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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attacked Ads

The modern era has brought about change in opportunities for women . I personally know female firefighters , doctors , businesspeople and construction workers who often go home from their jobs to take care of their families with competence and even joy . Unfortunately in the modern commercial atmosphere , all of these things have created a very peculiar advertising environment where women are still seen as being put on the earth to service their husbands and ungrateful children but expected to be executives . All the "give mum a break from her cooking " ads do is reinforce the bullshit that male advertising execs want you to believe , kind of subversive social commentary on how they wish people would view women . Then there are the ads that attempt to keep women "in the kitchen" by repeating the notion that men have no business being there . Women in these type of ads are seen as domineering domestic bitches who can do it all and don't need your fucking help , thank you . What these ladies say in a nutshell is "The household is where I belong and I will gleefully belittle you in order to remain a slave to our snot-nosed brats who will also belittle you to make sure you know my place ."

But , what about what it does to MEN?? I have seen literally thousands of advertisements belittling the talents of men , be it their ability to change oil to their ability to microwave a meal . These are essentially ads that attack men's abilities in order to make sure you don't let them attempt to be an equal-opportunity parent . Most of the men I know are more-than-competent in the kitchen , can use a vacuum , can change their oil , and change their kids' diapers . They are decent dudes who will figure out how to do something they do not yet know what to do . Of course , advertisers don't want you to think this because they don't want THEIR wives thinking they are capable of lifting a fucking finger , lest they have to get off their sexist lazy fuckwad asses and change the baby . They have created an advertising environment that claims to cater to the needs of women , but really belittles them as well as the men they "serve". "See mummy - dad is too clumsy to use a vacuum cleaner " , "Dad is too much of a sissy to change a diaper " , "You better ask mum if it's okay that you make me breakfast because you might burn down the house" , "Daddy , you might be a Paediatric Neurosurgeon but you're innately incapable of frying an egg." - give the boys a fucking break! Everyday guys did not ask to be belittled so you could make bank selling your ecologically wasteful non-recyclable pre-packaged sexist bullshit . There are oodles of other advertisers who utilize the natural curiosity of men without making them look like morons . These creative and modern people come up with quirky and often funny adverts that sometimes sell more than a diaper - they are a sometimes subtle rebuttal to the ads that vilify women and ridicule dads . These cats are the future . It's time for the old-school cats to retire their fat asses to a country club where they can be waited on hand and foot and wallow in their domestic failure and pay big bank for someone to serve them .

Don't worry , old farts , Dad's got this .

Thank you to Freddie Rodriguez and

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