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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey Bully! - The Art Is War Edition

  It's been a long time coming.

 I've watched you troll the internet attacking random people and then threaten them when they call you on your bullshit. You've launched attacks on me, my friends, and even business associates and I'm telling you that it stops today. I'm also going to tell you the truth.

  Nobody likes a bully, and that includes you. The only reason why anybody associates with you is because they're afraid of the 37 year old queen of the mean girls.
They know that because you are lacking something in your life, you launch seemingly endless trains of filth and will even use sex to manipulate their friends. They've had a front row seat for the shitshow you've delivered to myself and other unfortunate folks. They know exactly what kind of person you are, what kind of example you present to the world. And while they may be scared of you, I'm not.

  So go on and tell your scandalous tales about how a roofer collected Employment Insurance in the middle of a deep recession. Tell all of your petrified little minions how I'm overweight and harmful to your sheltered eyes. Spew all of the rage that you have in your fractured soul. Go ahead and call the FBI on me for whatever imaginary slight I've made against your lack of character. I know what is real and so does everyone else.

  I could call your wealthy parents and tell them that you describe their sex life, your husband about how you use graphic images of yourself to interact with old men, or the school you work at how you typify the type of person they are trying to eradicate. I could do all of these things, but I'm not going to because I have no interest in your pitiful existence. You are only one of many artificial humans in a plastic world, and I am not afraid of you.

 I can lose the fat, but you can't lose the ugly that lurks in your soul.

  To my gentle readers: feel free to use the comment section to tell us your stories of overcoming bullies. If you have someone who is dumping their self-hatred on you and you've been afraid, maybe getting it out will help you and others deal with the social scavenger affecting many lives.


  1. who are we talking about? I don't need to know, I don't like them already... Bullying is the most cowardly act that I have been witnessed to and victim to. People that bully behind the cloak of the internet are the worst possible kind. Cowards. I wish I could talk to all teenagers and children being bullied and let them know that it does end, it does get better. The losers that bully you in school usually hit their peak in high school. How sad for them! They go on trying to relive their 'glory days', and usually end up sucking at life.
    One of the stories of overcoming bullies actually involves you Mika, but I'm not sure if you remember it. I remember walking in on you being bullied in the stairwell at CCI by a guy that was three times your size. He was grilling you about your sexual preference and asking you extremely inappropriate questions. I remember he had you cornered and there were people standing all around, joining in, and I went through the crowd and told you to come outside with me. One of the girls in the crowd grabbed me and said 'Mandy, don't you know she's a lesbian, if people see you with her, they'll think you're one too'. I remember thinking, 'all of you are just so sad and pathetic'. Being bullied as a kid put a huge scar on me, on the outside and the inside. Thankfully, I was able to get through it. People that are bullies in their adult life make me think the way I did on that day. You are all so sad and pathetic....

    Keep up the blogs Mika, I love reading them ;->

  2. Why thank you Amanda :) Um, this is someone you don't know actually, but a fine example of the kind of assholery so rampant

  3. this blog has been the LONGEST time coming.. and i can't clap+stomp my feet loud enough for your commencement in finally expressing this in one of your blogs. you know very well that i stand and support you 110% in your message here... along with the fact i'm entirely aware of the person behind the act. i, too, have been a victim of her bullying.. and i'm here to say I'M NOT AFRAID OF HER EITHER. considering i live in the same state as her.. you'd think i might be a bit scared... but it's hard to feel even the slightest shiver of fear after bearing witness to her "threats" she's not once proven to carry out. i could ramble all night on this subject as you know... but i'll leave it like this: i'm proud of you.. you're a REAL, legit person. she is made of lies, scandals, insecurities, and last but not least.. it should say something that she can't find a REAL LIFE companion to "submit" to. if anyone is being laughed at.. it's her... but she's brought it on herself.

    i mega heart you.

  4. I'm not afraid of her. I don't like her, I never did so I never followed her. I cannot be manipulated (for long) and she is the best in manipulation. Her behaviour of lying and bullying people and manipulating people is all the result of her great insecurities. YOU Mika are the real deal, a real down to earth person. Anyone who believes her has great insecurities of their own. GOD bless them all. Seriously, they're the ones who need it. xoxoxo

  5. It's a great blog Mika!

  6. I know who you're talking about.In fact, it's the reason Shane Powers blocked me for being an "evil" Twitter thug.I chatted with her the other day,I try to be civil to EVERYONE.Just when you think you have gotten find out you have failed. If you're over 15 & tout yourself as a mean "girl" you are just a mean spirited person. If you repeat conversations & take them out of context or add to them to hurt someones feelings, you're more than a "mean" girl,you're childish,insecure,unhappy & in general..lost.To publicly try & humiliate someone for your own amusement is beyond appalling.This isn't a matter of being "afraid" of someone..I don't fear a bitch on this planet & have taken better beatings from men.If you live your life to hurt people you are beyond the definition of bully.I myself have publicly battled on an open social network because of the subject of this blog.For THAT im ashamed of myself for being sucked into the drama.I never say ANYTHING behind someones back that I wouldn't stand toe to toe & say to their face.We all have our Demons & crosses to bear,but that does NOT give us the right to use peoples weakness's or flaws to attack them.I like people for who they are. I don't care about weight,sexual preference,color,religion or any thing else that may come up, The one thing I do request is that you be real. Genuine. and above all,HONEST. The people that unfollowed/blocked me for having it out with her on Twitter deserve what they are left with after the smoke & mirrors have cleared. They have lost my friendship.Birds of a feather DO flock together & Misery DOES love company. This has been an on going soap opera on Twitter & is the biggest reason I hardly go there anymore. As always, great thoughts Mika.I care about you very much, I tried to care about HER too..but the venom still flows & Im not into that. PEACE my friends.On a lighter note,Im sure she had something to do with Shane Powers feeling the need to present his over the hill meat wad on Twitter for all to gander. YUK. My love to all. PEACE.

  7. This blog has definitely been a long time coming. The subject of this blog prides herself on being "evil but is really pathetic. Shane Powers blocked Razormuse cause he wants sum easy pussy. Pity all those pics he's lusting after are 6 years old.


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