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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Would be Unbelievable

This is Adam Williams . He was 13 years old in January , 2000 , when someone close to him took his life . NOBODY reported him missing until October 2004 when a family member called the police to suggest he had been murdered . They found part of his body soon after they received the call , and yesterday , found the rest of him . The feds are keeping pretty quiet right now , but what we are all wondering is ... WHY would it take nearly FIVE years for someone to miss this young man ?
Now , it has been suggested that the mother's boyfriend murdered him and kept the mother captive for years , but this is speculation . But even if every rumour is true would there not be SOMEONE who would notice ? He lived in a decent area and went to a proper school and had a family , I just don't get how a child could disappear and nobody would notice . It's as if someone tried to murder his memory . Of course , we hope for the incarceration of the people or persons who took a promising life , but mostly I hope that people have a heart and pay attention so people cannot make kids disappear .

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