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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stuck In The Past: Patrick Rogers And His 176-Year-Old Memories

 TW: Discussions of racism and references to genocide

 General George Armstrong Custer was known for serving in the U.S. civil war, but known most famously for leading an army that massacred thousands of First Nations people before being finally killed himself. Opinions of his feats and heroism vary, with some believing him a genocidal imperialist who waged unnecessary war and others holding him as an icon who selflessly blazed America's trail in tough times. Many Native Americans believe he was a cruel liar, a man who killed en masse despite promising the Chiefs to never attack their people. In any event, the man died 136 years ago and you're probably thinking that Custer's name is just another in the annals of American history. But you'd be wrong.

  This week, an email that was sent to five of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was released. The following communication was sent by New Mexico Republican National Committee leader Patrick Rogers. In it, he insults the white staffers (Quisling is synonymous to a race traitor, French surrender monkey is self-explanatory), and states that Republican hopeful Col. Allen Weh "would not have disrespected Col. Custer in this manner".

  So, what's Rogers referring to and why is it such a big deal? It seems that Gov. Martinez's annual meeting with tribal leaders really rubbed Rogers the wrong way. Despite a state law requiring such a summit, Rogers believes that Governors are dissing Custer by meeting with Native people on an equal basis. I repeat, Pat Rogers, RNC leader and big time corporate lobbyist and attorney with clients like Verizon, Motorola, and General Motors, believes it's an affront to the memory of a genocidal racist to meet with an ethnic minority, a true sign that "the state is going to Hell".

  What the HELL is wrong with these people? Not only is there a war on uteri, the poor, the elderly, and students, now it's considered offensive to white Republicans to even SPEAK to Indigenous people. If it wasn't apparent before, the RNC leader has outed himself as a racist of the most awful kind- one nostalgic for the worst elements of the past and afraid of true equality and a decent future for all Americans. I expect statements like this to come from Bryan Fischer, but not a guy with such real political influence and Supreme Court litigation experience. To desire so much as dialogue with the representatives of over 200, 000 voters makes you anti-white and anti-American. And to be such things makes you deserving of scorn and worse.

  When you vote Republican, these are the kind of ideals you're endorsing. Decide well.

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