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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Song In My Head

I live in a building with 42 small units, the majority of which are rented by single men. As one of the few women in the building, a lot of the gents have taken a shine to me, even though most are around my dad's age. One of them has Parkinson's Disease and likes to visit me because I'm a reasonably nice person and I live on the same floor. But, being a guy, he just can't let it be. Dude has a crush on me, and I am so not interested.

WH frequently comes over to try to flirt and talk my ear off, which is kind of difficult since he's become difficult to comprehend as part of his disease. Earlier this evening, I went and watched a movie with a pal. When I came back, there was a pitcher of water and plate of food at my door. One of the guys said he saw who dropped it off, and sure enough, it was WH, who also stopped by later on.

Now, I have a problem. This guy has it for me and I'm not really sure how to let the guy down. Even thinking about having to crush the guy gives me anxiety. After all, I moved in to this building to get some peace and quiet and dudes keep trying to hook up with me.

For the rest of tonight, I'm going to quietly pretend I'm not home or am sleeping due to the 3 or 4 guys who don't quite get the drift.

Has this happened to any of you? How exactly do you get the message across that you aren't looking, and do it convincingly?

While I plan my exit from this most recent awkward situation, let's enjoy this 1985 oddity from Animotion

Property of Island Def Jam Group. Buy now on iTunes here.

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