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Monday, May 18, 2009

Brazilian Women

As I have noticed , I have something of a Brazilian following on Twitter so I figured I'd write a wee blog about it .

As I have noticed , in addition to being friendly , you lovely ladies are articulate , multilingual , and humourous . I have had conversations with some genuine geniuses who make my day a little brighter with their words . We are genuinely intrigued by the fact that you even want to talk to us ugly fuckers up north . You make us nervous and goofy but you seem to be clueless as to why and this intrigues us more .
The fact is , ladies , when us tomcats think of Brazil , we think of the physical beauty you are known for . We think of lovely bronzed beauties with nice round booties and beautiful smiles . We can't help it , we're pigs . But the fine folks at L'Oreal have decided to help the rest of us understand what makes you so beautiful .

I am in awe of all of you

Love , Mika


  1. This post reminds me the 3 unforgettable months I spend in Brazil.

  2. we certainly are the best in the world ;)


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