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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Queen of Homophobic Mania

....after the fantastically entertaining Miss California /Perez gong show , I was reminded of an old post from a year or so back .... here it is , and if I feel like giving him more of my time , I will ....


I was somehow linked to Perez Hilton's website .(via PETA) I had seen this tweaker as a "celebrity" guest on TV before , but before you diss a dude , you should check him out. It's only fair , right?

As it turns out , the celebrated "Queen of All Media " suffers from such enormous amounts of internalized homophobia , he uses his blog to unleash it upon the world. He uses non-creative homophobic epithets and childish scrawlings to insinuate anyone he doesn't like is gay and to insult those who are brave enough to come out . If a straight guy did this , he would be sued . ( although I have heard this guy has been) At the very least , people would call him a homophobic moron.

No self-respecting gay person should EVER give this angry meth queen any credit . How he ranks as a "celebrity" is just another fine example of how backward we are becoming. I am offended that actually links to this dickweed's blog . This guy is cruel to people's (sometimes very young) children and even makes fun of their animal companions . (P.C. verbage for pets) PETA needs to disassociate with him , otherwise decent people may disassociate with PETA .

Hate is Hate . It doesn't matter who is spewing it.

Back in the day , people who didn't fit in got the beat down and it sucked. Why do I know this ? Well , kids , I got the beatdown many times . My friends , mother , and numerous medical personnel have seen me in the hospital with all sorts of lovely matter oozing from my melon on several occasions. Thank G-d for the progression of society . So when I caught Mario online last night firing around grandiose crap like this : (actual twitter , and unlike Perez , I have proof) " One day , when I have grandchildren , I will look back at the fight for equality I've been waging for the last few years and be very proud." , I just about lost it. I was genuinely fuming . Despite the fact I may come across a tad harshly at times , I actually have a very long fuse and Perez had never previously been THAT relevant to me . He was just another blogger with an opinion that some barely relevant sycophants and fringe groups associated with , more of an annoyance than anything . Nothing he has ever said had affected me the way that his recent statements evident of a seriously egocentric mania have . I was almost HURT . And average people who remember the REAL fight were genuinely insulted , not just myself - but a littany of other average , decent people who make their livings humbly . But , you know what Perez - G-d never gives a man more than he can handle - and you can't handle the TRUTH. And that's what makes you so sad.

...that's all the time I'm gonna give him....



  1. shalom shalom mika! right there, i know. i found it. wow, incredible site you have here. and i like the mika. very nice.

  2. well , darlin , i wouldn't call it incredible...but it's a start . thanks . i still do pop into myspace from time to time . cheers!


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