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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Take 5 Minutes Today

 The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas is an organized hate group with members that hate their country, but love their constitutional right to say that they hate America and her people. The WBC makes the news frequently for their harassment of the families of fallen soldiers and victims of bias crimes. Church members have been accused of evils by family members who have managed to escape that range from spiritual abuse to physical beatings. Unless you've been in a cave for the last 30 years, you know that this so-called church is a cesspool of pseudoreligious excrement.

  One of the methods in which the WBC earns capital to further their discriminatory causes is through lawsuits. Many members of the cult are attorneys; in fact patriarch Fred Sr. used to be a civil rights lawyer until he lost his marbles and was disbarred in 1979. Their financial modus operandi is to anger others into physical action and then sue with all proceeds going to creating more campaigns of havoc. Since the lawyers are all in the family, the WBC doesn't have to worry about the rising costs associated with lawsuits. Because of these factors, the WBC always wins, even when they lose a particular suit.

  There have been many endeavors to keep the WBC from picketing funerals, many met with legal challenges by the Phelps klan. Their websites have been the target of DDoS attacks, that I know nothing about ;) There have been counterprotests and the WBC has been kicked out of Canada numerous times. None of these previous attempts to keep the WBC from terrorizing everyday people have worked in the long-term. However, there may just be a way to beat them at their own game for good.

  9 esteemed retired Generals have filed a 600-page complaint to the Kansas State Bar association that calls for disbarment. Major Gen Larry Twitchell asserts that the complaint has "nothing whatsoever to do with the WBC lawyer members' so-called religious beliefs or First Amendment rights." and has everything to do with conduct which disgraces the Kansas and American Bar Associations. 

Among the grievances are:

— Failure to maintain integrity of the profession by engaging in dishonest, deceit or misrepresentation, "regardless of whether it is directly connected to a legal proceeding."
— Violation of a rule forbidding lawyers from abusing legal procedure by not making good-faith arguments and engaging in activities to harass or maliciously injure a person.
— Neglect of a provision mandating lawyers observe standards of conduct, "professionally and personally," whether or not the acts or omissions occurred in the course of an attorney-client relationship.
— Failure to report instances of professional misconduct of peers in Westboro Baptist Church.

  The 10 attorneys named in the report include family heavyweights such as Shirley Phelps-Roper, who went into a religious whining display when told of the accusations, and Fred Phelps Jr. 

  While the generals are seeking disbarment, their brave decision will certainly make an impact either way. 2 of the family members have had their licenses suspended in the past for unprofessional conduct, so it is indeed likely that the Bar will institute some form of punitive action against the group. Additionally, with Shirley in court arguing the WBC case, we'll have to see less of her shouting cruelties at school children. If disbarred, the WBC will have to hire lawyers at their own expense, leveling the playing field. 

  This case is not about punishing the WBC for holding their revolting views, but about the professional standards to which attorneys are expected to abide by. Membership in any Bar association is a privilege, not a right- something contingent on behaving in a manner that gives credibility to the profession. By openly harassing people and attacking the country they call home, the Phelps-Roper group has continually brought a stain upon their peers. 

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to show support for the work of Major General Larry Twitchell and his colleagues by clicking this text. 


  1. Even if disbarred, they still will be able to represent themselves, so I'm not sure if this will do much good.

  2. Major Gen Larry Twitchell has my support! Thank you sir. You and your friends are fighting the good fight! Keep it up!

  3. I'm surprised no one thought of this sooner.
    Disbar them, and then find a way to take all their money away.
    THAT will level the playing field.

  4. No leave them Christians alone, they are showing the world what good Christians do. They are proof that the Christian are the evil ones who are the devil and the world needs to see the real "Christians". Christians are crazy, fruit loops who want to take over the world. Fred Phelps for Dictator of Earth. Welcome to hell.

  5. To the post above mine - YOu are as narrow minded as the people at WBC posting junk like that. Not ALL Christians are like them. That is just a gross generalization and you are showing your ignorance. I am not Christian myself (Athiest), but believe that people have the right to believe whatever they want. Just as you can believe whatever you want. The people at WBC are dirty shitbags, but not all Christians are like that, and if you think they are you are, as I stated, as narrow minded and ignorant as them. You are spreading ignorance. These Generals have my complete support.

  6. I'm not sure what the complaint specifically says, but the allegations here dont seem very strong. I would guess that this is not going to result in any action by the Bar. It may be a "privilege," but lawyers should not seek to exclude members just because they hold opposing, even disgusting, viewpoint. Disbarment, I think, would be a strike against the rule of law in this country.

  7. there was a recent documentary in the UK that was a follow up the an original [Louis Theroux] doc. Quite a few of the grown up kids have left the church in disgust... it's only going to be a matter of time before they completely implode.... ideally with the discovery that the old grandad leader being outed as a pedophile


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