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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Because I was Dared to

Litterbox in his eminent stupidity has putout some discoey eurotrash kind of - I don't know what the fuck it is , but I made someone watch it and they were not pleased. So , in fairness , we have me and my shitty fran drescher mic reaction to the shitty video . anyways heres the Shiteo

And here's me laughing my face off for 3 consecutive minutes at the shiteo. Fuck I hate Perez. But a deal is a deal.


  1. Mika, I was happy to discover your blog here, welcome :)

  2. WTF is the deal lately w/ gay men making the most horrible music ever, Scotty Vanity, Jeffrey Star..whatever happened to when gay men made some of the best music like Freddie Mercury?

  3. Exactly. Oh MAN. This is horrifying.


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