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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Media Moment: What About The Children?!

On GODTV's It's supernatural!, host Sid Roth helped Messianic apologist Michael Brown pitch his new book. A Queer Thing Happened To America is Mr. Brown's 650-page tome about the terrible effects that The Gay has had on America and the author figures it should sell big. The great thing is, he's asking for a $30 donation to his ministries in exchange for the book, so you can order it and deduct it on your taxes.

Dr. Michael Brown is not a doctor in any commonly-held sense, but don't let that detract you, believers. He has a PhD in Near Eastern Languages from NYU. In addition to his loud homophobia, Michael Brown is most well-known for his efforts to convert Jews to Christianity and peculiar opinions on Israel. (Praise Jesus!)

 However, his most convincing argument yet for why we should keep gays from having custody of their kids is this fantastic trailer for his book.

The 40-year theologian's great reason for taking away the kids of gays- it's weird.


  1. That was hilarious.

  2. wow worst political tripe ive seen in a while, but amusing to see just how far some people will go to make their point.. does this guy not realize that the average person will see right through this crap?


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