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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walk-Off Strikeout

  Tonight, terminal braincramp Christine O'Donnell decided to go on Piers Morgan Tonight to promote her book because nowadays, every shitty political wannabe that is completely decimated in an election writes a memoir.

  Things were going fine until the pithy host decided to ask Miss O'Donnell a few questions, namely about gay marriage. Apparently, Christine didn't realize that when you're on any station other than Fox, hosts actually may be inclined to be inquisitive.

  And just like that, the 43-year-old virgin walked off of the show. all Piers did was ask a few very mild questions about the content of the book and -boom- she was outta there like Piers had asked her about her favourite masturbatory techniques or what she's done with the $925, 000 in leftover campaign contributions or something.

  Christine O'Donnell needs to realize a few things, namely that as a former candidate, she will be asked about policy issues. You can't bring about the "second American Revolution" or whatever nation-hating Teabag takeover without being able to discuss where the country would go after you win the next Civil War. Number 2- If you go on national television to discuss a book you have purported to have authored, you may just be expected to keep your end of the bargain. If it's "all in the book", why aren't you willing to talk about it? Is it because, like so many others, you didn't actually write it, and as with the constitution, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about? But most of all, Christine O'Donnell seems to have forgotten that fame is fleeting, and infamy can be moreso. Her clock is at 14:59 and plum opportunities for free promo only come so often. she's virtually screwed herself out of appearing on any non-Fox channel for shameless self-promotion. Sure, her pals will blame the lib-tard media, but the fact of the matter is that there are people who wouldn't have tuned in to Fox, but watch CNN. Because of O'Donnell's petulant behaviour, none of them are rushing to Barnes & Noble.

  Christine O'Donnell has proven what voters dictated. You can't be political material if one or two softballs causes you to unravel. If you're in session and a debate comes up, you can't run into a corner, crying for your mummy. Politics is hard business, and Christine O'Donnell is not just a complete and utter twit, but she's an absolutely spineless twit, and we should thank our lucky stars that the good people opted to keep her out of a public payday.



  1. WTF did she run for? I don't want to Google because I don't think she's worth the backend research...but the name is familiar only because it's a typical American name. Mehh

  2. she ran for congress or whatnot in Delaware


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