the scandalous part of the story is the sexual orientation of Harris and not the fact that he nearly pummeled the face off of his partner. In fact, several sport and tabloid 'writers' are having fun with the terrible incident, making jokes, victim-blaming, and more.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Assaulting another human being is criminal, and there's something about harming the person who occupies the most intimate parts of your life that makes it all that much worse. The gender(s) of the persons involved don't matter- abusers and their victims come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. Relationship violence is rampant in all communities. There are millions of instances of familial physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse in North America every single day. And that's no joke.

Kwame Harris decided to seriously harm another person instead of walking away. The fact that he used violence to solve a petty spat should be the news story. It doesn't matter whether Harris was dating a guy, a girl, or whatever the hell Tinky Winky is. He's a controlling, violent, entitled child and just because the word gay makes some immature people giggle doesn't make what he did any less wrong.

The end.

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