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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sickos Update ....

These are the faces of evil , their names are Terri McClintic and Mike Rafferty . They murdered Victoria Stafford . They were subject to my outrage at the lack of severity of the charges against them - initially the asshole was charged with murder 2 (10 years to life) and the douchebaguette was charged with accessory after the fact (6 months to 14 years) . I mean dingbat the female CONFESSED and was even caught on video. People globally were horrified!
Today , Canada's Next Top Bernardos were formally charged with First Degree Murder and various kidnapping and confinement charges . When convicted , these stains on humanity will spend the remainder of their lives behind bars !!! Common sense has prevailed for once in a society where the most serious scumbags can walk in a few years .

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