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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your Daily Awesome

  Larry Powell started off like any other teacher a few decades back, and through hard work come rewards. Mr. Powell rose to the top of his profession, becoming Fresno County School Board superintendent. The job comes with a benefit package, decent retirement, and a hefty $288, 000 salary. But the thing is, that's just too rich for Larry Powell's blood.

  The 63 year old educator is quitting his job- for one day. He will get to regain his position overseeing the classroom experience for 195, 000 kids, but not at the same salary. Mr. Awesome will make $31, 000, just like any other teacher, because he wants to save preschool and some essential programs that have been cut. What's more- he's donating his statutory minimum salary to charity. Yes, Super Prof is working for the next 3 1/2 years for free. The move will put $830, 000 into his kids' art programs and other fun.

  So, why did he do it? The gentleman and his wife are both teachers and they figure they've been able to live the dream and will be able to live a quality life without hoarding their cheddar.

   When asked, he plainly stated "We basically asked ourselves the question, do you have to have more money  and do you just keep stockpiling it? And we decided that we didn't and that's not what we're all about."

  While I'm sure the move may puzzle Bill O'Reilly and most other rich guys with it's social idealism and all, I think that Larry Powell is close to heroic, particularly in today's day and age of excess on the backs of the poor.

  Cats like this restore my faith in humanity.

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