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Monday, April 20, 2009

Xtra, Lam , and the scumbag du jour

All righty folks , I'm sure I'm going to hear about this , but to hell with it.
Ray Lam is a very gay , very left-wing politician running for office . I don't have a problem with that , in fact , I have supported the political party he is a member of for 15 years . Seems Mr . Lam is involved in a wee "scandal" involving him posting shit like this (he's the little dude getting the knob massage ) on his Facebook page . Now , I noticed Xtra on Twitter today having their hissyfit of the day about it so I messaged them and here was their response - @roofer_on_fire But did Ray Lam really do anything wrong? The pics are a little bit of sexual playfulness. Nothing to resign over, IMO. - . Now kids , getting stupid at a party - well , we've all done that - but if I was running for office in a serious riding against an opponent that has a chance of beating you DO NOT post shit like this online. Seriously. If queer (or any kind , for that matter) politicians don't want the Nation in their bedrooms , don't bring their bedrooms to the nation. I mean the Schwartzencock photos were (a) public domain , (b) very ancient , and (c) things I still didn't want to see , but I mean , that dude was a shoo-in to win anyways . That said , I think I have more of a problem with Xtra and their weird hissyfit du jour than I have a problem with Ray Lam. Give him another 10 years and he'll make someone proud.
My major problem is the fact that Xtra defends all sorts of behaviour that people with any iota of common sense find abhorrent. Case in point : Johnson Aziga . Now , for those of you who don't know , he is a Hamilton-area scumbag who was RIGHTFULLY sentenced to life imprisonment for maliciously spreading AIDS to women by lying about his status . He infected at least 7 women and 2 are dead because of his lies . Of course , some AIDS activists (obviously not including myself here) are freaking out because they think it will bring about discrimination against PWAs , a large percentage of which happen to be gay. Sorry , Xtra , it won't . What it might do is make people stop and think "hey this fucker might be lying to me , I'm gonna play safe or not at all" . Okay ,okay , it also might bring about a bit of snap judgement against bug-chasing meth queens who want to get AIDS for the perceived pity . Serial bug spreaders like Aziga MUST be locked up in prisons and bug-chasers need psychiatric intervention . None of the unfortunate people I know who are living with AIDS behave like Aziga and it is a fucking insult to anyone who has lived with and died from this disease to lump them all in with that waste of space . Guess what , Xtra .... YOU did it ... And you should be ashamed...

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