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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Media Moment: The Gif Goes Gaga Edition

 This GIF has been floating all over the interwebs for a little while now. It's of musician Lady Gaga dressed as one of her art aliases, Jo Calderone. You may have seen Jo strutting on an award show, throwing a beer in a music video, or lifting his shirt as in the image above.

But make no mistake kids, Gaga's not doing this in solidarity with the trans* community, in fact Jo is an outlandish caricature of the drag king/ trans*man archetype. Complete with exaggerated gestures and peculiar posturing, Ms. Gaga has made it clear that Jo is just another attempt for her to garner personal attention by ridiculing other people.

Some say that imitation is flattery, and it often is, but with Gaga, her cartoonish portrayals of everyone from the disabled to ethnic and gender minorities actually demean instead of inspire. For Lady Gaga, the trans man is just another character, not an individual, just something to turn into her next Haus of Gaga project. For her, she can change into whatever she feels will cause the most controversy, but the rest of us really were born the way we are, as human beings and not trends, with loves and lives and jobs, hopes, dreams, and fears.

So here's a news flash, queer kids- Lady Gaga really doesn't give a damn about you. If she did, she wouldn't be glorifying something that could put you in the hospital. Tape binding is dangerous, and I know because I have had a trip to emerg and have 2 permanent scars from binding this way. Don't do it....EVER. Moreover, learn to see the difference between an ally and someone who is just using your struggle to further their bottom line. Some folks stand behind you in support and some do it to stab you in the back.

You were born with an ability to think critically, so do use it. Always question the motives behind what you are shown and told. You don't need a song to tell you to be yourself. Self-worth cannot be acquired in a boxed set at Wal-Mart for $29.99.


  1. she's also said she hates money. but her tickets are how much?

  2. Until it is publicly stated that she doesn't support the trans community, I'm not going to make presumptions over a character that has only received a little bit of air time.

    The tickets are expensive because they have to pay for a bigger venue, make profit for the ticket sellers and profit for the performers, props etc, etc.

  3. This is a ridiculous article. You sound like an angsty teen. Gaga never said Jo was trans*, she never said he had anything to do with the trans* community. Yes, he is a character that she has created. She is an artist, that's what she does. Does anyone get upset at Eminem for creating Slim Shady? Does anyone anyone get upset at Nicki Minaj for creating any of her personas? Don't take offense for something that wasn't meant to be offensive.

    1. You're a fucking idiot.


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