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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are a lot of animators nowadays utilizing all of the great new technology , turning their ideas into epics with the aid of computers . There is less and less actual artistry going into cartooning and more dollars given to computer geeks . However , there are a few old-school types who refuse to bow down and still use their semi-crude scrawlings to get their point (or just sense of humour ) out there to the world , often to be ignored by those awaiting the next Pixar blockbuster . Enter animator Cordell Barker . He's a little-known but twice Oscar-nominated Canadian illustrator who does things old-school and will finally release some new content in the not-too-distant future after teasing the folks over at Cannes . This man is something of a throwback , but he is pure genius . His new masterpiece , Runaway is going to be out soon , and should you get a chance to enjoy it , I implore you to do so . But for now , enjoy some of the fun that this guy brings !!!

A tidbit for Coca-cola

His funky Oscar-nominated take on "The Cat Came Back"

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