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Monday, February 6, 2012

You KNOW This Is Wrong

TW: violence, homophobia

Hate crimes are a serious thing that merit severe penalties. Violence inspired by blind hatred maims and kills to be sure, but its impact is often widespread because it makes all feel minorities fear leaving their homes.

Those who perpetrate these offenses are not ashamed of their crimes; they thoroughly enjoy the terror they can inflict. The Pittsburgh Jack City Gang in Atlanta is a group of malcontents who are such miscreants, and in typical asshole fashion, these young men actually posted this video of them brutally ambushing a small gent as he was leaving a shop in order to terrorize "faggots" into staying out of the public eye.

This video was recently shot outside a 1029 McDaniel Street SW grocery store and is difficult to watch, but it needs to be shown. These proud criminals must be identified and brought to justice and because they so brazenly filmed it for their viewing audience, it's my hope that this group of spineless punks will spend their next evening in a jail cell.

These so-called men may be seeking accolades, but will hopefully garner the kind of punishment due those who make even day-to-day tasks dangerous and frightening for LGBT folks today.


Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think