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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hearing IS Believing

  Christine O'Donnell's platform is deeply rooted in her interpretation of the Constitution and its amendments.
 Like many of her peers, she opposes the inferred privacy rights held in the Third Amendment, because of their tie to Row V. Wade . Again, like Rand Paul and others, she wants to amend the 14th amendment because she thinks it will stop brown people from procreating. She's also a huge fan of the Second Amendment, figuring that it gives Americans universal freedom to own AK-47s and fight off this 'illegal' government.

But Christine seems lost over the first of all of the constitutional amendments, the one that begins the entire Bill Of Rights. Inherent in the Bill of Rights is the freedom of worship and the statement that there shall never be any official state religion. While some more educated Tea Partiers use the "yes, but.." argument, Ms. O'Donnell seems to be unaware that the separation of church and state even exists.

  Watch as Chris Coons tries to explain to her over and over the existence of said clause and listen to her utter confusion.

  Chris Coons tries several times to explain that the phrase "government shall make no establishment of religion" is in the first amendment, but to no avail. His opponent is clearly lost here. She really has no idea that there is no official state religion, and that the amendment was used as the basis for the Establishment Clause. She's very clear on which elements of the Constitution she wants to violate, but doesn't seem to comprehend all of the other pesky words written by the old dead guys.

  Naturally her apologists are scrambling to come up with a defense for her utter lack of knowledge. Chris Coons is not the brightest guy either, but Christine O'Donnell is utterly clueless.

  The Constitution was drawn up because the U.S. was established by religious rebels- Quakers, Atheists, Deists, Agnostics, Baptists and others persecuted for their faith or lack thereof. There is a reason why the Bill of Rights begins with a statement against the nation becoming theocratic. The second is tied into the first, establishing the right to militias to protect the people from being controlled by other nations and oppressive regimes. Quite simply, if there were no bigoted idiots to run from, there would be no first nor second amendments.

  Politicians come from various backgrounds and fly the flags of their choosing, but there is nothing worse for your party than to have a candidate as uninformed as this one. The sheer ignorance of politicos like Sharron Angle and Jim DeMint speak volumes. I'm left to wonder whether or not Tea Partiers really want to improve education seeing as they seem to be lacking the knowledge to pass fourth grade history.

  Freedom from religious discrimination and interference is a fundamental founding principle that became the basis for the freedoms that Americans enjoy today and should never be taken lightly. It's not just Christine O'Donnell's ridiculous ideas about AIDS, religion, and the military that are dangerous, but the fact that she is absolutely stupid. I'm starting to become convinced that this bevy of dingbats have been planted by the Reich to prove their theories about the intellectual inferiority of women. There really seems to be no other logical reason as to why the tide of women on the right has turned itself into a toilet.

Think well.

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