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Thursday, April 23, 2009

On a Serious Note

Now those of you who know me , know of my pity for my biological father and his reprehensible behaviour over the years , his mistreatment of my siblings , etcetera , etcetera . But this blog isn't about him .
You see , my dad lives in this town called Woodstock . It's southwest of Toronto and it's a pretty friendly place with about 35 000 folks , mostly of the hard-working and honest variety . I used to work in Woodstock for a while , living in Toronto and commuting on the Via Rail train . The folks are genuine , non-judgmental , wholesome folks who routinely leave doors unlocked and wouldn't be shocked to see your drunk ass on their sofa in the morning . It's a remarkably safe place to raise your kids and everyone knows you by name . Well , it WAS a safe place ...
Rod Stafford moved to Woodstock with his kids recently under the guise that it would be a wonderful place for his kids to grow up . All was well and decent and wholesome and proper - until April 8th when Rod's little girl never came home from school . Nobody has seen a sign of her since . Rod's kid has a name . Her name is Victoria and she's 8 years old and if someone hasn't done the unthinkable she is scared. Somebody knows something . Please bring this kid home .

hug your kids


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