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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holy Shit

When one of our forefathers invented this phrase, this is exactly what he meant.

How this broad acquired a PhD is a mystery that may only be solved by her BJ skills.


  1. Usually we fall argumentatively on opposites side of the fence. That's ok, that's what comment sections in blogs were designed for. But on this one, this is you, just starved for the usual "hate on God blurb of the week", going out on a limb, stretching for the coconut, the branch breaking (and of course you blame God for that" falling on your arse, and too lazy to climb back up the tree, posting this instead.

    Now unless I missed the broader scope of the interview, she is basically making the statement: that there is indeed a difference between religion and faith. Which you sure don't need a degree to figure that one out, so why is her academic credence being challenged here? Maybe it is the term supernatural you take issue with, I agree the term has been exploited by Hollywood a tad too much, but again the core inference in her statement is accurate, and something that has been demonstrated a thousand and one times. I will agree that the ease at which you can obtain a PHD in the US is a little disconcerting to those that actually deserve the title. But just because you don't agree with the subject in question is no reason to throw a hate on the hat the woman is wearing.

  2. It's her claiming to be an expert on what people believe and do not. The very Hollywood Psychologist takes a huge reach by claiming that atheists are the first to die in tragedies. There is absolutely no basis for this claim.


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