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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Colour Your World

 As an observer of the debate over whether or not evolution should be taught in schools, I've been curious as to why exactly someone could deny substantiated scientific fact. I mean, I had seen videos of folks like Kirk Cameron spitting on the memory of Darwin in the past, but certainly didn't think that his loud opposition to common sense was the same idea promoted by religious institutions all over the land.

 Back in the day, there was the Butler Act, which until 1967 stated that the biblical version of creationism was the only one that could be taught in Tennessee schools, and now they want it back again. Louisiana has policies forcing schools to challenge evolution in science classes. The Evangelical overthrow of nature is a war being waged all over America, much to the utter bewilderment of the modern world and the 20% of Americans who actually want to live in it.

 Those of us who were raised in religion know that it is forced upon children before they can learn to think for themselves. Everything from the concept of Original Sin to infant baptism to the genital altering of newborns is designed  to indoctrinate babies before their eyes can even focus. Absurdities are presented as fact and obedience is considered to be desirable, lest the wee ones ask too many awkward questions. Even non-believers may have their children taken to churches by worried grandparents, which is what happened to one fellow free thinker this past weekend.

  This is the colouring book his kid was given by granny's church to take home to one horrified dad. If your screen resolution is low, you may have to enlarge some of the images in order to experience the sheer magnitude of holy shit presented before you.

So far, so good

Yes, that's Noah petting Tyrannosaurs. Apparently, they were herbivores before the Great Flood

  Adam and Eve chilled with dinos that have been extinct for thousands of years. Dinosaurs became unfriendly because of Adam's sin, but Noah still chose a few to chill with his family on the Ark. Men hunted dinosaurs and caused their extinction around 3000 years ago. These ridiculous hypotheses and more are taught to millions and millions of children every Sunday because the religious are too arrogant to admit that they may just be just a tiny, wee bit wrong. 

  My nephews are absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs. They could tell you when each one lived, their differences in size, speed, and diet, and when and how each likely met their demise. These small lads are fully aware of how old the Earth is, how natural disasters occur, and just how closely homo sapiens sapiens is related to numerous other creatures. And because they go to American public schools, they may soon have some religious whackadoodle teacher tell them they're wrong, and then be told they're going to Hell because the concept of some vengeful old white bearded man living in the clouds is absurd in their little minds. 

  The Christianist movement is claiming that the intelligent are trying to make religion illegal, but there really is no chance of that occurring. Wingnuts are freer to intellectually abuse their children than any other time in modern history. Not only are people making a conscious effort to become stupider, they want to force your kids to become equally imbecilic. Public schools are supposed to support intellect, and biblical creationism stagnates productive thought. A work of grammatically-tragic fiction written by prehistoric schizophrenics who claimed that the Sun spoke to them is not a competing scientific theory. Bad literature should be debated in the presence of Buckley reprints, not Bunsen burners.

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