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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Media Moment : The Presidential Candidate Edition

  Michele Bachmann is garnering some mucho serious heat over the fact that her husband makes money by trying to cure people of homosexuality despite their denial of the fact. And now, naturally, Mrs. Bachmann is denying that she herself believes in the gay cure, but I've got audio to prove she's lying about that too.

In this clip, you'll hear Michele Bachmann lionizing NARTH-affiliated pray-away-the-gay Love Won Out Ministries for their efforts to cure gays. Additionally, she claims that referring to homosexuals as gay is 'part of Satan', that gays are sexually dysfunctional individuals who should be treated with compassion, that it's wrong to legitimize gay families, and a bunch of other things. Her language parrots that of the gay-cure therapy groups proving that she does indeed endorse efforts to alter the immutable.

That noise you hear is Michele Bachmann's campaign imploding.

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