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Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Daily Awesome

There are a lot of folks out there who make their lives wealthier by promoting hatred against others. The most rapidly spreading hate groups in North America focus on attacking gay adults and their families. Groups like the AFA, NARTH, NOM, and many more survive exclusively on donations of time and money from otherwise decent folks who have been brainwashed into bigotry. And one of the newest national spokesbigots was Louis J. Marinelli.

Louis Marinelli is a Conservative blogger who has made a lot of noise as founder of Protect Marriage. About 18 months ago he began tweeting on behalf of NOM and his Facebook page became NOM's official info page. Louis' tweets compared gays to the incestuous and his Youtube videos claimed we were paedophiles.

 Louis Marinelli's hate speech was so wonderful that he was becoming influential. He became NOM's 2010 Summer tour manager and spokes-tweeter, telling America about each day spent on the road preaching hate.

Okay, so why is this the Daily Awesome? Well, because Louis Marinelli has just come out and said that he was WRONG- very wrong. While he may still hold on to a few misconceptions, he fully proclaims that the 2010 tour turned him into a compassionate human being. In December, Louis bravely took on former ally Peter LaBarbera by proudly stating that he no longer supports DADT, and today stated to Good As You that Peter LaBarbera is a hateful little man prying into the lives of the law-abiding. And it gets better than this.

  In an interview for Good as You and on his blog, the formerly anti-freedom foghorn discusses his 5 years spent channeling all of his energies into hate. He describes how protesters on the summer of hate tour seemed oddly human to him and how he began to question whether or not he had participated in a lie. Mr. Marinelli details a process in which he went from being a vital cog in the ugly homophobic hate machine to the realization that gay families are surprisingly normal. He's also been brave enough to admit just how wrong he was and that he's incredibly sorry for his 5 years of bigotry.

  What's more, Louis J. Marinelli has publicly come out in full support of marriage equality. The former hateman-for-hire has come out in solidarity with gays when it comes to civil marriage rights. Oh, and he's also agnostic. Even better, this morning he began scrubbing NOM's Facebook page and is completely changing the message, just as he did with his old blog. The new Marinelli blog focuses on Conservative fiscal issues instead of incendiary culture war vitriol.

Louis Marinelli is living proof that people's views can indeed change when confronted with the truth. Never be afraid to challenge your own preconceptions of others. the world may just be better for it.

Read Louis J. Marinelli's interview with Good As You here


  1. I'm speechless. I've gotten so weary, I thought nobody could change. Thanks for posting this.


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