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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bullshit Pledge Of the Day

  The 2012 American election dickswinging parade is in full session. It's the time where governors fail to govern because they're too busy campaigning for another office and good bills become stifled by hot-button issues like abortion and gays existing. 

  And on the subject of the big gay threat that consists of roughly 3% of the population, the State of Minnesota will have a vote determining not whether or not gays should marry, but whether the state Constitution should be amended to ban it from occuring in the future.

  One of the groups that wants to ensure that Church and State intertwine is the inappropriately-named Minnesota For Marriage, who wants to affirm their right to wedded whatever while making sure your sister can't marry her college sweetheart. FMF has even taken to giving out prizes to those who are unfortunate enough to sign their useless hate pledge.

Just so you know it's a MONTHLY drawing, the fact is mentioned 3 times, with the fact that a month runs from the first day to the last clarified for those who may not have deduction skills.

Here's the deal- if your idea is so revolutionary; so awesome, you shouldn't have to give out prizes. Besides,  it's not like someone is required by law to vote in a specific fashion by signing one of these things. The only result of putting pen to this paper is that you're going to have to move to Saskatchewan to get rid of the crazy religious bozos. Once they've got your name, you'll be called upon to sign every Christianist wackadoodle pledge these yoyos come up with. They'll enjoy annoying you and you'll deserve it.

Just like those phony sweepstakes put on by timeshare companies, the offering of a prize is a scam to get your name on a mailing list. And in this case, you are signing your name to a pledge that attacks freedom.

This applies to not only this document, but everything else in life: If you don't take time to read the fine print, you might just wind up buying something you don't want.

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