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Friday, April 17, 2009

Does THIS look "cute and cuddly" to you?

Now , there are a lot of us out there who don't eat animals (myself included) , and virtually everybody on the planet wants Seal hunting to stop or be reduced . Fair enough . But attacking an entire NATION because of it? Wow , humanity sucks . We consistently generalize entire nations of people based on the actions of a few morons and I'm as guilty as anyone . So where do we draw the line ? Is it only when the lives of humans are at risk or can it be applied to other living beings? We are quick to judge the horrifying conditions dogs and cats exist in in places like China . We are horrified by the sufferings of animals skinned alive for their pelts when it occurs overseas , but somehow justify it when it happens on our side of the pond. Weird , eh?
The problem is , the only people who seem concerned are a bunch of ignorant and semi-literate teenagers or college-dropout hippies . I was peering over some blog responses and saw things like "Seals are so cute and cuddly" . I'm serious . Now , I don't know about you , but I live on the coast and guess what we have here? - Seals! Of all things to describe these fascinating creatures , "cute and cuddly" doesn't seem to apply . Kids , seals and sea lions are CARNIVORES , and if you tried to hug one it would likely rip your face off. As it should , it's a wild animal that really deserves to be left alone , not butchered , but not tormented by "animal rescuers" either . But that won't work because seal fur is an in-demand consumer "product" that is purchased for vast sums by wealthy and otherwise intelligent people , people of prestige and power . In order to even argue with this , a movement needs more than green-haired kids throwing paint on people who can easily afford a dry cleaner.

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