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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's YOUR Take?

  Michele Bachmann is easy to make fun of because of her very public factual errors, religious fundamentalism, and blatant unabashed near-pathological pattern of lying. There has been snarky comedic speculation about the real reason behind her husband's pray away the gay counselling, but I've already said my piece and he's a soft target anyways.

  This snippet is a demonstration of Mrs. Bachmann's complete skewering of a language spoken by another. Yiddish is a combination of German, Hebrew, Ukranian, Russian and a bunch of dialects that have been combined. The primary speakers are Ashkenazik Jews, but there have been many Yiddish or North American Yinglish words adopted by mainstream society.  But, Michele Bachmann is not usually be referred to as mainstream, and her views on Judaism can only be described as exclusionary, since Jews don't adhere to the 'holy' trinity that she believes should rule over the American people. Thusly, I'm not sure whether this absolute skewering of a very easy to say word is an intentional stab or just another example of her complete stupidity and insensitivity.

  Watch this and tell me what you think. I personally believe that Mrs. Bachmann shouldn't use a word spoken by people she dislikes to make herself seem enlightened and her utter butchery is an insult, but I may have a bit of a bias here. I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

  Let me hear it.



  1. Wow.... you are a strong woman ... thank goodness your ok. I am in Texas but you are welcome here :) I'm so sorry that happened and even more sorry no one stopped to help....

  2. Hmmm this was supposed to be for the other post...


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