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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Final Thought About The Casey Anthony Case

  Unless you were on Mars for most of today, you know that Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers in Orlando, Florida. Now, there are a lot of us who were incensed at the supposed miscarriage of justice; the wrong verdict seemed to be made and there is a justice system hate parade going on today. But, love me or hate me for it, I'm not joining in.

  When Casey Anthony was first arrested, I was convinced she had to have killed her kid simply because she didn't react in the way that we think most parents should. Nancy Grace blasted Ms. Anthony and her weird parents, with Radar Online's party pictures to prove just how slutty this girl was. I had convicted Casey Anthony before she arrived for trial, much like many others. 

  However, as I looked into the media members who were calling Casey Anthony a murderess, I discovered some disturbing details hidden behind the sanctimonious rants. Media executioner in chief is Nancy Grace, someone who has been admonished for malicious prosecution and has her own pattern of self-serving lies. She didn't even tell viewers that most of the party photos of Casey Anthony were from 2006 before using them to macerate the image of a human being who was presumed innocent according to the Constitution. Nancy's brutal treatment of people has included an instance in which the mother of a missing child killed herself due to a character assassination carried out so Ms. Grace could further her own commercial success. Nancy Grace, her network, and many, many other media members had a stake in the guilt of Casey Anthony and their book deals that depended on their search for justice for a child and her killer.

  But once this got to trial, I knew something wasn't quite right. There was simply not only not enough evidence to prove that Caylee Anthony died in a nefarious fashion, but the prosecution couldn't even prove who dumped the body of the child. When you have a car that was used by 4 different people, there's doubt. When you cannot prove that someone was even murdered, there's doubt. The prosecution went to court with no case even for manslaughter and went for the big gun, and despite their cockiness, they failed miserably. If it had been Canada, Casey could have received a bunch of years for how ridiculous her lies were or for Committing an Indignity to a Dead Body, but as my housemate pointed out, they couldn't even convince a jury that Casey disposed of her kid. 

  As the trial went on, even my opinion of Casey Anthony changed. I went from feeling certain that a demonic woman killed her child in cold blood to coming to the conclusion that she is only guilty of being a lying, scuzzy jillbilly who either discarded or enabled someone to discard her child in what can only be seen as a reprehensible manner. Sure, she made peculiar Google searches, but so have I and I wouldn't hurt a flea. My ex would drop her kid off anywhere to go party, but I'm pretty sure there are no bodies on her hands. There are creepy people who shouldn't be parents, and Casey Anthony is certainly one of them, but there's a reason why she didn't take the limited-immunity deal, and we have to consider the possibility is because she didn't murder her daughter.

  Regardless of our opinions of Casey Anthony, she was found not guilty by a jury who saw far more of the case than any of us spectators did. And we have to trust that they made the correct decision according to a justice system that convicts over 95% of those accused. The snap judgments made by the litany of former litigators on the television need to be seen as ones made by media members, for if these folks were such fine, selfless, justice-pursuing attorneys, they would still be arguing cases instead of each other on prime time. 

  The State of Florida did not meet the burden of proof to convict Casey Anthony of anything other than being a bad liar and no amount of disbelief, sanctimony, or Vinnie Politano raging about the machine can alter that very basic fact. 

  If Casey Anthony fooled the world and did indeed do something felonious to end the life of her child, I wish her all of the torment that one's mind can provide. I'd hope her self-hatred consumes her until she loses her marbles and dies as a homeless societal outcast, hit by a car whilst shouting at her imaginary friends. However, if Casey Anthony didn't actually kill her kid, I cannot promote malice after she serves her sentences for her ridiculous string of lies. The problem is that nobody may ever know the bizarre circumstances that occurred before and after the death of a very small human being who died far too soon. 

  There are a multitude of reasons why trials are presided by judges and accused criminals found guilty or not by a diverse array of citizens in a courtroom. If this case had been adjudicated by members of the media, Casey Anthony would have been dragged through the ocean on a trawler's net or set ablaze in a public pyre. We should be thankful for the protections that guarantee fair trials because, without them, we'd see the kinds of atrocities that we admonish other nations for. 

  Today decisions were rendered, and whether you believe the verdicts were symbolically filet mignon or ground chuck, justice was served. 



  1. I can not argue with one word you have written here. By the letter of the law, the jury could not find her guilty. I personally think she did kill her child but I have no proof. If I had been on that jury I could not have convicted her of murder based on the evidence. Her behaviour is unforgivable but it does not mean she murdered her child. Mika, you are the voice of reason, the voice of sanity I always hear through the caios. xox

  2. Interesting read as always Mika. Casey Anthony is a Narcissist to the highest degree, so no,she won't be tourtured with visions of what her Daughter went thru either by her hands or someone else's. Casey worries about herSELF.Period. As for jail time. she will probably walk Thursday with "Time served" as each of the charges she WAS found guilty of only carry a penalty of a year in prison. I feeel like a lot of people do. Damn right she is guilty. The State of Florida got over zealous,far to cocky...& for that, Casey got away with murder.Casey could be fodder for "textbook" cases on MANY issues,but being accused of a being a loving,devoted Mother will never be one of the things shes accused of.She thinks of herself as "Celebrity" status,This woman is in for a huge shock when she surfaces on the Florida "party circuit" I wouldn't be surprised if they find her with a heart sticker of her own in short time.

  3. as a mother of one, and expecting another, anything about this trial was hard for me to read or watch. as far as i'm concerned things like this should be left off the news and out of the papers and tabloids... it makes US ALL exploit the tragic end of an innocent child's death.
    Mika i love your posts, your thoughts on life, your quirky sense of humor, and your general take on world political views, but this was a hard read.
    M Priest


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