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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scumbag irritation of the day

More and more scumbags are coming to Van I after the cops in Vancouver Proper keep fining them and scaring them over here in time for the whole Olympic bullshit festival . And , folks , I'm not talking about unfortunate homeless people - I'm talking pieces of shit who have had 400 chances to abuse my tax dollars and keep on stealing resources from hard-up people who really need it. I used to be one of those loving left-wing balls of smug for a bit because it was like the payback for the fact that there were louse-infested but warm places to house me when my shit hit the fan. Trust me , I'm grateful . Grateful enough not to be a piece of shit . Don't tell me that people become junkie mugger assholes because of this or that and it's not their fault - it is their fault when they choose to stay that way after the state has paid for your ass to go to rehab 25 times and got you a job and bought you a suit . I never had that shit , and most unfortunate kids don't - street kids get demonized for playing their guitars and doing shitty $2 an hour construction jobs while sociopathic fuckwads take everything from the social system and then rob little old ladies just because they can . And when they have tormented enough people and gotten kicked out of the city by cops who are sick of seeing them , they come over here - fucking fabulous!
The existing population of this valley is hard-up - and ALREADY ADDICTED. The child poverty rate is 42% . 40% of kids born here have alcohol or drugs in their system. This is a city that was one of the wealthiest in the country in the 70's and is now considered the worst city in Canada to live . Foster homes here are basements with 12 kids , their "rooms" are separated by sheets - I'm not kidding . It's bad . Nobody else will take the kids and the racist social system lets these few rich white assholes warehouse them and abuse them and even makes them richer by paying them grotesque sums to do it. Things are getting worse even , because these same assholes don't want to see the addicts and mentally ill recover so they had the rehab and psychiatric facilities shut down but , incidentally , voted to have a for-profit Federal Penitentiary installed here .
Most of the cops live in the rich white asshole areas of town so they don't even pay attention to the rest of us . In our end , there are hard working people who might even make more money than the assholes but we don't want to leave houses we have worked hard for and neighbours we love . we don't want to be pushed out by scumbag assholes but we are getting sick of getting our homes broken into , our kids getting attacked , and people getting killed because it takes 2 hours for the cops to get here . Well , scumbags , we can protect ourselves now that we know what to watch for and we watch each other 's backs . That's what real human beings do . Scumbags come in all kinds , you know who you are.
Anyways , I have to get out of here , but I needed to growl .

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