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Sunday, August 14, 2011

(Even More) Fundies With Existentialism

Read the entire thing and don't just stop at the video...please. 

Recently, AFA talking head Bryan Fischer posted a piece in which he questioned the idea of the fitness of females in politics purely because of their gender. While the piece seemed quite mild by Mr. fischer's standards, he did hop on AFA radio on Friday to clarify things a little and take opinions from callers, most of whom claimed that women are far too emotionally fragile to be leaders and, moreover, such things were "inappropriate" and "unbiblical".

The caller who prompted this response is a woman named Robin, who most certainly doesn't jive with women being political leaders, stating that the mere possibility that a woman could be president is a sign that America is under a "curse" from God because that is what God does to nations that fall out of His favour.

Naturally, Mr. Fischer gleefully chimed in with this reply:

If there is a god, who is Bryan Fischer to say that this all-powerful being would be so sociopathic as to deem one gender to be garbage in comparison to the other, useful only as a hole for quickie sex and washing the pots and pans? These Scriptures were written by men to control people, men who were racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic, just like Bryan Fischer. Men who likely had serious mommy issues and hated their wives because they secretly lusted for their buddies, and whether or not that describes Mr. Fischer, we may never know.

Also, God does not choose leaders of free nations. The idea that one is pre-destined by the supernatural to rule over the people falls within the Divine Right of Kings, and as liberated people know, monarchies are not democracies, no matter how hard they try to be. In fact, opposition to undemocratic rule is one of the founding principles of that America that you believe is blessed by your Creator. Besides, if the Scriptures are correct, Barack Obama couldn't have been permitted office by this God because he's of African descent. (Those with "flat noses" are considered blemished in the Scriptures and not fit to rule over the people or to even enter a religious building.) The idea that God chooses Presidents according to divine bigotry is absurd.

The person I feel most sorry for though is the caller that inspired Bryan Fischer's ridiculous rant. It's pretty obvious that Robin has been indoctrinated with the belief that she is inferior purely because she wasn't born with a penis. She believes that women are cursed by God because some rib-lady ate a sacred apple after being told to by a talking snake. Instead of viewing the ability to bring life into the world as a wondrous gift, she sees such a thing as divine punishment, and as such America will be plagued with a female honcho because of it's spiritual iniquity.Any value system that could cause this lady, and millions of others, to hate themselves this much is far from moral, no matter how pretty the hymns are.

Bryan Fischer makes his living by willfully promoting hatred against women, Jews, Muslims, gays, immigrants, Native Americans, Hindus, atheists, and anyone else who is not a bigoted, white, American Protestant male. I'd dare to suggest that Bryan Fischer has seriously deep-rooted psychological disturbances that may have been caused by childhood religious abuse or any of the many other causes of adulthood assholery. And, with him, he found a perfect outlet for his rage in a religion that's millenia old. If it weren't for Christianity, I'm sure that Bryan Fischer would find another way to express his self-centredness, megalomania, and misogyny, but fewer people would actually take him seriously. If he didn't have this man-made version of God, he'd probably invent his own death cult or be a permanent fixture in the Bubble Room of a psychiatric facility.

People often ask why I mention zealots like Fischer so often, firmly believing that I ignored, bigots will go away. The reason is multifold, but fairly simple: If intelligent and compassionate people like you and I don't rebuke folks like Bryan Fischer whenever we can, they will continue to have influence over the political goings-on of not only America, but other free nations. Secondly, protest doesn't give fundamentalists power like so many think. Because of outrage over Bryan Fischer's incendiary radio programs, he has been rejected from speaking at many religious and/or Republican conventions of late, ones that he often counted on as a source of income and new sheep. When we clearly state that the American Family Association and its cohorts do not at all represent a positive vision of faith, they will be forced to adapt or be pushed further to the fringes, where they will no longer be able to have power over our politicians, laws, and schools.

I choose not to believe in any of the gods and goddesses presented before me, but some people do feel the need to surrender their lives to something other than themselves to become greater human beings. And I have absolutely zero malice toward anyone who uses spirituality to attain a personal relationship with the bigger, more awesome them that lies in the mind. However, the thing about belief is that it should assist you in becoming a better human being instead of enabling all of your hatreds to multiply like intracranial skinhead bunnies.

So, if your god is demanding that you  make your daughter dress up like Darth Vader or tell her she's only useful as a baby factory, you may just be a child abuser. And if you don't live in Saudi Arabia or Iran, it is at least partially your fault. You have a choice as to whether or not you'll allow a preacher to tell you and your kin how to live. Stop blaming your religion- it can only make you do what you would do anyways- and take some accountability for the way in which your kids' self-esteem is formed. Stop blaming a book written by Bronze Age nincompoops for your disgruntlement over your son doing 20-to-life for killing a gay guy, for the fact that you beat your wife, or for the fact that you allow sequences of bizarre superstitions to dictate what you can eat and when you can eat it. Don't give me the "but God said so" bullshit. God didn't say it, man said it and wrote it down for posterity. God doesn't hate fags or abortion or women or blacks. You do. Own it, and if you feel badly about it, atone for it by being a decent human being.

If you bring peace with you, it will multiply.

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