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Monday, May 4, 2009


Stalkers ... I know of them well . It's the reason why I don't post my full name on any social networking websites . I know from experience what these mentally and socially deficient people are capable of . For those of you who see it fit to bash those who defend others from this media-driven menace , here's a few words from someone who has experienced the terror of being followed . 

The first serious stalker I had began his weirdness in 1997 . I was 21 and he was around 50 . He lived a few floors below me in a building in downtown Toronto . I was not aware that he was following me everywhere , in fact , he seemed like a fairly normal , albeit somewhat lonely middle-aged man . We had conversed a few times in the elevator and whatnot and even felt comfortable enough to have a pint with the fellow on an occasion . The second time I had a beer with the dude , he attacked me . I defended myself well enough to bust open his face and get the fuck to a safe place , not before he had done some pretty serious and embarrassing damage to me . But that was just the beginning - even from jail the guy was trying to call me and had me followed , and even though I moved twice , managed to track me down . It was absolutely terrifying . The guy got 18 months in jail and  the judge was pissed that the prosecution didn't charge him with a heavier offense . Despite the guy being in jail , under our system he was still able to phone all of my relatives and phone his buddies to track me down . And I know , to this day , if he had a chance to kill me or worse (having been victimized before I know there are worse fates than death) , he would take it in a heartbeat . 

   These people can be the camerajock who wants to make a name as well - these people are driven by something slightly different - money and the perception of fame by osmosis . But even these people , but virtue of being close to the people they follow , can develop unseemly obsessions with their targets , thus victimizing them . It is all too common for people trying to break into the news game by following kids of the famous and infamous , following friends , parents , even killing their pets . And it's not just the Hollywood types getting the stalker treatment - it can be anyone they perceive as newsworthy ... save a cat from a burning building and you could be next . 

    The thing is , nowadays , stalkers can garner near instant fame for terrorizing people - automatic name recognition is seldom bad in today's get-famous-quick society . You see the names and faces of the offenders on CNN as much and sometimes more than their victims'. They get their 15 minutes for causing sometimes years of pain to their victims . 
Yet another reason why life's not fair .

P.S. If stalker dude from Friday comes near me again I'm gonna break his face . Dude , seriously , FUCK OFF . Please.

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