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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Litterbox Lavandeira : Scumbag of the Weak

I wasn't going to write about Perez anymore , but circumstances beyond my control have necessitated it.
Mario has used the unfortunate suicide of a bright young kid for publicity , but not the kind where people step up to help , but the kind where Litterbox gets to prop himself onto a higher pedestal than ever before. Jaheem Herrera and Carl Walker-Hoover were real people with bright futures ahead of them that just could not stand the torment of others and ended their lives because nobody stepped up to defend them and this issue absolutely needs to be brought to light. Kids are being beat down and worse every single day . Suicides , murders , "corrective" rapes - they are all common in society today because redneck assholes see different as threatening and teach their insecure kids to be the biggest fish in the pond. No redneck asshole wants a sissy for a son and no farm wife wants her daughter to wear a tux to the prom . It sucks , but it's true . And the mindset needs to change. - check it out kids

But , once again , Litterbox , has made it HIS fight , because no gay is oppressed as much as that star-fucker wannabe . For those of you who don't know gay people , we are not at all like Perez . He is the exception , not the rule. And any of you young cats who need someone to look up to , drop me a line and I'll find you someone who doesn't need to use your pain for their profit. Trust me , Perez is the poster boy for internalized homophobia . He hates himself more than anyone he will ever bash. End of story.

Oh , and for the Litterbox story - Perez was cutting up one of my buddies (unlike him I don't need to name-drop. ) and the person was pretty upset about it . I was like "Don't worry . My cat buries things prettier than him." Let's just say the mood was a lot lighter afterwards . Anywho , whenever we are taking the dog/cat/ferret for a "walk" , we are taking it for a "Perez". And if it's a Bullmastiff/pot-bellied-pig/siamese cat , it's an "Atomic Perez". Little inside joke I thought I would share . (Besides "Litterbox Lavandeira" sort of has a ring)
I fully expect that , in honour of Earth Day , Mario will claim to have invented recycling .
Then his head will explode under the immense pressure and I will LAUGH.

Oh , courtesy of the fine folks over at Daily Sell Out , we have a nice look at Perez a couple years back just as his noodle was starting to inflate. I won't post any of the newer stuff with him in it because I don't think his recent behaviour deserves the ego-inflating web hits .

Hug your kids and Cats

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