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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Brave : Part One

  I began writing this over a week ago..

  I shut the phone off tonight. No mobile, no UberTweet, no texts -- all because a human being doesn't get it. Although I'll freely admit that I've had sex with this woman, she expects me to accept open sexual harassment including touching in front of my friends. Tonight, I confronted her about outing me to her parents. She treated it cavalierly and then phoned me to attempt to force me to apologize for bringing up the mispronouning and numerous outings. To her, I was expected to beg for forgiveness for mentioning her transphobia and cissexism. I refused to comply with her demands and also to give her "her" booze. (she claims she'll pay me back)

So I turned off my phone. I turned it off while Jay drank half a soda and a glass of water. I had a hipster beer and did a rolling paper run. We smoked a coupla hand roll smokes, a roach, and more. My decision to turn off my phone introduced fun, and even though I'm sitting in my apartment alone drinking an Okanagan Sprongs 1516 lager, I'm content. And less stressed. I don't feel like more of a man; I feel like an improved example, something that may approach the meaning Linnaeus was going for.

Recently, I'm not learning a thing a day -- I'm completely expanding my mind. I'm closer to who I was before a few new headwhackings. It's amazing.

****this would be the point in which the girl, Dr. Pakula, and my cat would interrupt me and enjoy my cooking expertise for several hours****

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