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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smallscreen Fail Of The Week: Nancy Grace Edition

I had already seen tonight's episode of Lockup Raw, so I tuned in to Nancy Grace. Having caught the last 5 minutes of last night's show, I noticed a tiny snafu, but decided to let it slide because I may have mistaken what I heard.

And then tonight, the same thing happened.

Tonight was one of a bunch of nights where Nancy, convinced that a murderess got it off easy, released jailhouse footage of Casey Anthony in what in any state not Florida would be private conversations. The entire show was composed of this footage with periodic commercial breaks that were hosted by Nancy herself. Oddly, in one segment, the then 22 year old Casey discussed how the dirty things Nancy said about her hurt her feelings.

So I used the thing for background noise while I wrote until the end, where she puts on a profile of a deceased member of the armed forces or police. And just like yesterday she did her usual thank you; ending with good night, friend. The funny part was when she thanked her 'guests', just as she did last night. Maybe she was subliminally thanking the Anthonys, especially Casey, for lengthening her career by 3 years. Maybe she was thanking George and/or Casey and/or the Swimming Pool for giving her a pretty dead white kid to scream to her imaginary friend about.

Seriously though, what likely occurred was Nancy recycled dead soldiers from previous shows. I mean it's possible. Today's hero was killed over 5 years ago. There's also the possibility that the Anthony acquittal has her so pissed off that she hasn't been able to have live guests for 2 weeks and she prerecorded all of the 'hero' segments. Either way, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this lack of attention to detail, which is an affront to the families of all of the uniformed personnel whose deaths she has made money off of.

Nancy and her team's failure to pay attention to the details of the only segment in her program that ever seems to truly matter is a statement to her character, or lack thereof. Utmost care should be taken when dealing with the memory of the American (and sometimes Canadian or British) heroes lost in conflicts or the streets, particularly before profiling them on the international media stage.  This absolute disregard is one glowing example of the fact that Nancy Grace is the very same type of narcissist she claims others to be.

It may seem like a small error, but no detail is too tiny when it comes to subjects as sensitive as these, and if Nancy doesn't know that, she needs to get off of the air.

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