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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pint-Sized Hypocrisy

    Rebecca Black has generated a lot of buzz with her stage parent induced fame on Youtube. While some jerks in the opinion columns have trashed her, I think she's just fine singing about age-appropriate things.

  However, just like everything else, her song Friday has been exploited to commercial ends by others. While Rebecca has participated voluntarily in a comedic portrayal for funny Or Die, someone else has taken her work and twisted it into something entirely different.

  Community Christian Churches has released an unauthorized version to promote their religious organization. The CCC are a group of ultra-fundamentalist preachers that believe in a triune God and early indoctrination of children that includes teaching them to tell others that non-Christians go to a literal, fiery Hell. They also believe that the End is near and that Jesus will return in the flesh to guide selected worthy believers into the gates of a very real physical heaven. Additionally, members believe that the Christian Bible is absolutely literal, from the beginning of the world in 6 days 6, 000 years ago to Noah's Ark and more.

These folks are the child-confusing, evolution-denying, megachurch that scares the crap out of sane people. And they are violating one of those Big Ten Commandments by STEALING something from someone else. What's more- they're proud of it, bragging on their website about the number of hits their video has received. Naturally, they call it a comedic portrayal to justify their theft, but I see nothing funny here. I feel sorry for "Sadie Black" here because you can tell she's never had a free thought in her young life. As for the real Rebecca, I wonder if this multi-ethnic offspring of two scientists is thrilled with being pirated by an extremist group.

Watch it if you can stand it and don't forget to make a *huge* donation to the offering bag.


  1. I think you have perfected the art of blogging Mika :-)

  2. 93,634,368 that was the latest count on her youtube video, Now according to youtube payout premiums, a dollar amount is paid per 10,000 view increment, that alone is huge. Now second point Americans learn to say "Sue" before they learn to say momma or dadda. Now do you honestly think that the production company that orchestrated this hoax, created the fervor, and holds the copyright to the video, would just let some church come along and take a free ride, without kicken up a taste to the boss. not likely. this thing will be spun on every angle until it has milked the last nickel out of every naive individual, and any other entrepreneur who thinks he can spin a nickel off it also.


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