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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes The Gay Media Really Pisses Me Off

To say Maryland State delegate Don Dwyer loathes LGBT people is an understatement. Last year, he was one of the forces against Maryland gay marriage hearings, opening his testimony with a prayer asking God to stop the gay threat. In his later testimony, he quotes hate group MassResistance's claim that gays are trying to introduce BDSM to your children. The lady to your right is well-known right wing activist Maggie Gallagher.

This week, this very unlikeable man was involved in a boating accident. With blood alcohol level two-and-a-half times Maryland's legal limit, he crashed into another boat, seriously injuring not only himself and his buddy, but 4 kids, aged 12, 10, 7, and 5. Charges against the delegate are expected to be filed pending the usual investigation that follows maritime accidents. Cases of this magnitude generally warrant felony charges, which would end the career of one of Maryland's least popular politicians.

Given the nature of Dwyer's beliefs, this horrific incident has been covered by most of the Big Gay Blogs, but instead of being a simple news bite, the authors and commenters seem to be really enjoying the latest great scandal involving a Republican lawmaker. Some made comments about the supposed sexual orientation of Dwyer, others are calling it karma, still others are proclaiming it an example of Don Dwyer's inferior intellect. However, not one of the  folks thus far has expressed serious concern over the innocent victims of Del. Dwyer's horrible behaviour.

This is why the mainstream gay media pisses me off more often than it really should. What the HELL is wrong with these people?

Sure, someone whose opinions may be repulsive was injured, but so were 4 children in the vessel he hit. And you're basking in schadenfreude because of the ensuing scandal involving a man who you disagree with. Those kids are innocent. They probably don't know Don Dwyer nor give a shit about his views. Over 10, 000 people in the U.S. alone die as a result of drunk drivers. Thousands more lose limbs, are paralysed, or suffer irreversible head trauma.

Don Dwyer hurting people by being a drunken fool is not funny. Tell those kids that it's karma. Tell them that you don't care about their terror and injuries because you don't like the guy. Go ahead, Joe Jervis and all the others, laugh in the faces of those children the way you howl about the impending charges against Del. Dwyer because that's exactly what you're doing from the safety of your desks.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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