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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WTBlueFUCK of the Weak

Now , I have no idea who the hell this man is , but apparently he was on a shitty show called The Hills . OK , i now know this narcissistic dudes name - it's Spencer Pratt ! Thank you Twitter for "introducing" me to yet another vapid , self-obsessed shithead to waste time in my life I will never get back ! . Now , as you cats know , I don't normally waste my time on crappy pseudocelebrities , but this dude just said something out of this UNIVERSE! No , it wasn't his semi-sensical Twitter ramblings about Jesus or his professions of undying love for Perez , but it was this gem :

"If I were to beat up every homophobic racist loser that challenged me to a fight – I wouldn't have time to be the most famous person in the world. I'll pray for Jason Wahler."

Um , since when did you become famous , or deserving of glory? Now , when I think of globally famous people I'm thinking of Barack Obama , Oprah , or Bono . Even all-star shitheads like Kim Jong-Il and Mahmood Ahma dinejad rank far higher on my radar than this vapid shit . Seriously , Spence , where the HELL do you get off broadcasting such a ridiculous belief? I've heard of self-confidence - I have it and a lot of other decent people have it . Decent people like firefighters and teachers and doctors deserve to have it and would be terrible in their jobs if they didn't - but this is an absolutely abhorrent extension of it. How DARE he plan to rank himself ahead of Barack or Madonna or even fuckhead Ahmadinejad .
I have the belief that everyone deserves their slice at their 15 minutes regardless of how irritating they are and I pray to everything that is decent that his clock is at 0:14:59 .99

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