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Monday, May 18, 2009


Some pro athletes get to the show in an instant , scouted from the time they are young kids , told they are the best , and given every opportunity to succeed . They are the rare talents who happen a few times in a generation . However , on the flip side there are the guys who are too small , too slow , or just simply not noticed . these folks work and work until they get their shot at glory . Scott Walker is one of those people - a very late draft pick never expected to make the show , but whose sheer determination got him there . Scott Walker started off as a very undersized tough defenseman making the minimum for a lot of years and then a coach turned him into a forward and he has forged a respectable NHL career . He played 589 games before he even got a shot at the post-season , playing on a miserable batch of teams , but after the season , always showed up for international tournaments , proudly representing his country . He will be 36 years old before the start of the next season but his improbable underdog team is still alive in the playoffs , and he is a huge factor , but he has other things on his mind .
Scott Walker has always had a reputaion as having more heart than anyone on the team , but has always been quick to point out that it's his wife , Julie who is the tough one . Very recently , he received some very disturbing news - news that the love of his live has cancer . He kept the news secret from teammates and fans , determined to show the strength of character that he has become known for . He was somewhat erratic , drawing a severe penalty for punching an opponent that could have derailed his team's unlikely progress . After all , they were playing the big , bad Boston Bruins and Walker had NEVER scored a goal against the Bruins , regular season or playoff . In fact , he had never scored a playoff goal against ANYONE . His team plugged away , making it to a decisive game 7 . The game went into overtime and some of the stars were getting tired so the coach put Walker out .
Watch what happened .

Now , Julie , i don't know what you did to this guy , but here's hoping you get better soon .

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