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Friday, July 22, 2011

(Even More) Fundies With Existentialism

Randy Thomasson makes no bones about his hatred for gays. His loathing is louder and prouder than RuPaul on a lavender skyscraper.As such, nobody was terribly surprised when Mr. T. let his protest fly last month when California decided to permit openly LGBT role models into their curriculum. Now, teens will get to know about Bayard Rustin and Leonardo DaVinci without their orientations sanitized out of the conversation. And, MAN, was Randy Thomasson peed off.

Thing is, nobody listened to Mr. Thomasson about his imagined threats to children caused by the sheer knowledge that Oscar Wilde or John Gielgud were lovers of men as well as the arts. People just aren't as freaked out as the fundies want us to be. Now, it's WAR.

Randy Thomasson popped on Janet (why are so many of these Stepford Fundies named Janet?) Mefferd's radio show to proclaim that no longer denying the LGBTness of heroes of the past was the most indecent brainwashing in American history and would begin a Christian civil war, because that's what Thomasson wants.

Here's a few choice snippets:

Thomasson: I believe he was responding to a tremendous amount of pressure from homosexual, bisexual and transsexual activists, they were saying, ‘Hey, Jerry [Brown], we’re demanding that you sign our bill on LGBT role models for children,’ and he did it. I think they are just reminding him that they own him, he is their governor, because what the Democrats give the homosexual activists what the homosexual activists want, and the homosexual activists want children. So the Democrat governor gave the homosexual activists the brains of children, six million children in California government schools now are going to be suffering under an eighth school sexual indoctrination law, the most direct, in-your-face brainwashing I’ve ever seen.

Actually, I do dare say that abstinence 'education' and the force-feeding of Gideon bibles to children are far more direct attempts at brainwashing. The LGBT hero bill simply states that teachers will no longer pretend Bayard Rustin is straight. Let's continue.

Thomasson: We can harken back to our American revolution. The Declaration of Independence has a long list of sayings that the colonists were lobbying King George III about, but King George III just kept coming back with more and more taxes, he didn’t listen. So they said, well, you know what, it’s our right to alter or dissolve the government. And that’s what we’re doing, we’re declaring independence. We’re not there yet but I tell you what if we don’t start voting different and telling people how to vote and if pastors don’t repent and teach people how to vote Christianly then we’re heading to toward a real civil war I’m afraid.

Mefferd: Strong words, but I’m with you all the way.

This dude is talking about actual WAR, involving actual death and rape and destruction and orphans and all of those other horrible things that come from it simply because people won't bow to his narrowminded views. In his fragile mind, even Christians who decide to accept people as the decent people they are would be part of the enemy. Read his statement closely- he believes people should be told how to vote Christianly and who to vote for. Thomasson is voicing his view that the church must become the state, even if people die for it.

If Randy Thomasson were Muslim, he'd be arrested for conspiring to commit treason or terrorism, but, alas, he's part of the fundamentalist so-called Christians, so he gets a free pass to incite violence. Fundamentalism is the enemy of democracy regardless of the religion or personality who holds the reigns. When John Adams stated that the U.S. was "not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion", it was a clear statement that all belief systems were given equal consideration. The United States was indeed exceptional in the fact that there was no fear of a deity stitched into the makeup of the nation.

If the recent Balkan wars taught us anything, it is that we can all become monsters if we view ourselves as superior to our neighbours based on race, religion, or other trait. On the other hand, as was documented amongst Jews and Muslims in Sarajevo, those who should be enemies can unite for the common good.

If you take religion and see it for the fact that it is entirely locational, you begin to see others as human beings instead of labels. Everyone wants to be free; free to learn, live and love and not be the victim of the next domestic terrorist.

 And don't give me the line about God saying this or that is wrong- has it ever occurred to you that out of the tens of thousands of gods and goddesses, you may have just picked the wrong one? Who knows- if there really is a god, maybe it really hates Vishnu or Jesus or Moses or Mohammed or Buddha or whomever.

  The point is that nobody can really be sure what a god would think if there ever was one. I'd venture to say that it wouldn't be digging Randy Thomasson and all of the fundies messing with it's rad creations, but then again, I know as little as Thomasson about it; the difference being that I'll actually admit it. You see, I don't care if there is a god or if there is not- I'm too busy living my life and acting positively than to waste it by condemning others and praying for things that won't happen unless I get off my ass to do them.

 The world is an awesome place when we simply live our lives to their fullest and let our neighbours live theirs. Humanity is an incredible kaleidoscope of personalities, colours, and shapes that are far too diverse to stick inside Randy Thomasson's heterosexual white Christian cage. Whether a period of life involves struggle or bliss, it is always amazing. I think if fundamentalists stopped being so damn morally indignant all of the time, they'd see the magnificence of the world and her citizens, most of all that which Linnaeus saw fit to refer to as wise wise man.

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  1. This is all so crazy. What does sexual orientation have to do with abstinence? Nothing. How is being homosexual an attack on Christianity? Not. How is not denying that people are homosexual an attack on Christianity? Not. I think being judgmental is more of an attack on Christianity. How is talking about homosexuality (at least not denying it) going to convince these guys who are uncomfortable with the fact that they find Brad Pitt pretty to go ahead and have sex with another man? IT ISN'T!!! You can't talk someone into being gay any more than you can talk someone out of it. You are what you are... And Brad Pitt is pretty. Get over it.


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