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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fine Art According To My Brother Of The Day

One of my brothers and his now-fiancee recently went on a month-long European vacation which became The Engagement Vacation after aforementioned brother, actually named Chris, finally popped the question when they were somewhere in the amazing greyness that is England.

Having returned from their endurance test, they decided to visit and it was great. There were stories and souvenirs and interesting herbal blends. Among the items on the itinerary was the night devoted to something that is informative, but can also inspire a sense of dread.

The Slide Show.

Formerly a potential cause of somnolescence, in the digital age, The Slide Show has morphed into a 10, 000 picture cross-continent tour. While all of the views are spectacular, after too many you'll swear that you have scorched your retinas.

And during the tour, which included Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and a few other places, came France. And one of the many, many places visited by proxy was the Louvre.

Somewhere in the middle of the 5000 pictures they took at the incredible museum/ whole nother town (which shockingly permits photography), came this gem, which amused my brother immensely. The Show came to a slight stop while the bro HOWLED loudly. His cheeks go red and it's actually quite hilarious.

The painting is presumed to be of Gabrielle d'Estrees and one of her sisters. The painter of the somewhat scandalous lady is unknown, but the painting is in the neighbourhood of 420 years old. Gabrielle was the mistress of King Henry IV and the sister is pinching Gabrielle's nipple, symbolizing the mistress' pregnancy. The seamstress in the background is purported to be making baby clothes. It's kind of bizarre to many of us today, but the painting is supposed to be kind of romantic; a coded announcement of an important birth, that of the future Duke of Vendome.

Nowadays, Gabrielle d'Estrees et une de ses seurs is considered a priceless work of art, but according to my brother, it is...

The World's First Recorded Purple Nurple

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