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Friday, August 5, 2011

Smell The Coffee

  Yesterday, the American stock market plunged over 500 points, but rich people will still enjoy their tax breaks, so have no fear. That's because, while your nation was being kicked in the financial balls, your GOP was there to make sure that you know that they stand behind the real 5% that's to blame for everything. The gays.

  Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum all took time away from hating on the Tan Man to sign NOM's pledge to add gay hate to the Constitution. You see, they are all states' rights until it comes to things like taxes and abortion and gays and guns and Islam and Latinos. And they love everyday Americans and the working class too, so long as they're not gay or Muslim or Mexican or unmarried or female or the recipient of a salary of less than $250, 000 a year.

  Yes, workers, while your 401ks were vaporizing, this was more important to the major GOP presidential hopefuls:

 If you haven't figured this out yet, the Teajadis are doing everything in their power to hijack the economy and crash it into a sea of despair. All so that they can get out of office a man who has a degree from Harvard, but they see as no more than worthy of being a butler. These 'social war' issues are designed to turn people against each other in a time when the entire world could use a few positive examples of unity.

  This week's attacks on Mr. Obama, gay families, and others by the Tea Party are nothing more than an attempt to obfuscate their true mission- the absolute control of America by wealthy, white, Christian elites to rule over the serfs in the way the British monarchy had dominion over their masses for centuries. Their 'tea' moniker has less to do with Boston than to do with wanting to be like the tea-swilling slave owners of old. People like Michele Bachmann wave the Red, White, and Blue as a symbol, yet completely burn the heritage behind it. If any of these half-wits could read, they'd take a peek at the Treaty of Tripoli, or any of the many other documents declaring that America is not a Christian nation.

  To hell with tea- people need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Teaocrats are flushing the North American economy down the Crapper in order to hopefully get Barack Obama out of office. When and if they accomplish said goal, they will have no idea how to run the nation, with exception of letting their partners in Koch and Murdoch run everything.

  Your nation is in the stinkhole and all the GOP cares about is pandering to racist, sexist, and homophobic religious leaders. I'm thinking that it's because the vast majority wouldn't know how to balance a checkbook.

  Make sure to vote.

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