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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cry Me A River! - Scumbag of the Weak

The scumbag to your left is former U.S. soldier Steven Green . Now , apparently my childhood and this shithead's were very similar - unwanted middle kids who were treated with general distain . While I chalk up my life to being something of a learning experience and an exercise in how to not treat people , apparently Steve the sissy doesn't see things the same way - he wants YOU , the North American public to feel sorry for him and save him from the highest penalty for his crimes of which he is unrepentant .

Steve here is a child rapist and multiple murderer .
3 years ago , this poor excuse for a man was stationed in Iraq . He and 4 of his equally perverted buddies had a "thing" for a local girl named Abeer . She had just turned 14 and was still living a tough but happy life with her parents and siblings . Her father had noticed that his eldest child was getting leers from the soldiers and removed her from school out of fears that someone would do something to her . Green had approached the girl previously and Abeer's parents had made arrangements to have her move in with an uncle , but as would become later apparent , she never made it there .

Green and a bunch of his peckerwood shitstain buddies got into some booze and came up with a plan to take this young girl and teach her a lesson . They changed into civvies and went over to the home while the sons and another daughter were in class. Steven Green took the parents and 5 year-old baby sister into a room and executed the mother and sister in front of her father and then promptly blew Qaseem Hamza's brains out while other soldiers raped and tortured the young girl . He proudly proclaimed his accomplishment to the other soldiers , raped Abeer Hamza and executed her . then he and his buddies tried to cover up their crimes by lighting the bodies on fire .

Green was honorably discharged from the military prior to being charged due to having an "antisocial personality disorder" , the apologists' pet term for not having a conscience . Of course , after being caught , weaselboy pled not guilty despite overwhelming evidence , convinced that nobody would find him guilty of crimes against foreigners . He was dead WRONG . In a rare moment , the American people decided that Iraqis were human after all , and found fuckwad guilty of all of the charges against him . His smug reply : "You probably think I'm a monster." .

Really? You think? Of course we think you are a monster . And a narcissistic , cowardly waste of skin . Because of the findings and the fact that he weaseled his way out of the military , Green could ride the lightning . The other 4 wackjobs were tried under the war crimes statutes , took plea arrangements , and could be raping your daughters in as little as 10 years . They all received the best defences for the inexcusable , just like Mr. Green .

Now in a last-ditch effort to keep Fuckface alive , he is using the whiny bitch defense . You know the one - i'm the victim because my mummy didn't hug me enough . He claimed his mum called him "demon spawn" - WAHHHHH!!!! You know what , fuckface - maybe your mother could see what a piece of shit you would become , maybe she thought that pointing out your weaknesses would make you fucking man up to try to prove her wrong . Parents bait their kids , it happens . I'm fairly certain your mother NEVER trained you to rape and butcher people and is justifiably humiliated by the fact that she ever birthed you . I would be . Trying such a defence is an insult to people who actually DID get the real beatdowns as kids .

Now , when dicksmack did all of the horrible things in Iraq , the Army covered it up . The locals , justifiably horrified by the lack of justice , saw the other soldiers of the platoon as a roving band of potential monsters and started picking them off , and I can't say that I blame them . In my mind , Steven Green is also responsible for the loss of those young soldiers who thought they were doing the right thing by serving with distinction . Those young people that were taken as a response did absolutely nothing wrong but paid the utimate price for Steven Green's crimes .

For directly taking 4 lives , raping a defenseless child , indirectly causing the deaths of at least 3 soldiers , and then claiming to be the victim , Steven , you are possibly the scumbag of the decade . I have never wished for someone to be raped to death , but in your case , it might be justice .

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  1. The more I learn about you, the more respect I have for you. Also why did they suddenly discover he had antisocial personality disorder AFTER all this mess? I mean doesn't it make sense if you're going to give someone a gun and a license to kill that you aught to make for damn sure that person is not y'know fucking batshit insane?


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