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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Papers, Please

  Donald Trump's pretend run for the highest office in the United States is getting some huge press, with media outlets humming with barbs and endorsements. After Trump and his partners in Koch finally pressured a black man to prove he was a human being, jokes and op-eds began flying. Quips about Mr. Trump's hair, personality, and bankruptcies flowed, but a few of us paid attention to Donald Trump's latest lie.

  Mr. Trump claims to value the military to the point of wanting to increase the size and scale of the U.S. government's biggest business. ("I love the military and I feel very strongly about the military, and especially with the world being so evil, I feel that we should have a strong and even stronger military than we have right now.") After all, in this crappy economy it's easier to ship kids off to war than give them jobs. (Donald Trump's apparel line is proudly made in China) With the fact that Trump's buddies make unimaginable amounts of money off of defense contracts, it's easy to see why the billionaire would absolutely love the military. So we know that this isn't a lie. 

  The whopper Donald Trump has told is in regards to his own military service, or lack thereof. In response to a question posed during a Good Day, New York interview, Mr. Trump replied that he didn't serve in Vietnam because his number wasn't up yet.

"“I got lucky...I had a very high draft number… I was sitting at college watching…I was going to the Wharton School of Finance…and I got a very high number… they never got up to that number, so in a certain way, I got very lucky.

  The above statement is an absolute lie, and here's why:

  Donald Trump wasn't at the Wharton School of Finance. It's the Wharton school at Penn, and he graduated in 1968. The draft in question, the lottery where America's finest young people were issued numbers, didn't occur until December 1st, 1969, which is roughly 18 months after he graduated. 
  Secondly, in June, 1968, all recent graduates were inducted unless they were Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers as Lyndon Johnson ended grad school deferments. This continued until the December 1969 number system, and Donald Trump would either have been drafted into some form of military service or deferred due to being somehow unfit. In any event, there is no possible way that Donald Trump was sitting nervously in his college dorm at Wharton on or after December 1st, 1969, terrified of his number coming up. It simply could not have happened.

  Now I understand that the Democrats care more about Medicare than the rants of a bigoted egomaniac, but with all of the hullaballo that Trump and his birther buddies raised it does surprise me somewhat that nobody has asked to see Donald Trump's papers too. If you want to see Donald Trump vanish politically in a flash, request to see exactly which rich kid reason he used to weasel out of military service. 

  Donald Trump is a lying, self-absorbed fraud who thinks that his fellow Americans are too idiotically mesmerized by his artificial air of prestige to notice. If he can craft such a carefully constructed tale about something as minor as chickening out on military service 40 years ago, one can only imagine the falsehoods he'll try to perpetuate when it comes to more recent events. 

  Donald Trump believes that today's America is an all-season high school where the rich kids have all of the power. Let's show him that we've graduated.

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